Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer-Chapter 305: Promoted

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A month swiftly passed after Ashton joined Team 7. He had trained with them and became familiar with their personalities ever since.

Now, the day that they'd been waiting for finally arrived.

Ashton had been waiting for the Promotion Trials, as it was his chance to prove their abilities to climb up the ranks. Of course, his reason was more personal but nobody has to know that aside from him.

Today, almost all of the Prepatory Teams attended the Promotion Trials. From what he saw, there should be at least 15 teams in total who will be participating, meaning that the competition might become tough.

The Guildmaster was there along with the other Elite Members to Supervise the Promotion Trial. They didn't waste time and explained how the trial will go...

The trials consisted of a series of challenges designed to test the demon slayers' combat skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking.

The first challenge was a group battle against a pack of lower-level of faux-demons. Ashton and his teammates fought together seamlessly, each using their unique abilities to take down the demons efficiently. Kaida's fire spells were particularly effective, causing the demons to writhe in agony as they burned. Elias and Leila provided support, making sure their teammates were always in the right position to land their attacks.

Roderick, as the captain, led the charge and provided strategic guidance.

Despite a few close calls, the team emerged victorious from the first challenge.

Their performance wasn't so eye-catching, but it was enough to let them pass. It's just as Ashton wants it to be.

The second challenge was a one-on-one battle against a mid-level demon. Each member of the team was assigned a different demon to fight, and the matches were held simultaneously in different parts of the training ground.

Ashton's pursed his lips as he stepped onto the designated fighting ground for his one-on-one battle against a demon. He couldn't help but feel a little bit frazzled. He knew that he should be appearing nervous and all, but in truth, he just can't.

He could kill hordes of demons without breaking a sweat back at the Blue Planet. How can a mere demon phase him?

His teammates were even more nervous for him actually, which made him feel odd. And he couldn't really blame them since he presented himself as a healer.

After his teammates cheered him on, Ashton stepped foot in the arena.

As he looked across the arena, he saw his opponent: a towering demon with black scales and razor-sharp talons. This was a type of demon known as a Vraxion, feared for its immense strength and agility.

'Vraxion my ass.' Ashton spat inwardly, 'This is a faux-Beast Demon of the Feline Family. Giving it a fancy name is such a waste of idea.'

As the match began, the Vraxion charged at Ashton with incredible speed. Ashton quickly cast a basic mana shield around himself, blocking the Vraxion's initial attack. The demon landed heavily on the ground, its talons digging deep into the earth. Ashton took the opportunity to strike back, unleashing a flurry of basic mana bolts at the Vraxion's head. The demon shook its head, unfazed by the attack, and charged again.

"Well, at least he's calm enough." Roderick commented as he watched Ashton's performance.

"The spells he's using are just the basic ones, but at the very least, he's holding his ground. Tch, I should've taught him a spell or two." Kaida said.

Ashton cast a quick spell, causing the ground to tremble and crack beneath the Vraxion's feet. The demon stumbled, giving Ashton another chance to attack. He focused his mana and cast a basic mana blade spell, causing a glowing sword to materialize in his hand. He charged towards the Vraxion, the blade held high. The demon slashed at Ashton with its claws, but Ashton parried the attack with his sword and landed a solid blow on the demon's side.

"Yeah, Ash! Get 'em! You're so cool!!" Elias cheered on from the side.

Leila watched the fight closely, silently hoping that Ashton could continue evading the demon's attack so that he won't get injured.

The Vraxion roared in pain, but it quickly regained its footing and charged at Ashton once again. Ashton dodged the attack and cast a basic mana bolt at the demon's head, causing it to falter for a moment. He used this momentary distraction to cast another spell, this time summoning a burst of wind that knocked the demon off balance.

His way of seamlessly switching spells without any sign of struggle or inconsistency caught the eye of the Elite Members and the Guildmaster himself.

Ashton took advantage of the demon's unsteady state and charged forward, striking the demon's head with his glowing mana blade. The Vraxion staggered and let out an agonized roar. Ashton followed up with a barrage of basic mana bolts, striking the demon's weak spots and causing it to fall to the ground, defeated.

The audience cheered as Ashton emerged victorious from the battle. He had faced a formidable opponent and emerged victorious using only basic mana spells.

Ashton was calm from the beginning right to the very end. Not many people noticed that about him but that's what makes it more impactful. For a Healer like him to be able to hold off his own against a demon was already impressive on its own.

Of course, Ashton could've ended that battle before it even began if he displayed his true skills, but that would make him suspicious so he didn't do so.

The rest of the team had similar success, each slaying their respective demon with skill and determination. The third and final challenge was a surprise challenge, the details of which were kept secret until the very last minute.

The team was brought to an underground arena, where they were faced with their toughest challenge yet: a faux demon who reached full maturity, the likes of which they had never seen before. The demon was massive, with sharp horns and a powerful tail that could shatter rock. It breathed fire and summoned lightning bolts, making it nearly impossible for the team to get close enough to land a hit.

Ashton and his team knew that they had to work together if they had any chance of defeating the demon. They strategized quickly, with Kaida using her fire spells to distract the demon while Elias and Leila worked to weaken it with their arrows and throwing knives. Roderick provided support and guidance, making sure that the team was coordinated and in sync.

Ashton saw an opening and provided cover from a distance. He struck it with a blow strong enough to cause its attacks to fail, giving his teammates enough room and opportunity to deal damage to it, and causing the demon to stumble and roar in pain.

The rest of the team followed his lead, landing blows and attacks on the demon's vulnerable spots. The demon fought back fiercely, but the team's coordination and teamwork proved to be too much for it.

After a long and grueling battle, the team emerged victorious, the demon vanishing in a cloud of smoke. Ashton and his teammates cheered and hugged each other, proud of their success in the Promotion Trials. They had proven themselves to be a strong and capable team, ready to face real demons that threatened the peace and safety of their home.

Ashton and his team emerged victorious from the Promotion Trials, proving their worth as demon slayers and earning a spot on the Demon Slaying Squad as a Junior Team. They were thrilled at the news and couldn't wait to start their new roles.

As a Junior Team, they would have access to more resources, training, and missions than they had as a Preparatory Team. They would also be granted certain privileges, such as:

Access to the Demon Slaying Squad's arsenal of weapons and equipment, including enchanted blades, magic potions, and protective gear.

The ability to take on more challenging missions, such as hunting high-level demons or protecting important locations.

The opportunity to work closely with senior members of the Demon Slaying Squad, learning from their experience and gaining valuable insights into the world of demon slaying.

The chance to participate in specialized training programs, focusing on advanced combat techniques, magical spells, and strategic planning.

The honor of wearing the official badge of the Demon Slaying Squad, a symbol of their dedication and bravery in the fight against evil.

After being promoted, Team 7 celebrated by feasting and drinking. They partied along with the other Prepatory Teams who also passed the Promotion Exam. The party lasted the whole night but Ashton didn't stay for that long.

He sneaked out once he discovered that the others were drunk. It's not that he didn't like the atmosphere, he was glad that he passed too. It's just that, things like this trigger his memories, causing him to miss home even more.

Ashton didn't feel a sense of belonging here. He wants to return to his proper place but he couldn't.

And amongst all of the things that he can mask, his missing his home was one of the hardest things to hide, so instead of ruining the mood, he will just leave instead. That way, he wouldn't burden those around him with his problems.