Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer-Chapter 306: Escort Mission

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It was the next day after their promotion, Team 7 got up early because they have stuff to do today.

Ashton and his team arrived at the Demon Slaying Squad's guild treasury, eager to claim their resources as Junior Team members. They were greeted by a stern-looking clerk, who directed them to the appropriate sections of the treasury to collect their gear.

Ashton was assigned a long staff made out of Elder Wood, it has been soaked in a pool of dense and high-purity mana, making it an excellent medium for it.

Kaida received a set of enchanted gauntlets, which amplified her fire spells and allowed her to unleash devastating blasts of flame.

Elias was given a sturdy longbow, carved from the wood of a sacred tree and imbued with magical energy to increase its accuracy and range.

Leila was given a set of throwing knives, each one honed to a razor-sharp edge and imbued with an elemental power to increase their lethality.

Roderick received a massive shield, carved from the scales of a wyrm and enchanted to provide unparalleled defense against demonic attacks.

In addition to their weapons, each team member was given a spell token, which granted them access to a basic mana spell of their choice.

Elias chose a spell that increased his speed and agility, allowing him to dodge and weave around enemy attacks with ease. Kaida selected a spell that increased the intensity of her fire spells, making them even more powerful and destructive. Leila selected a spell that increased her agility and dexterity, allowing her to throw her knives with even greater accuracy and precision. Roderick chose a spell that allowed him to project a force field around himself and his allies, providing an additional layer of protection against enemy attacks.

Ashton received an illusion-based spell, which is frankly useless since he had way better ones in his arsenal already. Still, he crushed the token so that he won't appear suspicious.

The team was also given a set of armor, tailored to fit each of them perfectly and enchanted with magical properties to increase their strength, agility, and endurance. They donned their armor with pride, knowing that it would protect them in battle and help them to succeed in their missions.

Finally, each team member was given an allowance, which they could use to purchase additional equipment, supplies, and potions as needed. They thanked the clerk and made their way back to their headquarters, eager to put their new gear to the test in the field.

"Shall we register for a mission?" Elias inquired with the team.

The team looked at each other and saw that they seem to be thinking the same thing. Indeed, they were eager to apply for a mission now that they became Junior Members, after all this is what their training's all about.

"We can, but let's start with something simple first," Leila suggested. "We're new so we shouldn't be aiming for something high. Let's accumulate experience first."

The team agreed to her suggestion since it made sense.

Roderick then registered the team for a C-rank mission to guard the supply line connecting the Sylvenvale Great Forest to the Verdant Sky Rain Forest. Their task was to ensure the safety of the supply line up until the first checkpoint. After that, their task will be complete.

It's a simple mission, perfect for a newly promoted team like theirs.

Roderick, as the captain, gathered the team in the briefing room to go over the mission details. He had received information that a group of rogue demons had been spotted in the area and were planning to attack the supply line in an attempt to cut off vital resources to the Verdant Sky Rain Forest. Roderick emphasized the importance of this mission and reminded the team that failure was not an option.

Kaida was assigned to be the lookout, using her fire spells to scout the surrounding areas and alert the team of any approaching enemies. Elias and Leila were tasked with patrolling the supply line, making sure that there were no weak spots that the demons could exploit. Ashton was assigned to be the vanguard, looking after their backs and healing them in case they get injured.

After forming the plan, the team set off to the borders to fulfill their duty.

Roderick reminded the team to work together and communicate effectively, as they were only as strong as their weakest link. He also advised them to conserve their resources and not engage in unnecessary battles, as they would need all the strength they could muster to face the rogue demons.

The team set out early in the morning, making their way toward the supply line. The forest was quiet, and the team moved quickly and efficiently, making sure to stay alert for any signs of danger. Kaida used her fire spells to light up the path ahead, while Elias and Leila patrolled the area, looking for any signs of suspicious activity.

As they reached the supply line, Ashton took up his position at the vanguard. Kaida continued to keep watch, using her fire spells to light up the surrounding area and alert the team of any incoming danger. Elias and Leila patrolled the area, making sure that there were no weak spots in the supply line that the demons could exploit.

At first, things were going well. The supply line was steadily progressing along its designated path. But when they reached a certain distance away from the border, Ashton sensed something wrong.

He turned to Elias and said: "Can you scout ahead in this direction real quick?"

Elias raised a brow at his sudden request, seeing Ashton's serious expression caused him to notice the clues. Elias then looked a Roderick, who heard Ashton's request, he nodded and Elias took off.

Not even a minute later, Elias returned with a pale face...

"Heads up! They're coming!" He exclaimed.

Then, a group of demons suddenly appeared. They were led by a high-level demon, and it was clear that they meant business.

"Shit! Didn't you say there'd only be Rogue Demons?" Kaida complained to Roderick after seeing the high-level demon.

"Well, that's what the mission said! And now's not the time to blame me!" Roderick fired back as he readied up his shield.

The team was immediately on high alert, weapons drawn and ready to fight. Kaida conjured up flames, Elias readied his bow, and Leila threw her knives. Roderick stood in front, commanding the team with swift and precise orders. Meanwhile, Ashton stood back, observing the battlefield.

The high-level demon charged toward them, its massive frame causing the ground to shake. Its minions followed close behind, snarling and drooling with hunger.

The team fought fiercely, trading blows with the demons. Kaida's flames were blazing, Elias's arrows were striking true, and Leila's knives were cutting through the air. Roderick was leading the team like a seasoned veteran, barking out orders and keeping everyone on the same page.

Despite their efforts, the demons were relentless. The team was starting to tire, and it seemed like the demons were getting stronger with every passing moment.

Additionally, there's also the pressure of facing a real demon this time around. Only Roderick had some real experience here, the rest were new to this and frankly, a real demon was more ferocious than a faux demon.

They were outnumbered and starting to get exhausted. Ashton knew that he needed to act, and act fast.

He took a deep breath and began to chant under his breath. Suddenly, his eyes lit up with a bright glow, and his body was enveloped in a radiant aura. The demons halted in their tracks, unsure of what was happening.

"No one will die on my watch." He declared in a strong and imposing voice.

A curtain of light enveloped his teammates and suddenly, they felt energized.

Strength coursed throughout their body, causing them to whoop in surprise. They stared at Ashton who was glowing with a radiant white light, looking like a saint who descended on the battlefield.

"Holy crap! These Aiding Spells are insane!!"

The buffs that Ashton gave to them were:

Increased physical strength: Ashton enhanced the team's physical strength, making their attacks more powerful and impactful.

Enhanced agility: Ashton granted the team enhanced agility, making them more nimble and able to dodge attacks with ease.

Improved resistance: Ashton increased the team's resistance to physical and magical attacks, making them harder to take down.

Faster mana regeneration: Ashton improved the team's mana regeneration rate, allowing them to cast spells more frequently and with greater efficiency.

Heightened senses: Ashton heightened the team's senses, making them more aware of their surroundings and able to react more quickly to threats.

These are just a fraction of the supporting spells that Ashton knew. But even so, they were enough to turn the tides of the battle in their favor.

In addition to this, Ashton gave everyone, including the people who were in charge of the supplies, a thick barrier that can absorb damage and he also healed their injuries in a blink of an eye.

With Ashton's support, the demons stood no chance against them.

Well, it's what's supposed to happen. After all, Humanity's Greatest White Mage was the one supporting them. If they couldn't kill these stray demons even with his help then they might as well forfeit their dreams of becoming Demon Slayers.