I’m Really Not Targeting the Mages-Chapter 631 - : Do you dare to answer when I call you?

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Chapter 631: Do you dare to answer when I call you?

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The only problem was that he needed enough GUI water Yin Thunder.

Roger now needed a minute to rub the grenade with his bare hands.

The efficiency was slightly lower.

However, in order to farm monsters …

Roger could only work hard!

[ prompt: you have consumed 2 coarse-grade origin stones (Thunder/water) and a small amount of Qi. ]

[ you have obtained 1 tenth water Yin Thunder ]

[ your speed of making ‘tenth water Yin Thunder’ has increased .

Time passed by.

One by one, the yin Thunder appeared in the box of the Tinder bag.

Roger’s proficiency level was also gradually increasing.

From the start of the one minute.

Later on, it only took 40 seconds.

It could be considered an obvious improvement.

To him.

The price-performance ratio of the [GUI water Yin Thunder] was extremely high.

The amount of Qi required for this thing was simply a drop in the ocean for ‘Luo jiuwan’.

Moreover, it didn’t have high requirements for the Thunder and water elements.

A coarse-grade origin stone would be sufficient.

In front of Roger, who owned the ” miniature factory ” and a large number of temporary workers.

This bit of consumption was nothing at all.

And in the process of making the tenth water Yin Thunder.

Roger also gradually understood something.

Elements were not a privilege of mages or the covanians.

Since there was a prop like the [ GUI water Yin Thunder ] that used Qi to move the power of elements, it was possible.

Then he believed that there were many products of the fusion of the two!

These products were actually not rare.

For example, the Vice sect master of clear spring sect, Ji Qiu.

A ‘four symbols style’ martial artist like him was almost a model of both Qi and essence cultivation.

The four sacred beasts that Ji Qiu had summoned were all elemental creatures.

But he himself used Qi to control these things.

In addition.

Roger had also asked around two days ago. Ji Qiu’s main upgrade was the ” four divisions

This was one of the levels of the elements!

Roger couldn’t help but be curious about the connection between ” Qi ” and ‘ essence ‘

“Qi is from top to bottom?”

“The element is from bottom to top?”

“In that case, wouldn’t a dual cultivator be invincible?”

He couldn’t help but think of the hint he received on the day he obtained the extraordinary intelligence and comprehension.

In a daze.

Roger’s vision blurred for a second.

A second later.

His mind became clear.

On the data bar.

[ the unity of man and nature: you have entered a state of enlightenment for 1 second. ]

I prompt: you can put your insight into a certain related specialty, martial arts, or magic. There is a certain probability that you will be able to derive an extended ability. ]

“It ended too quickly …”

Roger was a little annoyed.

He muttered to himself as he scanned the list of specialties and martial arts with a judgmental gaze.

In the end.

In the end, he still chose to put this insight into [GUI water Yin Thunder ]!

It was because of it.

It was reasonable to throw it to it.

[ prompt: you have consumed 1 insight. You have obtained the derivative ability of the ‘GUI water Yin Thunder’, ‘ nine-life and nine-destruction Yin

Thunder formation’. ]

nine life and nine destruction Yin Thunder formation: a formation with the GUI water Yin Thunder as the core

[ requirement 1: at least 9 tenth water Yin Thunder (at most 99) ]

[ requirement 2: one water and Thunder magic scroll (level 6 and above) ]

[ requirement 3: array Masters (at least 1) ]

effect 1: each tenth water Yin Thunder placed in the array can be repeatedly detonated nine times in a short period of time.

[ Effect 2: the damage of the tenth water Yin Thunder is increased by 50%/effective killing range +50% ]

[Effect 3: when each tenth water Yin Thunder is detonated, there is a 3% chance of summoning a ‘Thunder-devouring Dragon'( LV89/elite)]

[your knowledge (formation) +20]

“It’s really good!”

“I have my own formation now!”

I just don’t know if this Thunder-devouring Dragon is powerful … But at least he’s on the same level as villan …”

With the encouragement of the new formation …

Roger rubbed the yin Thunder even more vigorously!

A few times.

He was constantly on the edge of misfiring.

But in the end, everything was fine.

More than two hours passed.

There were more than 200 tenth water Yin Thunder in the red velvet bag!

When it reached this number.

Roger temporarily stopped.

He picked a suitable position.

He began to set up the ‘nine-life and nine-destruction Yin Thunder formation’!

The process was actually easier than he had imagined.

As long as the specific props were placed according to the requirements of the array, it would be fine.

Anyway, there was a ready-made template to be applied.

As for the magic scrolls .

Roger wouldn’t buy it.

But he never lacked this stuff!

Not long after.

An invisible formation with a radius of 80 meters was formed.

we still lack a ‘host’.

Roger glanced at the clumsy horned demons beside him.

In the end, he shook his head.

He definitely couldn’t do it himself.

He still had to use taunt Halo to pull monsters.

However, it seemed that there was no suitable candidate among his current subordinates!

The priestesses were good at healing people.

However, playing with Thunder would probably draw fire to himself.

Roger muttered to himself for a moment. He couldn’t help but snap his fingers.

“There it is!”

[coiling Dragon Ring: you have opened the seal and released the coiling Dragon dagger.]

Yin Thunder formation: coiling Dragon became the master of the formation.

He looked at the coiling Dragon that was like a fish in water in the formation.

Roger showed a satisfied smile.

He immediately made the coiling Dragon go invisible.

Then …

Roger rushed to the bottom of the cliff without stopping!

“My grandsons! ”

He roared.

The sound reverberated through the mountain!

Hu Hu Flu.

There was a strong wind on the giant tree..