I’m Really Not Targeting the Mages-Chapter 632 - : Do you dare to answer when I call you?

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Chapter 632: Do you dare to answer when I call you?

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The dense swarm of swamp tree mosquitoes followed them angrily!

Three hours later.

Another batch of tree mosquitoes died in the yin Thunder formation.

A delightful hint flashed in Roger’s eyes.

[ you have killed 1 swamp tree mosquito. You have killed a total of 1024 swamp tree mosquitoes. You have achieved a new milestone:Mosquito-killing parasite

[ your Poison resistance has been slightly increased (unable to increase further)(currently at 700 points) ]

[ you have completed the 27th mark of evil. You have obtained a new specialty:Formation genius Gu

[ formation genius: in the field of formations, you have a unique ability to understand. You can learn new formations at the fastest speed and have the opportunity to create new formations. ]

The specialty given by the swamp tree mosquito could only be said to be average.

But considering that the poison tolerance could help Roger’s urgent need, he didn’t have to worry about it.

He didn’t want to argue with the other party.

At that moment.

Roger returned to the vicinity of the “poisonous Dragon pool” as fast as he could!

In order to quickly increase his resistance to this upgraded poison.

This time.

Roger didn’t take any medicine.

Instead, his liver and kidney metabolism was at full power.

He took a round of poison damage from the poison Dragon pool!

[ warning: your ‘poison symptoms’ have accumulated to a critical point. You are about to have an ‘poisoning attack’. .. ]

This time.

The poison had arrived an hour later than the last time.

It was a clear night.

Roger ran away without a word.

However, under the strong reaction of the poison.

He still couldn’t contain the impulse to let go.

On the data bar.

[prompt: your milestone ‘jet fighter’ has broken a new record.]

[Poison resistance: your resistance to ‘leopard’s poison’ has increased by 10 points.]

“What a strange name for this poison …” Outside the blue circle.

Roger quietly recovered his health points.

After the recovery was complete.

He used the same old trick.

He wanted to enter the poison Dragon pool again!

From the feedback.

This method of gaining Poison resistance was very effective.

Roger’s basic Poison resistance was 80 points.

After three trips …

With the help of [ Poison resistance ].

Roger’s resistance to the upgraded poisonous fog named ” leopard’s poison had reached about 30 points!

This number meant that the poisonous fog outside was no longer effective on him!

Only the poison Dragon pool itself.

That’s why Roger was showing symptoms of poisoning.

In reality.

Even the toxicity of the poison Dragon pool was weakening …

In the middle of the night.

Luo Jie had one foot in the poisonous Dragon pool’s water.

After pulling it out.

His skin quickly festered.

It was dawn.

He was already able to freely swim back in the poison Dragon pool!

“Poison resistance is a good attribute ..

this method is also a good method . “It’s just a bit of a waste of my pants.”

Early in the morning.

When Roger stood by the poisonous Dragon pool in his last brand new pair of black pants .

His [ leopard’s Poison resistance ] had already reached 50 points!

In addition, he had 80 points of basic Poison resistance.

Roger’s body was no longer afraid of the miasma.

He could even drink the water in the poison Dragon pool like it was coke!

At this stage.

Roger then began the last step of the treasure hunt!

He had been observing the lake for a long time.

After making sure that there were no traps or ambushes in the vicinity .

Then, he floated over the water.

In the blink of an eye.

He passed through the poisonous miasma that even sunlight could not dispel.

He arrived at the small house in the middle of the lake!

Except for the building with the strong Aether style that Roger had seen earlier.

There was only a small wooden house that was about to decay left in the small house in the middle of the lake.

Roger first went to take a look around the building.

He found that there were several layers of high-level magic barriers around it.

As for the building.

Only those who answered the secret order correctly could enter.

Otherwise, he might trigger the countermeasures left behind by the great wizard.

After a round of observation.

Roger could basically confirm that the ” heart of the poison Dragon ” was hidden in this building.

But he was not in a hurry to break in.

Instead, he first went to the small wooden house to take a look.

Under the faint light of the rising sun.

Roger pushed the door open quietly.



Puff! Puff! Puff!

After three consecutive sounds.

The wooden door was reduced to dust.

A pungent smell came from the small house.

It was like pickled vegetables that had been pickled for more than ten years or smelly feet that had been wrapped for an even longer time.

Roger held his breath.

He looked around.

There was only a bed, a table, and a chair in the room.

These were all made of wood.

Roger suspected that these things were the same as the wooden door.

It would shatter the moment he touched it.

Meanwhile, in the corner of the room.

He found something different.

It was a rusty bronze tablet!

There were two lines of information on it in the common language, elven language, and an even more ancient text.

[ the level-up sorcerer, biggie, has captured Phantom Dragon a ‘Bao here.

Latecomers are not allowed to barge in and must leave immediately. ]

[ those who follow my admonishments can go to the eave on the north side of the small house in the middle of the lake and recite the name of ‘Bigley’, or you may have an unexpected surprise. ]

“An advanced wizard, Bigley?”

“Phantom Dragon ah Bao?”

Roger muttered these two terms to himself.

The next moment.

He hesitantly went to the northern side of the roof.

“Do you want to eat both fish?” Roger was in a dilemma.

But a few seconds later.

His distress disappeared!

Because in the poison Dragon pool …

It was unknown when a faint head had popped out!

It was a small dragon head!

Its eyes were filled with hostility.

It was as if it wanted to swallow Roger whole!

But it seemed to be unable to get close to the small building.

He could only madly circle around the center of the lake!

[prompt: you have encountered the Phantom Dragon ah Bao (LV119/Overlord/Phantom level/poison level)]

Upon seeing this scene.

Roger recited the name of ‘igri’ without hesitation!


A treasure chest fell from the roof. It almost hit Roger’s head! “Swish!”

“This is really a surprise!”

Roger ridiculed.

He immediately pressed his hand on the treasure chest.

He activated his aura observation skill.

[Bigley’s treasure chest: ‘fixed-point teleportation scroll * 1’ ‘ Sapphire * 10’,

‘Bigley’s boxing gloves (transcendence/set)’]

“Not bad.”

Roger put away the treasure chest.

At this moment.

He naturally understood.

Biggie wanted mm to quickly teleport away.

Don’t cause trouble.

However, Roger was a future Ascendant of the heavenly Dao.

How could he cower in the face of a Phantom Dragon?

He immediately patted the red velvet bag.

He then took out a round gourd.

The next second.

Roger shouted at the ghost Dragon, who was glaring at him like a tiger, ‘


“Ah Bao!”

“Do you dare to answer me if I call you?” The ghost Dragon looked at him coldly.

It was as if he was looking at an idiot.