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Chapter 21: 021 Leave_l

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Su Yu’s mouth twitched. After arguing with Su Bin for a while, the old man still insisted on a non-negotiable price of ten low-grade spirit stones, offering no quarter.

Having no choice, Su Yu had to fork over ten low-grade spirit stones and pick out one from the pile of ancient jade boxes buried at the bottom.

He closed his eyes to sense it, before finally taking it away.

After Su Yu left, Su Bin looked at the ten low-grade spirit stones in his hand and mused: “Everything in the world has its own fortunes and cycles of destiny. It’s undeniable that some people have strong fortunes while others have poor ones.”

“As for the ancient jade boxes, it is just one way of examining one’s luck… However, this trade can’t result in a loss. I don’t have enough capital to pay for it.”

Ten low-grade spirit stones barely covered the cost of collecting ancient jade boxes from all around.

Selling ancient jade boxes within the family was not for profit.

He believed in luck and destiny.

Through the ancient jade boxes, he could discern some things. Like Su Qingyi before.

And Su Yu, the younger generation he had high hopes for.

“He took an ancient jade box. In a few days, we’ll find out what his fortunes and destiny will entail. I’m looking forward to it.” Su Bin was a little expectant.

Thinking of Su Yu buying one, Su Bin turned his gaze back to the pile of ancient jade boxes and instantly felt a little tempted.

“Should I open one myself?” He mused, the old gambler in him showing.

Returning to the courtyard.

Su Yu channels his mana into the ancient jade box in his hand, and the residual ancient restrictions attached to it instantly disappear.

He opens the jade box and frowns.

Inside was a black, flat bean-like thing.

He picked it up and looked at it: “A seed?”

The reason he stopped earlier was that he felt a weak life-force of wood attribute.

Having reached the fourth phase of the first cycle of Green Wood Year Ring Skill and mastered Spirit Cultivation Technique, his sensitivity to the life-force of plants had increased significantly.

Even though the ancient jade box isolated it, he still perceived a hint.

And now, holding this black, flat bean-like seed in his hand, Su Yu was taken aback, for he sensed an extraordinary life-force from it.

This seed seemed no simple matter!

However, perhaps too much time had passed, and the life-force within the seed was very weak. Without external assistance, there was no chance of it sprouting new life.

“I wonder what kind of seed this is.” Su Yu hesitated for a moment, then attempted to channel the wood attribute mana from his Green Wood Year Ring Skill into the seed.

It wasn’t until nearly 60% of his mana was exhausted that Su Yu stopped.

“It seems its life-force has strengthened slightly.”

Perceiving a slight increase in the life-force of the seed, Su Yu couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

This cost him ten low-grade spirit stones.

If the seed was spoiled, he would feel heartbroken for a long time.

Placing the seed back into the jade box and storing it in his Qiankun Bag to nourish and restore later, Su Yu sat cross-legged to recover his mana. Once his condition was restored, he began practicing Wondrous Wood Tendril Technique and Spirit Devouring Technique.

Wondrous Wood Tendril Technique could instantaneously sprout tree-like tendrils to trap enemies.

Spirit Devouring Technique was a bit nefarious, capable of absorbing others’ mana or even spiritual energy, intensifying the enemy’s loss.

Once the enemy’s mana, spirit energy became depleted, even their life force could be drained by the Spirit Devouring Technique.

This would continue until the enemy’s life force was completely drained, leading to their death.

This technique is difficult, but its power is considerable. Even among higher-ranked cultivators, Spirit Devouring Technique remains one of the most feared wood attribute techniques.

Ten days later, Su Yu mastered the basics of the Wondrous Wood Tendril Technique.

A month later, Su Yu mastered the basics of the Spirit Devouring Technique.

Having mastered these two spells, Su Yu invited Pharmacist and Master Su Changyu and his three senior brothers to gather at the end of the month. He also left ten inferior spirit stones for Master Su Changyu.

The next day, Su Yu followed Su Jingbang to Yunshan Market, taking advantage of a delivery to the medicinal garden.

Not long after Su Yu left Cang Mountain, news came from the Lin Family.

“The boy who gave the Su Family the beast-attracting powder formula is going to Yunshan Market to be an alchemy apprentice?”

“Old Fifth, keep an eye on him. We can’t take action in the Su Family’s medicinal garden, but once he leaves the Su Family, there will be times when he’s alone.”

“Kill him and retrieve the beast-attracting powder formula.”

The First Elder of the Lin Family, Lin Kui, said through gritted teeth.

A member of the Lin Family quietly followed Su Jingbang’s party towards Yunshan Market.

The Su Family had just gained a first-class Spirit Vein, but they hadn’t been able to convert it into family strength yet. The strength of the Lin Family was still on par with the Su Family.

If they couldn’t change the current situation, the longer the time passed, the more dangerous it would be for the Lin family.

Once the Su Family’s strength skyrockets in the future, the Lin Family will either face annihilation or flee River City, keeping a safe distance from the Su family.

The Lin Family didn’t have much time left!

They arrived at Yunshan Market again.

There wasn’t much change here. Along the way, Su Yu’s party didn’t encounter any bandits. Most of the time, the order within Yunjian Sect’s domain was quite stable. If any powerful bandits appeared, they would be wanted by the Yunjian Sect.

As for the bandits without power…

They wouldn’t dare show up upon seeing Su Yu’s party of eleven cultivators.

Upon entering the market and walking through the crowded streets filled with cultivators, they arrived at the Su Family’s Pill Store. The Second Elder, Su Yun, looked as usual.

His hair was white, his forehead had a few horizontal lines, and his stern face gave off a cold, aloof air.

After receiving the goods from Su Jingbang, this time Su Yun turned to Su Yu, the younger generation. He didn’t return to River City, but he knew of the changes within the Su Family.

He had the formula for the beast-attracting powder in his hands a year ago.

And successfully sold it to Yunjian Sect, as well as to various powers within the territory of Yunjian Sect.

Just this one formula alone could bring more than two thousand inferior spirit stones in pure profit income to the Su family annually.

Su Yun looked at Su Yu, his brow furrowing slightly as he asked, “Aren’t you practicing the Green Wood Technique?”

With respect, Su Yu replied, “I used to, but now I’ve switched to other wood attribute cultivation techniques.”

Su Yun was somewhat surprised upon hearing this.

The Green Wood Technique was not bad among Qi Refinement techniques with wood attributes!

It could be cultivated up to the ninth layer of the Qi Refinement realm and was considered a superior Qi Refinement technique!

It was clear that Su Yu knew this, and yet he chose to switch to another wood attribute cultivation technique. That implied that the technique he switched to was superior to the Green Wood Technique!

Su Yun nodded without further inquiry, saying, “As long as it’s a wood attribute cultivation technique, that’s fine. You’ll settle in first, and from tomorrow, you’ll start alchemy with me.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu hurriedly bowed down respectfully, responding, “Yes, Master.”

After sending Su Yu off to clean up and settle into his room, Su Jingbang looked at Su Yun and chuckled, “Congratulations to Second Elder on acquiring a fine disciple.”

Su Yun frowned, “To what extent he can reach, I do not know. But I will do my best to teach him in my opinion, the Family Head should keep him close. To support the growth of a successful successor, the family needs more than just an alchemist.”

However, Su Jingbang shook his head, “The successor can be an alchemist, but cannot be merely an alchemist.”

“He’s only twenty. His life is long. He can experience being a pharmacist, an alchemist, and even travel with the Fourth Elder.”

“Second Elder, you must give some time for the young man to grow.” After pondering in silence for a while, Su Yun nodded, “You’re right.”

But he didn’t know just how advanced his disciple’s alchemy skills would become in the future.

Compared to cultivation, improving proficiency in these secondary professions was relatively easier..