Immortal Taoist Lord: My Cultivation Have No Limits-Chapter 22 - : 0 Task 1

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Chapter 22: 022 Task 1

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Three months later.

Su Yu had mastered the basics of alchemy and successfully refined a first-grade, low-rank Qi Refinement Pill. Moreover, his success rate was over 30%, reaching the entry standard of a first-grade, low-rank alchemist.

Two streets away from Dan Pavilion, in a splendid tavern on the second floor, Su Zhi hosted a banquet for Su Qingyi and Su Yu.

Also present were two disciples of the Yunjian Sect, a man and a woman, who had joined the sect later than Su Zhi, hence they were regarded as her junior brother and sister.

Compared to more than two years ago, Su Zhi had already reached the seventh level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

As for those two disciples from the Yunjian Sect, both were at the fifth level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

Su Qingyi was a bit depressed and took a sip of wine saying, “Even though brother Yu lacks cultivation talent, his talent for alchemy is shockingly high.

The Second Elder was startled by his alchemy talent and has been thrilled these past few days.”

“In just three short months, brother Yu has truly mastered alchemy and has become a first-grade, low-rank alchemist.”

Upon hearing this, the two Yunjian Sect disciples, who were initially not too interested in Su Qingyi and Su Yu, now looked at Su Yu in surprise.

Never underestimate an alchemist’s position in the world of cultivation!

Even if he is just a first-grade, low-rank alchemist, to the disciples of the Yunjian Sect who had just reached the fifth level of the Qi Refinement Realm, he is someone they should show respect to.

Not to mention, this genius became a first-grade, low-rank alchemist in just three months.

Su Qingyi had arrived at the Yun Mountain Market a year before Su Yu did and was at the fifth level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

However, a year later, he still hadn’t got the hang of alchemy and remained an alchemy apprentice.

Usually, an alchemy apprentice would become a real first-grade alchemist within two to three years.

If they can’t become a first-grade alchemist within three years, then their talent is not enough and they should consider giving up early.

Upon hearing this, Su Zhi looked at her cousin Su Yu with surprise in her beautiful eyes, followed by hesitation.

A genius alchemist, whom her father had mentioned as a potential future backbone to support the family, but lacking in cultivation…

Such a cousin – should she bring him with her to take on the risks?

Su Yu signaled Su Qingyi to stop him from continuing. Su Qingyi wasn’t saying these things out of jealousy or to reveal Su Yu’s abilities.

It was because of the two Yunjian Sect disciples whom the young lady brought along who’d been treating them disdainfully and acting superior.

Once it was said that Su Yu had become a real alchemist in just three months, those two people’s attitude towards Su Yu had completely changed, full of respect and enthusiasm.

Su Yu looked at those two people. The man was named Li Shinan, who was quite handsome and was said to be a worldly prince.

The lady’s name was Chen Sisi, who was quite pretty, especially her charming eyes, but her temperament was more like an iceberg.

Su Yu smiled and asked, “Sister, what is your task for being promoted to an inner sect disciple?”

Su Zhi hesitated for a moment and then said, “Hunting a first-grade, late-stage mountain hawk.”

Upon hearing this, Su Qingyi and Su Yu’s expressions turned serious. The mountain hawk was a notorious ferocious bird and even possessed some intelligence.

The first renowned beast master of the Black Rock Mountain, Yu Family, had a mountain hawk. Later, an early-stage second-grade Hawk emerged, allowing the Yu Family to leap in their status and after continuous breakthroughs, strong individuals from the clan progressed to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

To hunt a mountain hawk was very challenging, not only because of the strong bloodline of this beast but also because of its alertness. It would choose to escape at the first sign of danger.

As a ferocious beast, its flight speed could not be matched by cultivators, even with the help of magic artifacts.

However, this task, to advance as an inner-disciple, must be completed.

Once Su Zhi becomes an Inner Sect disciple of the Yunjian Sect, the resources she has access to within the Yunjian Sect would greatly increase.

With Su Zhi’s talent, she has a high chance of successful foundation establishment in the future.

There is a significant difference between becoming an inner-disciple a year earlier or a year later.

Su Zhi said, “I can take four cultivators with cultivation below the fifth level of the Qi Refinement Realm to complete this task together. I have already found the exact location of a late-stage first-grade mountain hawk and am just waiting to go.”

“If we can hunt and kill a mountain eagle, I only want its head, the rest of the spoils will be divided among you four.”

“I will also put forth twelve top-grade first-order Qi Refinement pills.”

First-order low-grade Qi Refinement pills are inexpensive, only requiring a single spirit stone for each pill.

First-order top- grade Qi Refinement pills are considerably more expensive, requiring more than ten spirit stones each, which is a relatively good cultivation resource for cultivators in the mid and late stages of the Qi Refinement realm.

After some hesitation, Su Yu agreed.

This was not because of the resources provided, but because Su Zhi’s promotion to the rank of Inner Sect Disciple would be beneficial for both him and the Su family.

This favor, he had to help with.

Otherwise, given his nature, he would prefer to cultivate to the ninth layer of Qi Refinement realm in the city, or even break through to the Foundation Establishment realm before going out.

Li Shinan and Chen Sisi both agreed succinctly, they were also not in it for the resources.

It was an investment.

If Sister Su Zhi could become an Inner Sect Disciple, they would receive some degree of favor within the Yunjian Sect.

Li Shinan looked at Su Yu, and enthusiastically said, “Don’t worry, Yu brother. Once we encounter the mountain eagle, I will support you and won’t let you get injured.”

Agreeing to meet outside the outside gate of the Yunjian Sect three days later, the three people – Su Zhi, Li Shinan and Chen Sisi left.

Su Yu bid farewell to Su Qingyi, pondering his current strength and abilities.

His proficiency with the “Crocodile Demon 108 Physical Training Techniques” had reached 93%, not far from breaking through to the sixth level.

If it were not for the fact that Su Zhi couldn’t bring in people in the sixth layer of Qi Refinement to help complete the mission, he would have preferred to break through to the sixth layer of Body Refinement before participating in hunting the mountain eagle.

The Green Wood Year Ring Skill had been cycled four times, equivalent to the fourth layer of Qi Refinement.

Although his mana was not strong, it had the advantages of endurance and good healing ability.

He had a lower-grade magic artifact, the Red Ro Blade, which could break armors and deal damage to the mountain eagle.

“I still have more than eight hundred spirit stones in my hand.”

“I’ll buy another piece of magic armor.”

Su Yu silently pondered. He prioritized his own safety. Before, when he didn’t go out or fight, it was manageable, but now, facing a late-stage first-order ferocious beast, he was a bit anxious.

After evaluating his own strength, Su Yu hurriedly headed for the commercial bank run by the Yunjian Sect in the city.

After browsing, he chose a middle-grade magic artifact, the Green Gang Vestment, which was worth two hundred and thirty spirit stones. It was built with a defensive array, and could stimulate a Green Gang shield in critical moments, capable of withstanding one or two hits from a late-stage first-order beast.

A top-quality lower-grade magic artifact set called Ice Soul Needle. There are five Ice Soul Needles in the set, once an Ice Soul Needle enters the body, it has freezing and slowing effects. Ice Soul Needles specialize in breaking armor.

If the Ice Soul Needle could be inserted into the opponent’s body, Su Yu could then use the Ice Soul Needle as a medium to cast a life-draining spell.

Even if he cannot drain life, he could greatly deplete the opponent’s mana, spirit energy, and so on. A set is worth one hundred and eighty spirit stones.”

Apart from the magic artifacts, Su Yu also bought some top-grade first-order talismans at the commercial bank. Two defensive talismans called Gold Light Talisman, two speed-up talismans called Godspeed Talisman, two offensive talismans called Cloud Breaking Arrow, costing one hundred and ninety spirit stones.

“I’ll go back and refine the two magic artifacts, then adjust my condition.”

It was his first time hunting in the wild, and Su Yu was a bit nervous, converting most of his spirit stones into means to enhance his strength.

Only, if Su Zhi and the others knew about his preparations, they would probably be shocked.

It was simply too ‘extravagant’..