Invincible Starting from Max Level Attributes-Chapter 18 - 0 Narrow Road of an Enemy

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18 Chapter 018 Narrow Road of an Enemy

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“Yo! You’re all here!”

Yang Zhen’s words echoed in the silent valley, making all people flabbergasted for a long time.

Yang Bapi’s reputation was really prominent, and there were hundreds of practitioners in the valley. More than half of them had been robbed by Yang Zhen, and all thought that Yang Zhen would try to escape under such circumstances. However, they were surprised to see him walking boldly into the valley and greeted everyone casually.

This was too arrogant, making everyone’s eyes twitch with anger. Who didn’t want to skin him alive?

The sudden greeting from Yang Zhen made everyone stagnant. How should they respond? Would it seem too low-class to curse back directly? But if they didn’t, should they greet him back?

Everyone instinctively shuddered. What a joke! Who would dare to greet Yang Zhen at this life-threatening moment? If they were mistaken for Yang Zhen’s accomplices, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

Princess Changyang stared at Yang in a daze, wondering why he could remain so calm and composed under such circumstances, as if the people before him were not his enemies, but his friends.

At this moment, Princess Changyang also guessed that Yang Zhen’s name might indeed be the infamous ‘Yang Bapi’. But… Yang Zhen didn’t seem as shameless as in the rumors.

In the crowd, Duan Langcai sneered and said to the people next to him, “Everyone, be patient. If Yang Zhen seeks his own death, it’s not my fault to take advantage of the situation. I just don’t want these angry people to really kill him. I still need to interrogate him about the Three-Element Ghost Shadow Sword.”


The atmosphere in the entire valley was solemn, and everyone was staring at Yang Zhen who was walking forward slowly.

Oh, Yang Zhen, is this your day?

At this moment, Duan Langcai just wanted to burst into laughter to express his elation.

“Duan Langcai, you dare to show up, I’ll kill you!”

A sudden shout of fury startled Duan Langcai, who hurriedly looked towards the source of the sound, got ready to defend himself, and drew out his long sword that exuded icy blue glows, creating a stunning sword bloom.

However, the expected killing blow didn’t appear, a curvaceous young woman jumped up from the crowd, and her long whip glowed with a dark blue light, striking directly at Yang Zhen.


The long whip exploded with a terrifying wave of power that looked like a running river, leaving everyone in shock.

“Little girl, don’t think that I dare not kill you!”

Yang Zhen met the strike with his sword, and the long whip was knocked away with a boom. He was very clear about Zhen Ping’er’s martial skills and knew how to counter them. Zhen Ping’er’s tricky whip was unable to break Yang Zhen’s defense.

Zhen Ping’er sneered repeatedly, “Duan Langcai, you vile and despicable scoundrel, if I don’t kill you today, I don’t deserve the title of ‘Little Witch’.”

The crowd watched Zhen Ping’er and Yang Zhen in stunned silence, then looked at Duan Langcai, who was livid, and suddenly felt their heads spinning. freew(e)bnovel.(c)om

Yang Zhen laughed out loud, and said, “I, Duan Langcai, have been wandering about for many years, my name and behavior never changed. If you want to kill me, you’ll need to train for another hundred years!”

“Pish!” sneered Ping’er contemptuously, “Not changing one’s name or behavior belongs to Yang Zhen. You sneaky and despicable jerk are not fit to be compared with him. You can’t even compare to a finger of Yang Zhen.”

Duan Langcai, who was about to explain, stumbled and nearly fell.

Who am I?

What am I doing?

Who is Duan Langcai?

What’s going on? When did Duan Langcai become a vile and despicable jerk who couldn’t even… couldn’t even compare to a finger of Yang Zhen?

Yang Zhen dodged Zhen Ping’er’s long whip, winked at the pale-faced Duan Langcai, and loudly said, “Pish! I, Duan Langcai may be sneaky, vile, and despicable, but I don’t think I’m less than a finger of Yang Zhen, who is the most handsome man in the world, am I?”

Upon hearing Yang Zhen shamelessly proclaim himself as the most handsome man under heaven, Princess Changyang let out a disbelieving laugh, while the surrounding crowd felt as if they had swallowed a fly.

How utterly shameless, incredibly shameless!

Who else would boast that they were the most handsome man in the world?

Zhen Ping’er, who had been attacking relentlessly to no avail, had an icy countenance. She pointed at Yang Zhen and said, “Duan Langcai, you’ve admitted yourself to be despicable, shameless, and vile. If you had even a tenth of Yang Zhen’s spirit, you wouldn’t resort to such lowly actions.”

Upon hearing these words, everyone looked at Duan Langcai with strange expressions.

Duan Langcai felt so indignant he almost spewed blood, “Miss, you’ve probably mis…”

“Mis… your head! What’s it to you, an outsider, when it comes to the matters between me, Duan Langcai, and Zhen Ping’er?” Yang Zhen shot Duan Langcai a glare and turned to Zhen Ping’er, saying:

“Aha, even if Duan Langcai is despicable, and an absolute scoundrel, he’s certainly not inferior to that horrifically handsome Yang Zhen. You’re defending Yang Zhen so vehemently, could it be that you like him?”

Zhen Ping’er remained dumbfounded, forgetting to attack for a moment. Her pretty face flushed with anger, she pointed at Yang Zhen and retorted:

“What if I do like Yang Zhen? You, a vile rogue, even offered a bounty for his capture. Yet, he is one man standing against an entire convention in Nether State. He has the grandeur that a coward like you can’t compare to. And I dare say it, everyone here is garbage. Would you have the courage to say it?”

Yang Zhen gawked in confusion. “You really like him?” he asked.

Suddenly realizing that the atmosphere was a bit off, Zhen Ping’er glanced around in confusion. Senior Sister Fang was so embarrassed that she wished the earth would swallow her up. She whispered something into Zhen Ping’er’s ear.

Upon hearing Fang’s explanation, Zhen Ping’er let out a gasp, her face turning as red as the sunset. After shooting Yang Zhen a resentful glare, she turned and ran off, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Yang Zhen stood there stupefied as he watched Zhen Ping’er disappear. What on earth just happened? When did he wind up with an unexpected fan girl?

“Yang! Zhen!”

An enraged scream echoed through the air. Duan Langcai’s face turned livid, and the sword in his hand suddenly erupted with an intimidating wave of energy. Like a beast released from its cage, he charged towards Yang Zhen.

“Foundation Establishment Third Stage!”

The crowd around shouted in alarm, eyes wide with terror as they watched Duan Langcai surge forward.

Yang Zhen was taken aback. Had this kid cheated broad daylight?

Duan Langcai, who had only reached the Ninth Stage of the Nascent Period a while ago, had advanced to the Third Stage of Foundation Establishment. Yang, with his exceptional potential, was at the same stage now. Though Duan Langcai was at the Ninth Stage of the Nascent Period compared to his First Stage, he was making huge strides.

It appeared that the old man Wan Quan had made quite an investment to retrieve the Three-Element Ghost Shadow Sword.

Princess Changyang had already joined her group. Upon seeing this spectacle, she frowned slightly. “A Three-star Weapon?” she asked.

The middle-aged man beside her wearing magnificent clothes nodded and said, “It seems to be a Three-star Weapon. With both at the same stage of Establishment, Yang Zhen stands almost no chance of winning.”

“So, Yang Zhen is in danger?”

The man in majestic clothes gave Princess Changyang a peculiar glance. “Your highness seems quite concerned about this Yang Zhen?”

Princess Changyang shook her head. “He helped me just before.”

Saying this, Princess Changyang looked away as a hint of discomfort flickered across her stunning face.

“Do we need to assist him?” The middle-aged man queried with a deep voice.

“No…” recollecting Yang Zhen’s previous statement, Princess Changyang responded, “Let’s wait and see.”

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