Invincible Starting from Max Level Attributes-Chapter 19 - 0: Just One Move

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19 Chapter 019: Just One Move

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Duan Langcai had lost face in front of everyone, with dangerous fury and astonishing power that seemed potent enough to slaughter Yang Zhen with a single strike.

A terrifying surge of energy obscured the sky, his figure suspended in the air, his sword letting out a roaring hum and manifested into a massive ghoul head. With scary howls and billowing black gases, it frantically charged toward Yang Zhen.

“It’s the end, Yang Zhen is doomed.”

“I’ve heard before that Duan Langcai even took out the Sword Servant Sect’s town protecting treasure to kill Yang Zhen. The three-star weapon in his hands must be that demon—this blade has drunk so much blood that it has turned extraordinarily terrifying.”

“As expected from the exceptional genius of Sword Servant Sect who emerges only once in a century. Rumor has it that he accomplished the Sect’s hell-level trial in just over ten days. This not only greatly enhanced his strength but also gave him the understanding of the Sword Servant Sect’s ultimate technique, Blood-drinking Heavenly Ghost Sword. Yang Zhen indeed overestimated his abilities by daring to provoke such a person.”

The crowd was discussing among themselves and instinctively distancing from Yang Zhen, fearing being implicated by Duan Langcai’s terrifying Blood-drinking Heavenly Ghost Sword.

“Yang Zhen, you bring about your own destruction by overestimating your strength. How dare you show up in front of me, the humiliation of the past, I will take your life in return today.” fre(e)novelkiss


The ghoul head suddenly opened its eyes, shone with brutal and crimson light, and emitted a violent and understated aura. It roared at Yang Zhen and rushed down furiously.

Yang Zhen cynically curled his lip, slowly drew out his long sword with one hand behind his back, and disdainfully watched Duan Langcai. “After being absent for such a long time, all you’ve trained is such a pretty useless martial skill?”

“What?” The crowd was shocked. “Pretty but useless?”

“Such arrogance! He was cultivating in the stage three of the Foundation Establishment, such a big talker. I really don’t know how Yang Zhen lived until now.”

Yang Zhen laughed loudly, stood with his hands behind him, held the sword single-handedly, and leaped up. Mid-air, his sword suddenly let out a roar, and said, “Well, let me show you how I survived till now!”


After the earth-shattering blast, Yang Zhen’s sword emitted green light. Above his head, three waves of energy passed like the scorching sun. A surge of black light swept between heaven and earth, like the wailing of a hundred ghosts, shaking the heavens.

Three-Element Ghost Shadow Sword!

“Impossible!” Duan Langcai’s eyes opened wide in disbelief.

To master the Three-Element Ghost Shadow Sword to the limit, even someone as talented as Sect Leader Wan Quan had to spend nearly five years. But only a few days had passed, and Yang Zhen had mastered it to the extreme already?

Duan Langcai, suspended in mid-air, was utterly shocked, even more than seeing a ghost. He grit his teeth, spewed out a mouthful of blood essence, and the ghoul’s eyes suddenly brightened. It screamed and clashed with Yang Zhen’s sword.


An earth-shaking roar sounded, the ghost head dispersed, the night wailing ceased, and endless ripples engulfed the surroundings, making it impossible for anyone to see the situation inside.

“Who won?” Everyone looked at each other, all unable to understand the situation.

“The technique used by Yang Zhen seems to be Sword Servant Sect’s Ghost Shadow Sword, but Ghost Shadow Sword can’t be compared with Blood-drinking Heavenly Ghost Sword. Surely Yang Zhen must have lost!”

“What a shame, Yang Zhen is quite a man. Even under Duan Langcai’s pursuit, he still caused havoc in the trial, gaining a high reputation.”

“What’s the use of it, in the end, he would still die in Duan Langcai’s hands. Who would have thought that Duan Langcai would take out the demon and even train it into the Blood-drinking Heavenly Ghost Sword.”

“Once the Heavenly Ghost comes out, it will not return without seeing blood!”

Princess Changyang had a serious look, trying her best to see into the energy ripples, but she couldn’t see the situation inside and could only wait on the spot for the result. 𝑓𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘸𝘦𝒷𝑛𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝘮

At this time, a figure slowly emerged from the black light. Everyone held their breath and nervously watched the figure, wanting to see who emerged with victory as soon as possible.

“I say, your move just now may not be that powerful, but it was quite grandiose. It’s good for intimidating people. Why don’t you teach me?”

The sound of Yang Zhen’s lazy voice came and stupefied the people in the entire valley.

How… how is this possible?

Duan Langcai was dismissed by Yang Zhen with just one move, and not having the strength to fight anymore, he was dragged out by Yang Zhen?

At that moment, everyone felt a sense of disbelief. Yang Zhen was so terrifying that the practitioners who wanted to avenge themselves against him broke out in a cold sweat.

The thought of having to fight such a person made everyone sweat profusely.

Duan Langcai’s voice was weak as he spat out in resentment, “Dream on!”

“Don’t be so stingy, come on, let’s go to the small woods to discuss. You can teach me or I can hang you on a tree for everyone to view. It seems that people from the great sects are coming. Oh, you’ll be famous by then, how nice.”

“You… Yang Zhen, if you want to kill me or skin me, make it quick. If I frown, then I’m not a man!”

“Tut-tut, we don’t have serious grudges against each other, why should I kill you? Don’t worry, at most, you’ll be hanged for half a month. When the trial is over, someone will come to save you.”

As everyone watched Yang Zhen dragging a barely aliveDuan Langcai out slowly, they felt a chill run down their spine from overhearing their conversation.

Yang Zhen was too despicable. What did he mean by only hanging for half a month? It would have been better to have killed Duan Langcai with one stroke.

Princess Changyang, upon hearing Yang Zhen’s words, snorted and turned to leave.

“Hey, Princess, it seems like you’ve forgotten about our deal.” Yang Zhen waved at Princess Changyang.

Princess Changyang shivered at his words and turned around, a sardonic smile on her face, “What deal do we have?”

Yang Zhen’s eyes widened, “As a princess, surely you wouldn’t go back on your word? What happened to our agreed 666?”

“A golden branch and jade leaf?” Princess Changyang’s eyes lit up. No girl could resist a compliment, she chuckled and said, “Let’s change it.”

Although she didn’t understand what 666 meant, she couldn’t utter it out after seeing the strange expression on Yang Zhen’s face.

“How about…” Yang Zhen thought for a moment, “I treat you to a meal some other day?”


The people almost bulged their eyes out. The innocent Yang Zhen, actually wanted to invite Princess Changyang for a meal?

In the whole Nether Sun Country, people who wanted to invite Princess Changyang for a meal could probably fill up the imperial city. What virtue and ability did Yang Zhen have to say this in public? Was it possible the two knew each other?

This was even more impossible. Princess Changyang didn’t grow up in the Nether Sun Country, but in her sect. She couldn’t possibly know any practitioners from Nether Sun Country, let alone a disciple like Yang Zhen from a small sect.

Everyone relished the thought of Yang Zhen making a fool of himself, waiting for Princess Changyang’s ruthless rejection and Yang Zhen’s public humiliation.

Princess Changyang hesitated for a moment, then nodded, “Okay!”


Upon hearing her acceptance, the crowd was on the verge of collapse. Princess Changyang really agreed?

“That’s a promise then, I’ll cook the meal myself. Don’t stand me up!”

Yang Zhen laughed happily as he dragged Duan Langcai toward the small woods.

“Yang Zhen, don’t push it too far! Let go of Senior Brother Duan!” The disciples from the Sword Servant Sect surrounded him, blocking him from every angle.

“Back off, or I’ll send Duan Langcai to the palace to be a eunuch right now.” Yang Zhen held a Ghost Shadow Sword, gesturing it in front of Duan Langcai.

“Everyone… everyone back off, no one follow without my order.” Duan Langcai’s face turned pale.

The next moment, cries like the howls of ghosts and wolves echoed from the small woods.

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