Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor-Chapter 973 The First Kill

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Chapter 973 The First Kill

973 The First Kill

[Four Poles World Destruction]

Four poles hold Heaven and Earth, each in the four cardinal positions of east, west, north, and south. These cardinals also symbolized the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Combining the elements of wind, earth, water, and fire, the Heretic Emperor could create a world and destroy it, generating unimaginable destruction.

However, his facial expression soon changed because nothing happened. No matter how much he mobilized his Grand Dao Source, his attack never manifested.

"What is the probability that an Eternal Emperor's own power would fail?" asked Wang Wei, his voice extremely calm to the point of boredom. "The answer cannot be zero since there is no absolute in this world, so 1 out of a septillion, or maybe even lower.

"Sadly, as someone who can control luck, I can turn that statistical anomaly into a possibility."

The Heretic Emperor felt despair overwhelm his mind.

However, he was still a man of high willpower, so he did not give up, no matter how slim the chance of victory was.

[Samsara of Season]

He mobilized the power of his other selves and attacked again, using the seasons' rotation to control time and the power of life and death.

Sadly, his attempt was futile.

Then, he watched as his body was rapidly disintegrating inch by inch, particle by particle. He mobilized the power of his soul, trying to abandon his body, and survived in the shape of his Primordial Spirit. Alas, he soon discovered that his soul was also dissipating.

A ruthless light flashed in Heretic's eyes. He controlled the First, Second, and Third Child, preparing to blow them up and buy himself enough time.

"Don't you understand resistance is futile?" said Wang Wei with a sigh; his voice contained a sense of desolation.

"Invincibility is truly lonely," he said, not minding how much of a scoundrel he sounded like.

I need a real battle soon, a battle that pushes me to my limit. Hopefully, I can meet the requirement to fight Old Man Nether soon.'

After seeing his plan fail, the Heretic Emperor still did not give up. He detected the boredom in Wang Wei's eyes, making his anger reach a new height. However, he knew this was not the time to let emotions get to him.

'This is my last hope,' he thought, preparing for the right opportunity that would give him a chance to escape this situation.

"I would never allow you to blow up this Supreme Chaos Treasure–that's my reward," said Wang Wei with a playful smile. The Heretic Emperor then remembered the latter's Dao–time and fate.

Finally, the Heretic Emperor accepted his fate. He looked directly into Wang Wei's eyes, not moving an inch. He was engraving this man's face into his very existence, vowing to kill him no matter what price he had to pay.

"Huh? What a strong obsession," said Wang Wei as he looked at these four, who only had their upper torso intact. "With such strong obsession and resentment, it's not impossible for you to create a miracle and survive my annihilation.

"Well, we can't have that, can we?"

Wang Wei clapped his hand together before activating the Buddha Veins he created after the exchange with Feng Heng. Holy light emanated from his body, followed by chanting of a Buddhist Mantra.

"You!" said the Heretic Emperor, sensing that the holy light was rapidly reducing his obsession and resentment.

A few minutes later, this Eternal Emperor, who had experienced the ups and downs of the world, brought terror to the Myriad Emperor World for numerous eras, and had been planning for countless yuan epochs, finally died. Well, his physical aspect died.

Wang Wei waved his hand to summon a river of chains–the Grand Dao Source. His eyes saw a karma thread that led him to a particular chain with an imprint on it.

'Does he only have one Dao Imprint?' Wang Wei thought he would have four after the assimilation, but he only had four.

'Few explanations possible: the technique is limited, the Heretic Emperor did not completely cultivate it, or Dao Imprints fall under Grand Dao's jurisdiction, and no one can have more than one.'

Many ideas appeared in Wang Wei's mind as he followed this train of thought.

'One day, I should try to see if I can have more than one Dao Imprint or create my own version.'

He felt he had wasted too much time already, so he mobilized his Dao Will and removed the Heretic Emperor's Dao Imprint. The thing struggled against his attempt, but it was futile.

"The last steps," said Wang Wei. His eyes saw all the karmic lights connected to the Heretic Emperor. He swung his hand, cutting all of them. In an instant, almost everyone who knew the Heretic Emperor had their memories wiped out. It did not matter whether they were in the lower dimension, upper dimension, or other Chaos Worlds.

He also discovered he had to erase the karma connected to the three other Eternal Emperors that the Heretic Emperor assimilated.

'I'm looking forward even more to that inheritance.'

He focused on the task at hand since it was not one hundred percent fulfilled. Wang Wei discovered he could not eliminate all the Heretic Emperor's karmic threads.

Many of them belonged to individuals way more powerful than him, so he needed to be careful and sneaky.

Otherwise, these people might notice a missing memory.

Luckily, the Heretic Emperor did not have an Empyrean or Paragon friend or family member, meaning the karmic connections between these people were very thin, almost nonexistent.

These karmic threads belonged to Empyreans and Paragons, who might have heard the other three and the Heretic Emperor's name or seen his face by chance but had no deep connection or interaction with him.

So, after Wang Wei took his time to cut off these threads, he successfully erased the Heretic Emperor's face and identity from the world. However, the latter is still not completely dead because of his influence.

The Heretic Emperor's [Existence] is connected to his history or achievements. As long as people remember the name of the Dao Burial Ground or the Red Wave or record what he has done in history, he will still be alive.

"The final step," muttered Wang Wei as he activated his Time Dao. He condensed everything the Heretic Emperor and the other three Eternal Emperors had ever done and accomplished in his life into a small [History Line] before crushing it.

In an instant, every book or jade slip in the Myriad Emperor World that recorded any knowledge or information about the Dao Burial Ground or the Red Wave disappeared; it was also the same for any records of the Heretic Emperor's accomplishments in the upper dimension or other Chaos Worlds.

"Finally dead. Eternal Emperors are truly difficult to kill," said Wang Wei as he exhaled deeply. 'Well, is he really dead since I technically still remember him?'

Wang Wei frowned before divining the answer, and he learned it was impossible. The Heretic Emperor was too far gone, so according to the rules of Heaven and Earth, he could not be revived.

"I need a technique that accomplishes all these things in one step.'

It was too time-consuming to kill an Eternal Emperor, let alone future Everlasting Empyreans and Boundless Paragons. He did not know what made these people harder to kill, but he knew it would not be simple.

"I can change his fate so that he was never born or existed, or I can use Destruction Dao to achieve ultimate destruction."

Some Daos are more advantageous than others when it comes to killing Eternal Emperors, and the Supreme Outlaw Daos are the best because of this overwhelming advantage.

Wang Wei exhaled deeply after making an initial plan for the technique. He analyzed this experience to see if he learned or missed something crucial.

Although it looked easy to kill the Heretic Emperor, the latter's influence on the world was not as deep as it sounded.

The latter had few achievements or noteworthy acts that drastically influenced history and attached to his [Existence]. Wang Wei knew if he was killing someone like the Absolute Beginning Emperor, whose experience had affected the entire lower dimension, it would not be so easy to erase him from the annals of history.

Wang Wei has long known it was in the best interest of Eternals to influence and change the world as much as possible as it guarantees their survival; this is one of the many reasons he cares so much about the Heavenly Emperor Era.

The more prosperous it is, the more influence he will have, and the more difficult it will be to kill him.

'Let's go see this inheritance.' He was excited because he saw the opportunity to fuse his [Existence] with the word [Heavenly Emperor]. If he can succeed, he will become even more difficult to kill since his enemy will have to eradicate the very concept of the Heavenly Emperor from the lower dimension.