Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor-Chapter 974 Mad Scientist

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Chapter 974 Mad Scientist

974 Mad Scientist

Eternal Ascension World, Dream World:

Xu Shi was talking to Xin, feeling like she had a new revelation about herself with each passing moment.

Then, she suddenly paused as she felt something.

Without hesitation, she paused their session and returned to the real world.

"What's this feeling?" she muttered, scanning the entire world without any success. She frowned before summoning her Time Dao, looking through the past and present, but the result was the same.

For a moment, she thought she was overthinking things, but she quickly dismissed that idea. She sensed that many people were scanning the world, indicating they also sensed something. So, she summoned the sect's ancestors to see if they knew something.

Western Bliss Sect:

Feng Heng opened his eyes as he sensed something.

"This sensation–I've felt it before." He searched for his memories and found something:

"An eternal has fallen?"

In his life, he had a similar feeling twice, and each time, his memory had problems, and his intuition warned him he was missing something.

'I can remember Donor Xu Shi and the Heavenly Emperor, so it should not be them. Could there be another Eternals in the world? Yes, the Forbidden Lands. Of the five of them, there should be one with an Eternal.'

Feng Heng analyzed the situation. The Heavenly Emperor had already dealt with the Blood Earth and Chrono Chaos Realm, and the Western Pure Bliss Land is the holy place of his sect, leaving only the Swallowing Zone and the Nether Hell.

Feng Heng used his Divine Sense to check these two places before frowning. He did not dare get close to the Nether Hell after the Heavenly Emperor sealed it, leaving only the Swallowing Zone.

'The problem must originate from one of these two places, and my bet is on the Swallowing Zone.'

Feng Heng hesitated whether to check things out but decided otherwise. Whatever secrets lie in those places, whether good or bad, no longer had anything to do with him. The Heavenly Emperor wishes to use these forbidden lands to establish his prestige, so no matter dares intervene.

Feng Heng then sent a piece of information to his sect before continuing his seclusion. Meanwhile, the world experienced a mild shock as the news of a fallen Eternal spread. Although only a few people noticed the anomaly, after figuring out what had happened, the news was not hidden.

Sea Race:

Ao Shen felt the world's subtle change. He tried to calculate or divine the answer but could not find anything. He contacted the demon race to get any information, but their inheritance was long broken, so he had nothing to go on with.

Finally, he had to rely on his Bloodline Inherited Memories to find the answer; he could not rest easily without knowing the anomaly he sensed.

"An eternal is dead?" His face contorted; such an event made him think about his mortality. Such a being known for its difficulty of being killed is dead, let alone someone like him who will shed this mortal coil after losing his body and soul.

'I must hurry,' he thought before leaving the room he was in.

Ancient Clan:

Huo Fenghuang had the same reaction as Ao Shen. With their clan's long heritage, they have dealt with too many deaths of Eternal Emperors. As such, Huo Fenghuang did not care about this aspect of this event, focusing on what it represented to her.

So, the only thing on her mind was how to become an Eternal Emperor; the world was evolving faster than she could understand, and her current strength and survival abilities were not up to her standards.

Dao Burial Ground:

Wang Wei reached the center of this artifact, observing the surroundings. His eyes saw a chain composed of very tiny runes, but the chain seemed to have many missing parts.

"Is this Heaven Law? And it should be of the highest level."

Supreme Innate and Chaos Treasures fall under the category of Primarchs and Heaven Law, and the one before him should have been on par with Heavenly Primarchs, which are on par with Paragons.

Wang Wei looked at the law chain and realized this thing was what he expected–focus entirely on hiding. If a Primarch that cultivated Hiding Dao got their hands on this thing, cultivating the Heavenly Primarch Realm would have been the easiest thing in the world.

'After my ascension, I have no doubt the parasites will hunt me down. My original plan was to rely on Gu Xuan's Deception Dao, but this could be better.'

Wang Wei's first order of business after ascending will be to hide from the parasites. As for Supreme Unity, he has no choice but to rely on Maitreya. If Supreme Unity was an ordinary Half-Step-Transcendence, he might be able to devise something using Deception Dao to hide from him.

However, the latter is fused with True Heavenly Dao, so deception is useless to him. Deceiving True Heavenly Dao is similar to deceiving Grand Dao, relying more on the world's rules and allowing the deception to happen.

Unfortunately, Supreme Unity does not need to follow the rules.

There is already a vast difference between Paragons and Half Step Transcendence, but now, Supreme Unity has control over Heaven Dao, so it's useless to try to deceive him unless Wang Wei's strength is relative to him.

Wang Wei looked at the broken laws, planning for the future.

'I should be able to restore it to the level of a Supreme Innate Treasure after I become an Empyrean in the lower dimension. As for returning to its peak state, using merit to fix it should be no issue. The question is whether spending so much merit is worth it.'

He did not have an answer for now, so he left it for later.

Wang Wei separated a small portion of his Divine Sense to refine this weapon, leaving his brand and becoming its true owner. His eyes then shifted to a jade slip protected by thousands of formations.

'This Heretic Emperor is truly cautious to the point of paranoia.'

He secretly shook his head before removing the formations. Holding the thing in his hand, he immediately felt it was unique.

"Unknown and indestructible material, at least, with my current strength. A natural ability to protect information and an unknown power I cannot recognize but makes me feel palpitations," commented Wang Wei before closing his eyes and receiving this inheritance.

He sat cross-legged on the ground, lost in this vast knowledge. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Wei opened his eyes in shock.

"Who is this Chu Yun? Why does he feel like a mad scientist?"

The slip did not contain an inheritance per se; it's more like Chu Yun's years of experiment on [Existence]. One of the results of this experiment was the method the Heretic Emperor used to assimilate other people's [Existence] to elevate his own. However, this method is only a small portion of all the experiments.

"I was right. This inheritance is wasted on him. If I guess correctly, Chu Yun studied [Existence] to achieve transcendence."

Wang Wei's eyes lit up. He did not know whether the latter succeeded, but his intuition told him he might have, or at the very least, come very close.

'So, [Existence Sublimation] is another path of transcendence? No, after achieving Half Step Transcendence, these people's [Existence] should also have sublimated or changed even if their method did not directly use [Existence].

'Now, a more interesting topic would be whether there is a difference between Half-Step Transcendence, who were once Boundless Paragons and regular Paragons?'

The motif of this Chaos Universe is that those who comprehend and control their [Existence] at Tier 10 are more powerful than others, so it should be the same when they reach Tier 12.5 or Half-Step Transcendence.

'I have too little information to speculate on such a thing,'

concluded Wang Wei before looking at the jade slip with hesitation. Chu Yun did not leave his experiment for nothing. Anyone who wishes to receive the deeper knowledge contained in it must accept his karma. In return, he asks for more ideas, information, or knowledge about the Path of Transcendence.

Wang Wei realized that even with his Karma Unbound Physique, he could not block the karma of this slip, so he would have to pay it later. Under his analysis, he could already tell Chu Yun was not an ordinary person.

[Existence] can be considered a small taboo in the Chaos Universe, and each sentient being will have only three opportunities to comprehend it. But Chu Yun successfully experimented on [Existence] and even found ways to leave his knowledge behind without Grand Dao erasing it.

'This man should have a Dao Overlord level intelligence, and it's the pinnacle kind,' thought Wang Wei. He did not know the latter's personality and whether there would be trouble with owing him karma. However, based on Chu Yun's experiments, Wang Wei could imagine how many people suffered to get these results.

He took a moment to make a character model for Chu Yun.

'A ruthless man whose intelligence made him cold and indifferent, isolated from his peers because they could not keep up with him. So, he focused all his effort on discovering the mysteries of the world, including pursuing Transcendence.

'He will do everything to achieve his goal, and his proud intelligence might be his biggest weakness.

'If you can keep up with him and his wild ideas and thoughts, getting along with him is fine. If not, he will treat you as if you were disposable.'

After coming to this conclusion based on the limited data, Wang Wei decided to take the risk and accepted the karma. Anyway, he did not think he would lose to Chu Yun, and he had already had a way of transcendence from the Human Emperor. Maybe this idea was enough to pay his karma.

He exhaled deeply before putting the slip into his Sea of Consciousness. He did not completely trust this thing and sealed it with his soul. In an emergency, he's prepared to unseal himself, release all his soul's hidden powers, and deal with the situation.

As for the consequences of such actions, he will deal with them later.