Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor-Chapter 975 Asking For Help

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Chapter 975 Asking For Help

975 Asking For Help

It took Wang Wei a moment to finish refining the Dao Burial Ground, even longer than receiving the information from the slip. Once he was done, he focused on the sealed powerhouses.

He took his time to search their souls and memories, trying to find some information. Alas, the final result was unsatisfactory. These people lived in the upper dimension before the era of the eight parasites. The majority of them originated from the upper dimension, and only a few were born in the upper dimension.

However, they had one thing in common: 99% of them were loose cultivators. Without a faction to back them down, they became outlaws or criminals to acquire more resources. The normal ones offended powerful factions; they could only become street rats and run away without protection.

From their memories, Wang Wei learned countless different cultivation systems. Since time immemorial, the upper dimension had the Myriad Temple of Records that recorded all cultivation systems in the Eternal Ascension World.

With a small price, anyone can enter the temple and find a cultivation system that is best suited for them. A few of these people entered the temple and learned a few cultivation systems.

These techniques did broaden Wang Wei's understanding of cultivation in general, especially the fundamental concept of [Essence, Spirit, and Qi]. However, he only found two interesting techniques from the list.

The first one is the Will Dao System, which only cultivated Willpower; the system uses willpower to fight, control energy and laws, and even temper the body.

Wang Wei found it very useful for his Willpower Manifestation.

The second interesting technique was the [Metamorphosis Art], an interesting body refining technique. The core idea of this art is that the human race's body is innately weak, so let's make up for it from other races.

For example, dragons are known for the defensive capabilities of their skin. With this technique, a human would take the dragon's skin and exchange it for the human's.

Giants are known for their steel-like muscles, so let's take them and exchange their muscles for the weak human muscles. Human internal organs are fragile and do not provide any divine abilities, so let's exchange them with other creatures.

The final state of this technique is for humans to have dragon skin, giant muscles, phoenix heart, golden beast bones, etc.

'This technique reminded me of chimeras from Earth.

Luckily, the creator left the human soul intact; otherwise, I would wonder whether anyone who cultivates this thing is still human.'

Wang Wei secretly shook his head. In his current state, there was no creature he would want to take any body part–unless it were a unique race with a unique organ.

Otherwise, he would follow the path of fusion instead of exchanging his human parts.

Wang Wei took a moment to review all the information he received. Most of it was useless since so much time had passed since these people left the upper dimension.

However, he did learn some basic knowledge about that vast and ancient world. When he ascends, he won't be completely clueless.

"Now, I don't have any regret for what I am about to do to these people. How could they be so poor," complained Wang Wei. After so long, they have already used all the resources they've brought from the upper dimension.

So, Wang Wei did not find anything from their space ring or personal dimensional space. Luckily, he still received countless Emperor, Dao, and Immortal Artifacts, most of which he can use as materials to create even better weapons.

Wang Wei waved his hand to gather and condense all the baleful aura from this place into a Slaughter Crystal for Li Jun. Afterward, he no longer hesitated and returned home.

A little over three months had passed since he left, so he checked on the world–especially the Dream World. He immediately noticed the competition in the Battle Tower was intense–especially for the Heaven Chosen.

'I need to begin my trafficking plan. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if these Heaven Chosen stayed in the lower dimension to gather luck and destiny from the Battle Tower.'

Sending these Heaven Chosen to the upper dimension is a way for Wang Wei to provide talented individuals to the revolution against the parasites. These guys will also be the vanguard before he ascends, so he cannot let them stay in the lower dimension to prove the Dao.

'Let's put it on the agenda,' thought Wang Wei, preparing to take action immediately. However, he soon sensed something.

'Things are about to change? In that case, let's wait a while.'

Wang Wei returned to the sect while sending a projection to see his mother. A few days later, Xu Shi appeared in the sky. Her angelic voice echoed in the minds of all sentient beings–well, at least, the ones not in the Dream World.

"Heaven and Earth above, the world is weak and needs nourishment. I offer this Primordial Chaos Qi to bless my home and all sentient beings."

An enormous eye appeared in the sky, looking at everything with indifference. Something flew from Xu Shi's hands and entered the eye.


The world shook, and in an instant, all five continents and seas grew by more than 50% of their original size. The process of transforming Innate Qi instantly reached 100%, but this was not the fundamental change of this event.

The eye of Heavenly Dao's aura suddenly released a terrifying aura that covered the entire world. The truly scary thing was that the aura was no longer on par with a Second Class Emperor with 14% Grand Dao Source, but it rose to First Class of 15%; the process did not stop until it reached First Class of 17%.

Many people's faces changed after noticing this animal, especially the Insurgents with First Class. Previously, they could walk sideways in the world, ignoring Heavenly Dao's greatest weapon–Divine Punishment Thunder. But now, the power of that punishment is on par with the best of First Class.

This change did not only affect them but also all the factions. The Heavenly Emperor Era had just started, but these people had been planning for the next generations.

They knew the minimum requirement for an Emperor was First Class, but Heavenly Dao suddenly became so powerful out of nowhere.

In the future, if a Heavenly Emperor does not have the strength of 18% Grand Dao Source, their power in the court will be severely limited by Grand Dao, let alone other factions.

The worst part is this situation might be aggravated if the Heavenly Emperor decides to raise the requirement for the position to be at least 18%.

Xu Shi held the purple merit in her hands while also sensing how many people were cursing her. She knew her actions offended many people and might have certain detrimental effects on the Academy. However, the benefits outweigh the gains.

With her actions, the Academy will have another protection from Heavenly Dao besides the luck for the creation of the Academy. With these two protections, they won't have to worry about being destroyed in future catastrophes.

Xu Shi looked in the direction of the Dao Opening Sect and sent a message:

'Thank you. I owe you one.'

At the last minute, it was Wang Wei who acted and sealed Heavenly Dao, preventing its power from being on par with Eternal Emperors, if not higher. Xu Shi had the same idea, but she was the one who initiated this change, and it would affect her merit if she were the one to do it.

Meanwhile, Feng Heng did not want Buddhism to owe such large karma as preventing Heavenly Dao from evolving and becoming more powerful. Ao Shen felt the same way about the demon race, and Huo Fenghuang wanted to watch things from the side and see the outcome.

Xu Shi did not waste any more time and continued her actions. Most of the merit in her hands disappeared, and the world once again changed. An enormous multicolored dragon appeared above the sky, swimming around the world to nourish it.

Once it finished its tour, it descended on the Emperor Enlightening Academy, fusing with their faction's Qi Luck Dragon.

"Today, I, the Time Void Empress, have officially become the ninth Emperor of the Academy. I will preach to all sentient beings."

She sat on a throne, surrounded by visions of Heaven and Earth. Without hesitation, Xu Shi preached to the world, her voice echoing throughout the world.

Wang Wei forcefully disconnected everyone in the Dream World after a server-wide announcement so everyone could benefit from this major event.

He looked into the sky, feeling that the Balance

Mechanism had been affected, lowering its restrictions on the Dao Opening Sect after Xu Shi's actions. He smiled before closing his eyes and listening.

However, he had to stop for a few days during the preaching as the second event he had predicted had occurred: Tong Ruobing and Mu Lei had asked for help.

'It took longer than I anticipated,' he thought before taking a drop of blood from his body to condense a clone.

He waved his hand to send it to the Beast Star World before continuing to listen to her sermon.