Legendary Armament Canon-Chapter 1212 - A Way to Make Money, Black Magic (2)

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1212 A Way to Make Money, Black Magic (2)
Shi Songtao was extremely excited. He was the deputy pavilion master of the Huaxia Pavilion, and he was proud of Huaxia Pavilion’s strength!

Shi Songtao pondered and said, “Your Highness, our Huaxia Pavilion has always been short of forgers, so we haven’t thought about setting up branch pavilions before. If it’s just to sell the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token and collect money, there’s no need for forgers.

“We just need to recruit some shopkeepers and workers. But the benefits involved here are too great. Even with your reputation, Your Highness, it’s hard to guarantee that they will be ethical…”

The monthly fees of the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token could be imagined. The fees paid by all the martial artists combined would definitely be a massive sum of money.

The people in the branches were in charge of collecting the money. Who could guarantee that no one would be dishonest?

Indeed, Zhou Shu was an existence that could even kill Grotto-Heaven Masters.

But a big shot like him was too far away from low-level shopkeepers.

It was like a countryside official and an emperor.

Although the emperor ruled the world and could kill the countryside officials at his disposal, there had never been a lack of countryside officials who were greedy for money and power.

To many people, they could only see the immediate benefits…

“That’s why we have to choose people we can trust,” Shi Songtao continued.

“I don’t care what you do. Take care of it,” Zhou Shu interrupted. “If you need anyone, I’ll get Wuyou and Yang Hong to cooperate with you. If necessary, you can go to Great Xia to ask for people.”

Shi Songtao looked touched. He knew how many benefits were involved in this matter.

Zhou Shu’s words gave him so much authority!

This meant that in the future, all the benefits involved in the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Tokens would pass through Shi Songtao!

It would be easy for him to do anything!

Zhou Shu’s trust in him was simply immeasurable.

Shi Songtao’s eyes were red as he said seriously, “Don’t worry, Your Highness. I’ll definitely handle this matter well! If there’s any oversight, you can cut off my head!”

He made a military pledge.

Zhou Shu smiled and shook his head. “It’s not that exaggerated. It’s just a small matter. I believe you can handle it well.

“I almost forgot. I’ll teach you the forging method of the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token. Then you can teach it to the forgers of the Huaxia Pavilion. In the future, the Huaxia Pavilion will forge the ordinary Myriad Worlds Knowledge Tokens, and I’ll only personally forge the VIP ones.”

This was the way to make money. Of course, the most important thing was still…

Shi Songtao was still in a daze when he returned to the Huaxia Pavilion in the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven.

Only after learning the forging method of the Myriad Worlds Communication Tokens from Zhou Shu did he know how cheap it was!

Not to mention a forger, even a Forging Apprentice could forge it with some training.

No wonder His Highness isn’t charging for the Myriad Worlds Communication Token. Its cost price is too low.

Compared to the service fee required to use it, its forging cost was negligible!

But then again, a single Myriad Worlds Communication Token was useless. Only by connecting with the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball could it have various functions.

In other words, the core technology of the Myriad Worlds Communication Token was in the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

Even if someone deciphered the forging method of the Myriad Worlds Communication Token, it was useless because it was impossible for them to decipher the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

The Myriad Worlds Communication Ball was with Zhou Shu. Who in the world could take it away from him?

Shi Songtao was completely relieved now. He didn’t have to worry about others suspecting him of leaking the forging techniques.

He only needed to consider how to send the service fees for the Myriad Worlds Communication Tokens collected by the Huaxia Pavilion’s branches to the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven safely!

While Shi Songtao was pulling his hair and thinking about this, Zhou Shu had already returned to his room.

It was naturally impossible to describe in detail what happened.

After the great battle, be it Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, or Bai Qianqian, they all completely became obedient.

Not only did they stop fighting to be the elder sister, but they even began to give in to each other.

Under the blanket, those small contradictions had disappeared.

After dealing with the matters in his backyard, Zhou Shu returned to the forging room.

He sat cross-legged in the forging room, and the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball appeared in front of him.

Information flowed through the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

With a thought, Zhou Shu saw the contents of the messages.

As long as he wanted, he could see all the information that passed through the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

There were no data security laws in this world…
Zhou Shu saw the conversation between Guo Hua, the Ji Xuan Grotto-Heaven Master, and the other Grotto-Heaven Masters.

They were the only people using the Myriad Worlds Communication Tokens now…

Speaking of which, they were clearly staying in the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven. Why did they use the Myriad Worlds Communication Token to chat?

And they were just talking nonsense!

Were they too rich?

Or were the usage fees of the Myriad Worlds Communication Token too low?

But from the looks of it, it was clearly the former!

These Grotto-Heaven Masters treated the Myriad Worlds Communication Tokens as a toy and didn’t care about the cost at all.

Zhou Shu pondered. From the looks of it, I have to provide more VIP services to satisfy the spending desires of these Grotto-Heaven Masters…

“Your Highness?”

At this moment, the number one Myriad Worlds Communication Token on Zhou Shu’s body suddenly vibrated.

He casually took it out, and a small figure jumped out from the Myriad Worlds Communication Token.

In this world, only Zhou Shu, who was proficient in the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception’s karma sword, could have such a conversation in such a manner.

“Zhang San?” Zhou Shu’s lips curled up slightly. “You’ve already obtained a Myriad Worlds Communication Token?”

After successfully forging the Myriad Worlds Communication Token, Zhou Shu immediately asked Shi Songtao to send a bunch to Great Wei.

King of Men Yang Hong, Heavenly Saber Sun Gongping, Invincible God of War Mi Ziwen, War King Xiao Jianghe, Overlord Wang Xin, Archer God Zhang San…

Everyone got one.

Zhou Shu didn’t expect that the first person to use the Myriad Worlds Communication Token to talk to him would be Zhang San.

“Your Highness, this Myriad Worlds Communication Token can really be used to communicate tens of thousands of kilometers apart?” Shock appeared on Zhang San’s face, followed by joy. “This is great!”

Zhang San cupped his hands and said seriously, “Your Highness, I have important military information to report!”

“Tell me,” Zhou Shu said.

“Your Highness, I’m at the border between Great Liang and Great Chu…”

“What are you doing there?” Zhou Shu was puzzled.

He still didn’t know that Great Liang had officially sent troops to Great Chu.

With a grim expression, Zhang San explained briefly, “A few days ago, I tried to sneak into the capital of Great Liang to gather information. But the capital of Great Liang is impregnable. I can’t even sneak in. I’m afraid that if I barge in, Great Liang will immediately be alerted.

“Therefore, I took a detour and arrived at the battlefield of Great Liang and Great Chu. Your Highness, I realize that Great Liang’s army is a little abnormal!

“For some reason, all of them have become powerful and almost invulnerable. The Great Chu army can’t resist them at all!”

“That’s because Great Liang sent out elites, right?” Zhou Shu frowned. Cao Chenyang came from Great Liang. Now that Great Liang suddenly attacked Great Chu, could it be related to Cao Chenyang?

But if it’s really related to Cao Chenyang, shouldn’t he attack Great Wei or Great Xia?

Why did he mobilize troops against Great Chu?

“That’s not the case.” Zhang San shook his head. “After observing, I saw that the Great Liang soldiers would be in a weakened state ranging from two to six hours after their strength erupted. They should have used some special mystic technique to increase their strength. I’ve never heard of Great Liang having such a mystic technique before. Moreover, when they use it, they will become abnormally combative and bloodthirsty…”