Legendary Armament Canon-Chapter 1213 - Your Scouting Technique Is Outdated (1)

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1213 Your Scouting Technique Is Outdated (1)
A mystic technique to increase one’s strength? There will be a period of weakness after using it? Zhou Shu raised his eyebrows slightly. Why does this sound like a neutered version of Total Annihilation?

“What’s so strange about that? The world is so big, and there are all kinds of strange things. Even if the Great Liang army has such a mystic technique, there’s nothing strange about it. Without some trump cards, would Great Liang dare to attack Great Chu?”

Zhou Shu asked, “What else did you find out?”

The moment he heard that Great Liang had mobilized troops against Great Chu, he suspected that it was related to Cao Chenyang.
After all, Cao Chenyang was from Great Liang and also a king of Great Liang.

There had been no disputes between the Ten Nations for more than a hundred years. Now that Great Liang had suddenly attacked Great Chu, coupled with Cao Chenyang’s appearance, Zhou Shu didn’t believe that there wasn’t a connection between the two.

But it was hard to say. Cao Chenyang was not the real Cao Chenyang. He had been possessed by the soul of the enemy from beyond the heavens.

No one knew if the imperial family of Great Liang knew about this.

Moreover, on the surface, Cao Chenyang had already died in battle long ago.

Even if he suddenly appeared now, the imperial family of Great Liang might not believe him.

Zhou Shu wanted to hear if Zhang San had discovered any valuable clues.

“It’s indeed possible that Great Liang has such a mystic technique. We just didn’t know about it before.”

Zhang San said solemnly, “I thought so at first. Then I thought of a way to capture a Great Liang soldier. I interrogated him and found out that this mystic technique was not taught to them by humans but a heavenly gift!”

“A heavenly gift?” Zhou Shu frowned.

“That’s right. He said that all the Great Liang soldiers automatically mastered this mystic technique after waking up from their sleep.”

Zhang San’s expression was solemn. “Your Highness, this is very abnormal! I suspect that someone is behind this!”

Zhou Shu nodded. This was obvious.

Being able to impart the technique in a sleep meant that the person behind it was definitely not weak. Even ordinary Grotto-Heaven Masters couldn’t do this.

But it was obvious that Cao Chenyang could do it!

“It’s Cao Chenyang.” Zhou Shu was now eighty to ninety percent certain.

Apart from Cao Chenyang, he really couldn’t think of anyone else in the world who had the ability and wanted to cause trouble.

He thought that after the last time, Cao Chenyang would hide and would not show up easily.

He didn’t expect him to occupy Great Liang openly. Not only did he occupy Great Liang, but he even mobilized Great Liang to attack Great Chu.

Is he afraid that I don’t know he’s in Great Liang? Or is he doing this on purpose to force me to go to Great Liang?

To be fair, after Zhou Shu determined that Cao Chenyang had returned to Great Liang, his first reaction was to go to Great Liang and destroy him.

Cao Chenyang must have known that he would think this way.

In that case, if he still dared to do this, didn’t that mean he had set up a trap for him in Great Liang?

Cao Chenyang had set up a trap in Great Liang and deliberately appeared. He was using himself as bait to lure him over. This trap might very well kill him.

Zhou Shu had already deduced this possibility.

“Cao Chenyang?!” Zhang San’s expression changed slightly. “Your Highness, what should we do?”

“Zhang San, leave Great Liang first. Don’t approach the capital again,” Zhou Shu said.

Cao Chenyang was not an ordinary person. His strength was even above that of ordinary Grotto-Heaven Masters. If Zhang San encountered him, he would definitely die.

Even Guo Hua, the Ji Xuan Grotto-Heaven Master, and the others had come to the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven to avoid Cao Chenyang, let alone Zhang San.

The current Great Liang was a very dangerous place. Even Zhou Shu might not be able to leave if he went to Great Liang.

Under such circumstances, leaving that place quickly was the best choice for Zhang San.

Before Zhou Shu could finish speaking, he suddenly heard Zhang San exclaim. Then the figure on the Myriad World Communication Token suddenly shattered.

“Mm?” Zhou Shu’s expression changed. Did Cao Chenyang discover him?

If you want to dig a hole for me to fall in, it depends on whether you have the ability!

Zhou Shu snorted coldly. A shocking sword beam seemed to appear in his eyes. The Myriad World Communication Ball in his hand suddenly shone brightly. Threads visible to the naked eye shot out from the Myriad World Communication Ball and disappeared into the void, connecting to somewhere.

Zhou Shu’s gaze suddenly landed on one of the lines.

The next moment, a dazzling light emitted from his body, and the line shone brightly.

Through the Myriad World Communication Ball, Zhou Shu immediately located Zhang San’s location. Then he sent out an incarnation and followed the karma line.

This was also a magical use of the Myriad World Communication Ball. With this function, Zhou Shu could teleport to wherever a Myriad World Communication Token was.

Be it providing support to save people or dealing with enemies, this function was extremely practical.

At the border between Great Liang and Great Chu…

Zhang San looked at the shattered Myriad World Communication Token in his hand, his face full of shock and anger.

He looked at the Great Liang soldier in front of him. He was clearly tied up, but his eyes were red, as if he had completely lost his mind.

It was this soldier who had caught him off guard and pounced in front of him. He had bitten the Myriad World Communication Token into pieces, causing his mouth to be full of blood.

The soldier roared like a beast that had lost his mind and struggled to charge at Zhang San.