Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique-Chapter 597 - : Special Simulation, Third Level Divine Power! (2)

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Chapter 597: Special Simulation, Third Level Divine Power! (2)

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Otherwise, even if he had a deep relationship with Yan Mohe, these eight

Spirit Crystals would not be so easy to obtain.

“It’s really…” Zhu Yuan was speechless for a moment. It had only been two years since he advanced to the Divine Power Realm, but he had broken through to the second level again. This was no longer something that could be explained by his deep foundation and shocking talent.

“Fellow Daoist Han, could it be that you’re the reincarnation of a Perfected Lord?” Zhu Yuan could not help but ask. The Second Level Divine Power Realm before the age of 40 was too terrifying.

“Would Fellow Daoist Zhu believe me if 1 said no?” Han Zhao smiled and looked secretive.

“l don’t believe you.” Zhu Yuan shook his head.

“We can discuss this matter later. I came here this time not only to thank Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven for its help previously, but also to discuss cooperation.” Han Zhao changed the topic.

“Cooperation?” Zhu Yuan was stunned.

“l want to talk to the Sect Master in person, can 1?” Han Zhao said again.

“You want to see Master?” Zhu Yuan frowned slightly. “The last time Master descended to the Origin World, he was interfered with by the Three Wonders Hall Master and paid a considerable price. Is there anything important that

Fellow Daoist Han can’t tell me? 1 can pass it on for him.”

“This matter involves resisting the Deva and the Holy Lord, so I hope to discuss this with the Sect Master in person.”

Han Zhao explained.

“Resisting the Holy Lord and the Deva?” Zhu Yuan’s expression changed slightly. Now that Han Zhao had finally broken through the encirclement of the aristocratic families, it was time for him to lie low.

He actually wanted to take the initiative to provoke Devas and Holy Lords.

Even if he was extremely powerful and even the Rank 3 Holy Lord, Red Moon Great Sage, who had descended to this world had his body severed, once he provoked many Holy Lords and Devas, no one could save him.

“Fellow Daoist Han, what are you trying to do?!” Zhu Yuan’s voice deepened.

“I’ll explain this matter clearly when the Perfected Sect Master comes personally or his avatar descends.” Han Zhao did not explain directly. After all, the Sect Master, Yuan Xiyu, was in charge of the master-disciple lineage.

“If the Sect Master is sincere in cooperating, please bring some Spirit Crystals.

Just take it that I borrowed them.”

Han Zhao took out three jade slips from the Sumeru Pouch and handed them over. “This is my sincerity.”

When Zhu Yuan heard that Han Zhao wanted to borrow the Spirit Crystals, he was not too surprised. After all, as long as Han Zhao refined the first Spirit Crystal, he would know how important this thing was to martial artists

comprehending the Rule.

Although the Spirit Crystal was extremely precious, with Han Zhao’s potential, the Perfected Sect Master would definitely agree to lend it to him.

“This is…” Zhu Yuan took the jade slip and sent his divine sense into it. Soon, his expression kept changing.

“Ten Paths Martial Arts! Longevity Technique! Oblivion Scripture – Spirit Wandering Chapter!

Zhu Yuan looked at Han Zhao in surprise. The three jade slips recorded three complete peerless divine techniques.

The Ten Paths Martial Arts was a divine technique created by Han Zhao after he mastered the martial arts of the Heavenly Saint Sect.

As for the content of the Longevity Technique, it was the Life Nurturing Technique passed down by Perfected Lord Longevity.

However, other than the first six levels, there was actually the content of the Seventh Level. Just looking at the records of the Seventh Level made Zhu Yuan’s scalp tingle. This was because the cultivation process was extremely complicated, even surpassing the three scriptures of the Heavenly Saint Sect’s divine technique.

The key was the cultivation method record. After mastering the Seventh Level of the Longevity Technique, one could extend their Life Extension by at least 10,000 years. This was enough to make the Devas of the nine grotto-heavens go crazy. Regardless of whether they could master it or not, this divine technique was an extremely precious treasure.

As for the last Oblivion Scripture – Spirit Wandering Chapter, it was an extremely rare Spirit Refinement cultivation method.

After mastering the First Level, his mental power would double.

After mastering the Second Level, his mental power would double again.

With three to four times the mental strength of the same level, fighting above one’s level was definitely as easy as eating and drinking.

Moreover, be it his strong physical body or mental power, they could help him break through the bottleneck.

Because Zhu Yuan had the True Blood of a Heaven and Earth True Spirit like the Nine Heavenly Thunder Roc, his body far exceeded his peers. In the Divine Power Realm, he relied on this bloodline to advance extremely quickly. However, after reaching the Divine Power Realm, because his mental power cultivation could not keep up with the growth of his body, his cultivation speed slowed down.

If he could master the first level of the Oblivion Scripture – Spirit Wandering Chapter, his mental power would double. Then, the difficulty of breaking through to the Third Level Divine Power Realm would be greatly reduced. He could save at least a hundred years of bitter cultivation.

Most importantly, as one of the too three grotto-heavens, Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven had the most Divine Power realm martial artists among the nine grotto-heavens.

The Second Level of the Oblivion Scripture – Spirit Wandering Chapter might be extremely difficult to master, but there was still hope of mastering the First Level.

The three cultivation methods were extremely beneficial to the long- term development of Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven.

“I’ll go back and inform Master and let him decide.” When Zhu Yuan saw Han Zhao hand over such a precious cultivation method, he guessed that he wanted to do something extraordinary, so he didn’t ask further.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist Zhu.” Han Zhao cupped his hands and bowed. These cultivation methods were naturally extremely precious, but they were not very important to him. After all, no matter how powerful cultivation methods were, they had to be mastered before they were useful.

“l wonder what Fellow Daoist Han needs other than Spirit Crystals?” Zhu Yuan asked.

Although Spirit Crystals were rare resources that could only be used by Deva Realm cultivators, one could be produced in the Heavenly Saint

Grotto-Heaven every year. To the master and disciple lineage, these three cultivation methods were more precious than Spirit Crystals to a certain extent.

“The more Spirit Crystals, the better. As for the rest, I want some array formation manuals. It’s best if there’s a detailed array formation method for the Inter-Domain Teleportation Array,” Han Zhao said seriously.

“Fellow Daoist Han, please wait in my cave abode,” Zhu Yuan replied and turned to leave.

“This matter is very important, so I’ll have to trouble Fellow Daoist Zhu to secretly return from the Outer World,” Han Zhao added. The teleportation array on the peak caused too much commotion and was not secretive enough..