Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique-Chapter 598 - : Special Simulation, Third Level Divine Power! (3)

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Chapter 598: Special Simulation, Third Level Divine Power! (3)

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After all, he was going to deal with a Deva this time. As long as there was a chance of him exposing the matter, he could not take the risk.

“Alright!” Zhu Yuan was also very straightforward. Since this matter was not something he could decide on, he did not have to worry about it anymore.

Han Zhao waited in Zhu Yuan’s cave abode for a full month and a half.

Only then did Zhu Yuan return to his cave abode.

However, he came alone.

“Could it be that the Sect Master is busy and can’t come?” Han Zhao asked. According to the simulation, something must have happened to Yuan Xiyu’s help to him.

“Could Fellow Daoist Han be able to predict the future? That’s indeed the case. After I met Master and explained the situation, he originally wanted to send his avatar to the lower realm, but he was entangled by the Three Wonders Hall

Master and could not leave.’

Zhu Yuan was surprised and immediately explained.

As he spoke, Zhu Yuan took out a jade box. A silver talisman covered in spiritual patterns was sealed on it.

“Master asked me to bring this to you.”

Han Zhao took the jade box and circulated his Dharma power to tear off the talisman on it.


A tattered seven-colored oil paper umbrella flew out of the jade box and floated in the air.

Immediately after, the Seven-colored Oil Paper Umbrella transformed into a green-robed boy.

“Seven Treasure Umbrella?!” Zhu Yuan was shocked. His master had asked him to give Han Zhao a Connate Numinous Treasure fragment. How much trust did he have? He didn’t even know what Han Zhao wanted to do, but he had sent the Connate Numinous Treasure fragment out.

“Sigh… 1 knew that these three Origin Rule Dharma powers were not so easy to obtain. As expected, I have to return them.” The green-robed boy frowned.

As he spoke, the green-robed boy placed his hands behind his back and said to Zhu Yuan, “What’s wrong with you, junior? Even your master has to call me Fellow Daoist Bao. Aren’t you going to bow when you see Uncle-Master?’!

“Greetings, Uncle-Master Bao.” Zhu Yuan came back to his senses and bowed respectfully to the green-robed boy.

“Is this a Connate Numinous Treasure?” Han Zhao sized up the green-robed boy. With his appearance, the five elements power in the void became abnormally active. The five-element power in his body seemed to be triggered and resonated.

“Are you Yan Mohe’s successor? The strength of your Dharma power is indeed comparable to Yan Mohe’ s. Moreover, I sense the Five Elements Rule Power in you. Could it be that you’ve already begun to comprehend the Rule Power?”

The green-clothed boy turned around and sized up Han Zhao, clicking his tongue in wonder.

“Senior Bao is indeed wise.” Han Zhao smiled and cupped his hands.

“Yes! You’re much more polite than Yan Mohe! I like you a little.” The green-clothed child seemed to be very satisfied with Han Zhao’s attitude and nodded repeatedly.

“Back then, Yuan Xiyu wanted to pass the Seven Treasure Umbrella to Boss Yan. However, Boss Yan found him slow and liked to talk about rules. Later, he returned him.” At this moment, Xuan Yi’s voice sounded in Han Zhao’s heart.

“You don’t even want a Connate Numinous Treasure fragment?!” Han Zhao was stunned. It seemed like Yuan Xiyu was prepared to let Yan Mohe inherit his mantle.

“The Seven Treasure Umbrella Fragment is strong in defense and assists in comprehending the Five Elements Yin-Yang Law. In terms of killing power, it’s slightly inferior to mine. At that time, Boss Yan had already comprehended the Destruction Rule and had the Nirvana True Demon Technique. His body was comparable to a Numinous Treasure, so he naturally looked down on this fellow,” Xuan Yi explained.

“Alright, let’s get down to business first.” The green-robed boy waved his sleeve, and two balls of white light flew towards Han Zhao.

In one of the balls of white light were 24 jade-like diamond-shaped crystals. Every one of them was the size of a thumb, Spirit Crystals!

As for the other ball of white light, there were two jade slips.

“Perfected Sect Master, how generous!” Han Zhao took the 24 Spirit Crystals and two jade slips and could not help but sigh.

He probed the jade slip with his divine sense. Inside was the setup method of the Inter-Domain Teleportation Array. In addition, there was a mountain-protecting array that gathered spirit gathering, attack, and defense. It was called the Holy Spirit Array.

“Let me say this first. I only have Old Yuan’s three Origin Rule Dharma powers. I can only protect you three times at most. After the three opportunities are used, I’ll return to the Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven,” the green-robed child added.

“l understand.” Han Zhao cupped his hands and bowed.

The green-robed boy nodded and transformed into a ball of seven-colored glass light that flew into Han Zhao’s sleeve.

“…” Zhu Yuan was dumbfounded. Was that it?

“Allow me to explain this matter in detail to Fellow Daoist Zhu later.


With that, Han Zhao left.

The fewer people knew about this, the better.

After Han Zhao left Heaven Stairway Mountain, he returned to the outer seas through the Inter-Domain Teleportation Array and agreed to bring them to the Qian Heaven Palace a year later. Then, he returned to the inland through the teleportation array of the Giant Leviathan Island.

“System, charge Spirit Crystals.”

Han Zhao returned to the Mystic Flower Hall and prepared to start the simulation.

[Current Balance: 580,000 Demon Gold, 26 Spirit Crystals.]

[Collected 46,500 units of Heavenly Demon Yin energy. Do you want to synthesize a Trait?]

[Each synthesis will consume 6,000 units of Heavenly Demon Yin energy, 10,000 Golden Beads or Demon Gold. You will definitely obtain a one-time Basic Trait, Life Simulation.]

[Consume 10,000 units of Heavenly Demon Yin energy and 10 Spirit Crystals.

You can undergo a special simulation.]

“System, synthesize a one-time Basic Trait, Life Simulation.”

Han Zhao did not immediately carry out a special simulation. He wanted to see what the outcome would be if he attacked Perfected Firmament Sky.

“Begin simulation.”

[39 years old. You obtained the Connate Numinous Treasure Seven Treasure

Umbrella fragment from Yuan Xiyu and immediately returned to the inland.]

[A month later, there’s news from Cao Mengxuan that Perfected Firmament

Sky is willing to exchange more Outer World Mystic Flowers from you..]