Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage-Chapter 86 - : Emperor 1

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Chapter 86: Chapter 86: Emperor 1

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After the birth of Han Yongyan and Han Yongyan, Han Li’s qualified descendants broke through the one hundred mark, reaching a total of one hundred and one.

The number of talented descendants breaking through the hundred mark is quite the threshold, the rewards would increase significantly. Han Li was very excited, would it greatly enhance his strength?

“You have reached a hundred descendants with cultivation talent; you are awarded one hundred years of cultivation, three Fifth Grade Longevity Pills, one hundred years of alchemy experience, and an Earth-Level Supreme Magical Treasure: the Zhenjun Sword.”

Upon seeing this system notification, Han Li’s pupils dilated suddenly, and he couldn’t help drawing in a sharp breath.

What a massive reward this batch was!

Indeed, the rewards for having ten versus a hundred talented descendants were not on the same level, having increased manifold.

Cultivation years increased from twenty to one hundred, the Lifespan Extension Pills from one to three, alchemy and artifact refining experience from thirty years to one hundred, with an extra reward to boot.

Zhenjun Sword!

This was an Earth-Level Supreme Magical Artifact, belonging to the top tier of weapons in the Myriad Phenomena Realm, possessing tremendous power.

With this Divine Sword in hand, he finally covered his last weak spot.

Combined with his Sword Art of Killing and the God Slaying Sword Technique, his strength skyrocketed, easily reaching the early-stage combat ability of the Hollow Void Stage.


After taking out the Zhenjun Sword and branding it for refinement, Han Li fondled it for a while before slowly exhaling.

He was exceedingly fond of the Zhenjun Sword; besides the Body-Cultivating Furnace, it was the highest grade magical treasure he owned, and it was a sword meant for slaughter.

If he were to confront that city-slaughtering Devil Cultivator now, Han Li was confident he could take his life within a few moves. Now, he truly possessed the combat ability of a Guru in the Void Realm.

Taking Lingjun City as an example, a Hollow Realm Master unleashing full power could destroy half a district with a single blow, annihilating the entire city within a few moves, and that’s just the early-stage masters in the Hollow Void Stage.

A late-stage Hollow Void Stage Grandmaster could effortlessly obliterate Lingjun City with a single move, without even having to use full power.

The three Lifespan Extension Pills were also incredibly significant. These were Fifth Grade pills, each capable of extending a Hollow Void Stage Master’s life by fifty years, with a maximum of three pills per person.

The Lifespan Extension Pills he’d previously acquired were only of the Seventh Grade, effective for those below the God Refining Realm, each extending life by ten years, with a maximum of five pills. (PS: All previous mentions have been changed to Seventh Grade Lifespan Extension Pills, otherwise, some might consider this a flaw.)

Though they were all Lifespan Extension Pills, their efficacy was like heaven and earth apart.

While Han Li dared to trade those Seventh Grade Lifespan Extension Pills before, he wouldn’t even dream of trading away these newly acquired Fifth Grade pills.

The Fifth Grade Longevity Pills had the greatest effect on a Hollow Sect Master but also worked wonders on a Great Grandmaster of the Myriad Phenomena Realm, extending life by about twenty years, and they might even be useful to the True Martial Realm Emperor Wu.

Han Li solemnly stored away the three Fifth Grade Longevity Pills. He didn’t need them for now, as his lifespan was still very long, and he also had no suitable person to bestow them upon.

His master, Gongsun Yun?

It would be better to wait until Gongsun Yun’s lifespan was about to expire. By then, Han Li’s strength would have far surpassed the Hollow Void Stage, perhaps even the Myriad Phenomena Realm, and he wouldn’t worry about the leak of possessing Fifth Grade Longevity Pills.

After taking a glance at the hundred years of cultivation, Han Li didn’t claim it and continued to accumulate more; by now, it was almost three hundred years, not far from what he needed for his breakthrough to the Hollow Void Stage.

Last, Han Li claimed the one hundred years of alchemy experience, something he urgently needed.

Having spent some time, Han Li completely assimilated the abundant alchemy experience that appeared in his mind, including alchemy techniques, skills, and fundamental blueprints.


Once again exhaling, Han Li’s alchemy skill had skyrocketed many-fold, progressing directly from a Seventh Grade Alchemist to a mid-level Fifth Grade Pill Refining Master.

A Fifth Grade Pill Refining Master taking action could easily refine a Rebirth Pill with plenty to spare.

Recently, his descendants had collected the Marrow Cleansing Grass, one of the main ingredients for the Rebirth Pill, and they were only waiting to find the final Rebirth Flower before they could start refining the Rebirth Pill.

After dealing with these matters, Han Li studied further and finally understood why the reward this time was so generous.

This was because the next time a reward was given, having two hundred descendants with talents would result in a reward, but having one hundred and ten talented descendants would not.

“This is somewhat tough to endure…”

Han Li’s mouth twitched slightly, but this was also within his expectations; rewards based on the number of descendants were like this.

He had over forty concubines about to give birth to offspring, so when the time came, he would directly gain over forty more descendants with talent, and with a few more descendants born, he would have completed half the required progress.

Han Li discovered that this didn’t seem too hard to bear after all and it would be quite quick, not even taking too many years.

Thinking of the number of descendants, a smile once again appeared on Han Li’s face. The increase in number was faster than he had anticipated, mainly because Han Li had been quite diligent over the past year, time and again tilling the fertile land.

His total number of descendants had already reached 485. In as little as ten days or at most half a month, this number would reach five hundred and he would be able to receive new rewards.

By then, he should have saved enough to break through to the Hollow Void Stage, he thought.

Dingyuan Manor.

On a hundred-meter hill, Lu Tianxiang sat dejectedly, her crystal-like tender feet swinging unconsciously.

She was feeling rather irritated at the moment.

Ever since receiving reports from her subordinates that there was a secret territory here containing a heaven-defying opportunity, she had left Erhai and stealthily arrived at this location.

However, she had been wandering around this hundred-meter hill for several months, inspecting every inch of ground and finding no trace of the secret territory whatsoever.

She hadn’t encountered any terrifying suction either, which could pull her into the secret realm.

Several times, Lu Tianxiang wondered if that Gangyuan Realm Great Master had lied, deliberately deceiving her, but she only entertained the thought.

That Gangyuan Realm Great Master was brainwashed by her cultivation technique, holding a devout faith in her, and thus would never deceive her. Besides, what benefit would he gain from lying to her about this place? It would only anger her.

Furthermore, that Gangyuan Realm Great Master’s cultivation had indeed greatly advanced, which wasn’t a lie, suggesting that there really was a secret territory and opportunity here; she just had bad luck and hadn’t come across it yet.

“Should I continue?”

This thought flashed through Lu Tianxiang’s mind, and she began to waver. Staying here too long would delay many matters.

Such as liaising with the Yinyang Sect, connecting with the mysterious forces behind her, and even missing the chance to fish in troubled waters when the opportunity awaited by Prince Wu’an emerged.

After some thought, Lu Tianxiang decided to wait a few more months to make it a full year. If there was still no discovery, she would have to go back to handle her affairs first. She temporarily didn’t want other forces to discover the secret territory here.

Unknown to Lu Tianxiang, someone beneath her in the underground world was even more anxious than she was.

Deep underground, a peerless great formation sealed everything here.

This was an Emperor Formation, possessing the terrifying power to destroy heaven and earth. If even a trace of its power leaked, it could obliterate the entire Xuan Domain in an instant.

Behind a nine-colored light screen, a majestic figure appeared. He looked upward, his gaze piercing through the formation’s barrier, seeing the peerless beauty on the small hill.

In his eyes swirled countless stars flickering in and out of existence, with worlds rising and falling, and fierce, wild Chaos Qi spreading as if it intended to recreate myriad worlds within his eyes.

“Why is this little one so impatient?”

A sentence tinged with slight anxiety echoed through the entire underground world, yet it could not reach the outside world at all..

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