Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage-Chapter 87 - Consequences 1

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Chapter 87: Chapter 87 Consequences 1

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For the powerhouse trapped within the unparalleled Emperor Formation, Lu Tianxiang from the Myriad Phenomena Realm was far too weak, a mere breath of air could eradicate countless such as him.

However, at this moment, he did not want Lu Tianxiang to leave, for it was a hard-earned opportunity he had finally brought about.

“Twenty-six hundred thousand years,” he lamented, “when will I be able to escape this bind?”

The towering figure spoke with a voice of aged vicissitudes, imbued with endless desolation, loss, and an unwillingness to accept fate.

After a prolonged silence, the deep and sonorous voice rose once more, “I wonder if it’s luck, or misfortune?”

Before the ancient great calamity, he was already sealed within the Qianyuan Divine Province. After tens of thousands of years, when the ancient great calamity erupted, he narrowly missed it.

Even after a hundred and ten thousand years, the thought still sent shivers down his spine; that calamity was excessively horrifying.

The unparalleled Emperor Formation sealed him, but it also protected him. Within the formation, he had a clear view of parts of the great calamity, which left him, a Great Emperor of the Heaven Imperial Realm, with a profound sense of powerlessness.

The ancient great calamity was not limited to just the Qianyuan Divine Province but spread throughout the entire Yuankun Domain, leaving not one of the Eight Hundred Divine Regions unscathed.

Back then, the Yuankun Domain was frequented by Heavenly Immortals; even a Great Emperor such as himself could occasionally glimpse a True Immortal. Yet during the ancient great calamity, both Heavenly and True Immortals were helpless to resist its onslaught.

He once witnessed with his own eyes the corpse of a Heavenly Immortal falling from the nine heavens, merely pierced by a beam of sword light, a Heavenly Immortal of eons fell powerless and lifeless.

At that moment, a chilling fear took over him. Inside the unparalleled Emperor Formation, he shivered uncontrollably, exerting all his strength to conceal his presence, all to avoid the taint of the calamity.

Fortunately, he did manage to survive within the unparalleled Emperor Formation. The ancient great calamity had not spread to him.

“But why did my nemesis also survive the ancient great calamity?”

In a sudden frenzy, all the grand stars in his eyes shattered, and endless worlds vanished into nothingness.

Fifty thousand years after the ancient great calamity, under his relentless efforts, the unparalleled Emperor Formation finally showed some flaws. But before he could expand on these results, his nemesis sent powerful beings to reinforce the formation.

Since then, every five hundred years, powerful beings would come from White Emperor City, crossing the Beiming, to the Qianyuan Divine Province to reinforce his seal and ensure that the unparalleled Great Formation remained intact, preventing his escape.

After numerous failed escape attempts, he fell into silent waiting, biding his time. After tens of thousands of years, he finally pried open another flaw in the Emperor Formation, releasing but a tiny fraction of his power, not even one-billionth of his full strength.

With this sliver of power, he first threw a Pill Formula outside the colorful light screen and then pulled a small cultivator passing by a hundred meter hill into it.

He remembered that the small cultivator arrived in front of the colorful light screen, dazzled by the countless treasures, desperately attacked the screen. After spending much time with no progress, he dejectedly searched elsewhere and found the Pill Formula before being thrown out again.

It was a Pill Formula that could enhance Cultivation Talent, insignificant to him, but he knew that in the current Qianyuan Divine Province, it was enough to drive all powers mad.

He intended to use the small cultivator to spread the Pill Formula, drawing in more powerful beings to probe, whose frantic attacks on the colorful light screen might afford him a chance to break free.

As for the life and death of that small cultivator, he did not care.

But even the most meticulous plans could go awry; the Pill Formula did not spread from the hands of the small cultivator. Now, not knowing in whose hands it lay, he waited for decades, yet no one else came to the secret territory.

Recently, Zi Miao Zhen came to reinforce the seal again. Fortunately, he had taken precautions in advance, hiding a trace of his power on the outside, which Zi Miao Zhen did not detect.

A year ago, he used that trace of power to bring in another cultivator from the Gangyuan Realm, revealing the myriad treasures within the nine-colored light screen.

He saw that the Gangyuan Realm cultivator’s mind had been tainted, polluted. In order to attract the powerful being who had corrupted the Gangyuan Realm, he transformed that outside trace of power into pure Spiritual Energy to help them elevate their cultivation, then sent them away after the trace of power had been nearly exhausted.

In one year, that trace of power was not enough to recover, incapable of attracting Lu Tianxiang inside. He needed more time, but Lu Tianxiang seemed to be growing impatient.

This made the Great Emperor somewhat anxious.

On the outskirts of Yuanzhou,

Two graceful figures were frantically fleeing, their breathing ragged as if they had been wounded.

“Damn it, the Jingye Office, these mad dogs!” the woman in the purple dress cursed, clutching her chest with indignation.

The girl in the yellow dress said nothing.

“Stop playing dead. Didn’t you say you had taken care of it? How did Jingye

Office still trace this back to us?” the woman in the purple dress said, fuming.

The girl in the yellow dress shook her head slightly, “This must be the work of that old man from the Imperial Astronomer.”

“Two insignificant God Refining Realm cultivators, worth the Prophet’s personal effort in divination?” the woman in the purple dress scoffed disbelievingly.

“What else? What capable people does Jingye Office have? The Head Supervisor of Jingye Office may be a Great Grandmaster at the peak of the Myriad Phenomena Realm, but he’s merely a martial fighter,” the girl in the yellow dress said with disdain.

The woman in the purple dress fell silent, her mind racing. Could it be that the old man from the Imperial Astronomer did this on purpose?

Could it be that they had been exposed long ago? The Prophet took the opportunity to drive them out of the Capital City, but why would he do that?

They had seen Demon Kings in the True Martial Realm in the Demon Domain, more powerful than the Prophet; yet even those Demon Kings spoke of the Prophet of Da Qian’s Imperial Astronomer with a hint of dread.

While arguing through voice transmission, the two women hastened their escape, not daring to stop for even a moment.

After the incident, a commander from Jingye Office, along with several God Refining Realm cultivators, suddenly struck Jinyue Palace, catching the two women off guard.

If they hadn’t had something to rely on, they would never have been able to escape alive. They would already have been captured by Jingye Office’s commander, and even now they worried about being surrounded and cut off.

Their original escape route was headed towards the Da Jing Empire, but under the pursuit and blockade, they changed their course towards the Da Liang

Empire. To get there, they would have to pass through the territories of either Yinyang Sect or Kurong Sect.

Neither the Yinyang Sect nor the Kurong Sect was a place where the two women dared to linger for long; hiding within the Human Clan’s empire was the most comfortable and peaceful option.

The two women had been fleeing for a long time before they changed their route again. The intercepting cultivators ahead were too strong; they did not dare to confront them and had to find a route with fewer pursuers to make their escape.

In the end, the two women reached Jizhou, where they temporarily rested their feet, treated their injuries, and decided to find an opportunity to move on.

Leizhou, Lingjun City.

Han Li was, yet again, naming his children, experiencing a mix of pain and joy.

Every time he named his children, Han Li racked his brains—it was mainly because he had already named so many, and he needed to avoid repetition while ensuring the names sounded good or had positive meanings.

All of his children provided him with a year of life, a year of cultivation, as well as cultivation techniques and pill formulas. The recently born children also had talents, providing talent feedback that improved Han Li’s cultivation talent.

This was the fourteenth time he was naming a child since naming Lin Yiwu and Lin Yiyin’s daughters. This time, the subjects were the descendants of twin sisters Chu Yumeng and Chu Yutong.

The twins had each given birth to one boy and one girl, both of whom possessed Ninth Grade talents.

Han Li thought this was quite good. Chu Yumeng and Chu Yutong only had Ninth Grade talents, and generally, only the first descendant would inherit their talent, with subsequent descendants having increasingly weaker talents, or even no cultivation talent at all.

But their partner was Han Li. Not only had Han Li’s cultivation reached the peak of the God Refining Realm, but he also possessed relatively high Sixth Grade talent, which allowed more of the descendants to inherit his talent.

PS: I’ve made changes to the section about the rewards for descendants in Chapter Two.

The earlier setup was that the rewards would halve generation by generation until the fourth generation. Initially, I wrote it this way, but later I got confused, and all descendants were calculated with the rewards of the first generation, so I changed it to all descendants receiving the same rewards as the first generation.

There were also readers who felt that the original setting was not good, that the plot device was too overpowered, and that it suppressed the protagonist too much. Now that I’ve changed it, it should be more logical.

Also, another thing: this novel is a fast-paced leveling-up story. There won’t be deliberate suppression of the protagonist’s realm progression, but there won’t be absolutely no restrictions either. Otherwise, progression would really be too fast and too easy to collapse. I believe no one wants to see this novel

collapse too quickly..

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