Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start-Chapter 1104 610: The Desert God is Crazy, Bastard, Why Are You Impersonating Me So Righteously? [2/3]

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Chapter 1104 610: The Desert God is Crazy, Bastard, Why Are You Impersonating Me So Righteously? [2/3]

"Endure for a while and calm down. Take a step back, and the more you think about it, the angrier you get!"

"Blasphemer! Your doomsday has arrived!

"No matter who you are or what preparations you have made, I will destroy today!"

"No one can provoke a true god!"

[God of the Desert-Seth]

[Level: 30]

[Skills: ???]


Richard opened the attribute panel and glanced at it. The corners of his mouth curled up.

The rat hiding in the sewers was out. Finally!

Did he think there was no one else in Solan City to control everything in the dark?

Dream on!

Taking over the magpie's nest was a blatant scheme. And the other party had to take it.

He raised his head slightly and looked down at the Desert God indifferently.

"Are you done?"

The casual tone made the furious Desert God feel like one had slapped him hard.

"What right did this bastard have to treat him with such an attitude?


"You're courting death!"

Endless divine might suddenly erupted. That pressed down on everyone indiscriminately.

"Lord, I didn't sense anything dangerous around you!"

A voice transmission quietly sounded in the mind of the Desert God. The god who had lost his authority looked a little better.

He didn't directly erupt because he stalled for time. His three legendary subordinates needed time to investigate the danger.

The believers immersed in excitement on the ground became uneasy after they sensed the divine power.

The fear in his heart began to soar.

No matter who was the real one, if the two of them fought, they would be the ones who would suffer in the end. A battle between gods could destroy the world!

Richard slowly lowered his head and glanced around. Then his provocative voice rang out.

"Disciples of the Desert Sect, my loyal subjects. Since you can't tell the truth with your naked eyes, pray sincerely to God!

"True Gods will give you feedback, give you hope, and give the traitors the fiercest counterattack!"

His calm voice resounded throughout Solan City.

Only then did the terrified residents come to their senses. Yes, faith was a real thing. The false gods couldn't obtain their faith!

The restless believers immediately quieted down and prayed loudly.

"Great Desert God, your believers pray to you. May your light shine on the desert forever."

"Eternal god of the desert..."

Millions of believers knelt and prayed. In the past, this scene has gratified the Desert God.

However, a great sense of unease welled up in his heart.

He actually couldn't sense the prayers of any believers. The millions of people below were like puppets, incompatible with him.

The Desert God seemed to have thought of something in his bewilderment. He suddenly turned his head and looked at the calm and indifferent figure on the throne.

An uncontrollable fear welled up in his heart.

He roared wildly.

"Bastard, bastard! You stole the authority of the desert!"

The Desert God couldn't take it anymore.

The power of the yellow sand on his body surged and instantly swept across the surroundings.

The lightning condensed from the yellow sand and flashed wildly. The surrounding yellow sand spun wildly.

Lightning danced wildly in the sky along with the yellow sand. They flashed with a soul-stirring aura of death.

It was as if it wanted to destroy everything!

The believers below prayed even more piously and sincerely under the terrifying pressure.

The more dangerous the external situation was, the more united the internal would be.

Something must have condensed the Desert Gods. He charged over with a terrifying attack.

That destroyed, cracked, and blurred everything wherever it passed.

The Desert God revealed a sinister smile. Their schemes were all useless in front of absolute strength!

No one could block the attack that could split the sky. That hit Richard at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The Desert God felt the pleasure of revenge. He could already see the blasphemer turn into meat paste.

Something happened at this moment.

One seemed to have pressed the violent sand on the pause button and suddenly stopped.

The thunderbolt condensed from gravel and was even stranger now. It would bend in an arc to avoid hurting Richard even if it touched him.

The smile on the Desert God's face froze.

He pondered. He suddenly felt he had lost control of all his strength.

He could no longer control it.

That horrified him afterward. A familiar aura on the other party's body surged.

"Authority! Desert authority!"

The Desert God's pupils constricted.

"This bastard activated his authority when the rules changed. He suppressed everything.

Fear, jealousy, greed, resentment, unwillingness, all the negative emotions in his heart erupted!

However, they could not change the facts no matter how mighty the emotions were.

At the same time, the believers below looked up at the sky in unison.

Heat and incomparable madness filled their eyes. But they did not stare at the Desert God. They looked at Richard!

All the believers could sense Richard answered their prayers.

Only the gods could respond to the prayers of their believers.

That was the rule of the world. An iron law one could not change.

They received a response from the Desert God. It was genuine and not illusory!

The devout believers had tears streaming down their faces. That deepen the faith of the shallow believers.

The power of faith generated by millions of prayers filled Richard's every pore.

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