Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start-Chapter 1105 610: The Desert God is Crazy, Bastard, Why Are You Impersonating Me So Righteously? [3/3]

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Chapter 1105 610: The Desert God is Crazy, Bastard, Why Are You Impersonating Me So Righteously? [3/3]

That had activated all the authorities.

The feeling that the entire desert cheered to his call surged into his heart again, even more so compared to before.

He was in control of the desert or yellow sand.

The Desert God's attack with the power of yellow sand was no exception!

One took over him in the face of a higher-level law!

Richard pondered and sealed off the surroundings of the Desert God. The Desert could not mobilize any forces of the desert.

That was the jurisdiction and ruling power of the superior over the inferior.

The Desert God's believers saw how ineffective his attacks were. They cheered loudly.

"Praise your great god! Your glory will be eternal!"

"My Lord, kill this lowly blasphemer and let his flesh and soul become a sacrifice for your return!"

"Blasphemers deserve to die!"

Curses continued among the players.

The Desert God burned with anger and almost exploded when he heard the cheers of his believers.

What could be more frustrating than having one's believers cheer for a blasphemer and even let the other party kill him?

Nothing more!

It was like a yellow-haired man entered his room and did all to his partner. His partner had to shout that the yellow-haired man was powerful and let the yellow-haired man kill him.


The Desert God stopped circulating the yellow sand power in his body and used his level 30 demigod power.

This power did not belong to the desert, and one could not control it.

The Desert God saw the space around him collapse before he could counterattack.

He saw a pair of broad, malevolence-filled dark red bat wings that flapped in the void in a trance. He saw a towering tree that trembled his soul. The other party emitted an aura of abomination!

He could vaguely see the fight of his three legendary subordinates. The figure wore a golden mask and held a slender saber. That is a warrior with a fighting spirit that soared.

The collapse of space quickly returned to normal, and the Desert God disappeared before everyone's eyes.

However, at this moment, no one was upset or regretful about the disappearance of the Desert God. Instead, they clapped their hands in joy.

The great true god must have killed that lowly life!

Excitement filled the believers who did not know the reason behind the scenes.

They didn't waver in their faith at the critical moment. They used the most direct method to support the true god in executing the blasphemer!

They were the firmest believers! God must have seen their sacrifice!

Richard sensed the emotions of the believers and had a thought.

He stood up from the yellow sand throne and glanced around. He quietly activated all the skills on his body.

He activated the legendary level–Famous, Leading Skill, Yellow Sand Halo.

He clearly said under everyone's gaze.

"The world laws changed, and the gods descended to the mortal world. That is a test for the gods and also a test for the believers. One will all reveal as time passes whether or not your faith can withstand the test, whether or not it can be firm, whether or not it can incessantly unwaver in the darkness and despair."

"Children of the desert, my believers… Your firm faith makes me very satisfied."

His tone suddenly became high-pitched.

"Remember, those with the steadfast faith will receive my blessings. I will bring them to my kingdom that I rebuild after they die in battle. I will resurrect them to enjoy eternal life!

"The only sect one can never destroy is the Desert Sect!

"Those who believe in me shall have eternal life."

Influence filled his skill as he spoke. The already excited believers fell into madness again.

Praise and prayers became the main melody of Solan City.

At this moment, a system notification quietly rang in Richard's ear.

[Ding~ Player Qingqiu has commanded his subordinates to kill the Desert God. He has received 15% desert authority.]

[Ding~ Player Qingqiu, commander…]

The system notification continued.

The three notifications rang out not only in Richard's ears but also in the ears of all the players.

Everyone exploded again.

The players on the forum went crazy.

"F*ck, what is Qingqiu doing? How long has it been?"

"What kind of monster is Qingqiu? How can he kill a god and Kun Kun as he pleases?!"

"I'm not convinced! I'm not convinced!"

How long had it been since the Decay King died in Qing Qiu's hands? He buried another Desert God.

That was simply incomprehensible for the players. Since when were gods so easy to kill?

It wasn't that no one had encountered gods who had lost their authority. But! He was still at level 30, even if he lost his power!

Demigod, that was a f*cking demigod! An existence above legend!

One can only slay a few legends before the descend of the gods into the mortal world!

Now, he was going to kill a demigod and a demigod with a deep foundation at that! But Richard could do it!

The strong contrast made the players' hearts twist.

One sent that news immediately to the Grand Duke of Frostwolf in Solan City in the Holy Church.

The legendary ascetic read the letter, and his face showed a subtle emotion and relief.

He guessed it right. There was a top-notch force hidden behind the other party!

That shocked the four-armed man in the shadows.

"The Grand Duke…He, he did it!"

The death of the Desert God meant that the other party had used Solan City as a chess piece and achieved an exaggerated result.

His previous suspicions were so weak that he felt like a clown. He felt ashamed.

In the Frostwolf Family, the Grand Duke of Frostwolf looked at his subordinate who had come to report, and joy filled his face.

That was the partner he had chosen!

"Hahaha, it hasn't been that long, yet Qingqiu has slayed another god!

Tell Rebecca to return as soon as possible and make another trip to Twilight City. The Slayer God of the Mortal Plane remains the only suitable marriage partner of the Frostwolf Family."

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