Madam Is Being Evil Again-Chapter 559 - : Turning the Host into the Host

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Chapter 559: Turning the Host into the Host

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Pei Yuchen’s eyes flashed. The next moment, he grabbed the back of her head and took the initiative.

Ning Mengmengs heart was beating a little fast, but she hugged her husband’s neck and did not let go. Instead, she responded enthusiastically.

Pei Yuchen only let go of Ning Mengmeng reluctantly when her breathing became a little messy again.

Ning Mengmeng looked at her husband, at his slightly moist lips. Her eyes flickered. She did not know why, but she was especially reluctant to leave this time.


Ning Mengmeng sighed in her heart. “Hubby, I’m leaving. Wait for me to come back,” she said softly.


Pei Yuchen looked straight at her while Ning Mengmeng dressed herself up. She waved at Pei Yuchen and left quickly with her suitcase. Otherwise, she would not want to leave her husband.

However, her heart was bitter.

Soon, they left the neighborhood. Ning Mengmeng got into Sen Cha’s car as usual and went to the airport with her assistant. Then, she went straight to the filming set.

It was already noon when they arrived at the set.

Ning Mengmeng happened to be in time for the crew to eat, so she ate with everyone.

However… Ning Mengmeng was stunned when she went to the set in the afternoon.

She… Who did he see?

At this moment, the director was sitting in his usual position. Opposite him was a man and a woman. The man was extremely handsome, and the woman was extremely beautiful.

However, Ning Mengmeng was not concerned about whether they were good-looking or not, but…They actually came?

Perhaps it was because Ning Mengmengs gaze was too obvious, everyone looked at her.

“Mengmeng, long time no see.”

Liang Youran smiled at Ning Mengmeng, her voice extremely gentle.

Ning Mengmeng smiled and quickly replied, “Sister Youran.”

Zang Senyan sat beside Liang Youran and did not say anything. He just raised his eyebrows at Ning Mengmeng.

Director Guo laughed. “Mengmeng, are you surprised?”

Ning Mengmeng quickly nodded. “l didn’t expect Sister Youran and the big Movie Empress to come back.”

Big Movie Empress.

Zang Senyan:

Heh, this woman was really too much.

This was his Second Sister-in-law. Otherwise, he would have beaten her up long ago!

If nothing unexpected happened, these two should be back to make guest appearances.

After all, there was a connection between the two dramas, so they would naturally appear.

Ning Mengmeng thought that Director Guo would at most find two actors to play the role, but she didn’t expect her to actually come back!

This was simply too awesome!

Ning Mengmeng walked straight to Liang Youran and sat down beside her, holding her arm intimately. “Sister Youran, why didn’t you tell me when you came? Did you come today?”

Liang Youran smiled and nodded. “Yes, I just arrived not long ago. I didn’t tell you because I wanted to give you a surprise.”

Ning Mengmeng chuckled, then looked at her and said, “l see that there are quite a lot of your scenes in there too. It might take more than a day to finish filming.”

Liang Youran smiled and nodded. “Yes, I’ll probably stay here for three to four days.”

Ning Mengmengs eyes lit up. “That’s great.”

Zang Senyan waited for a long time, but Ning Mengmeng did not speak to him. His face darkened.

But the next moment, he thought of something and looked at Ning Mengmeng. “Are we playing tonight?”

However… As soon as he said that, Director Guo’s face darkened.

“Brat! You seduced Mengmeng the moment you arrived. This time, you better behave yourselves. This drama can’t be exposed no matter what!”

Zang Senyan:

Ning Mengmeng couldn’t help but burst out laughing..