Madam Is Being Evil Again-Chapter 560 - : Can’t Help But Laugh

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Chapter 560: Can’t Help But Laugh

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Even Liang Youran could not help but laugh.

Perhaps it was because the atmosphere on their side was too good that they unconsciously attracted the attention of many people.

When MO Qiyan rushed over, he happened to see them talking enthusiastically.

Ning Mengmeng turned around and saw MO Qiyan. She immediately waved at him. “Brother Mo~

It was obvious that she wanted him to come over.

Zang Senyan narrowed his eyes and instantly looked at Ning Mengmeng. However, when he saw that she was just greeting him normally, he retracted his gaze and looked at MO Qiyan instead with a slight smile.

“Brother Mo.’

Liang Youran nodded at MO Qiyan. “Brother Mo.”


Everyone called him Brother Nio, but there wasn’t much of a difference.

Coincidentally, MO Qiyan was a little older.

MO Qiyan smiled and nodded at them. ‘1 1 didn’t expect you to come.”

Liang Youran smiled. “It’s Brother Guo’s scene, so we naturally have to cooperate more.”

MO Qiyan smiled and the few of them chatted for a while.

Although Director Guo was in a hurry, he wasn’t really that short of time.

When the crew members rushed over one after another, they were surprised that Movie Emperor Zang and Movie Empress Liang would come over. Moreover, they were so natural and casual.

When Meng Siqing came over, she saw Ning Mengmeng chatting freely among the Best Actors, Best Actress, and Director Guo. She was the one who chattered the most.

Director Guo laughed so hard that his eyes almost disappeared.

And he really doted on Ning Mengmeng.

Actually, with Director Guo’s age, Ning Mengmeng could just call him uncle, but it was not appropriate for everyone to call him that as it would make Director Guo seem too old.

However, in Director Guo’s eyes, he really treated Ning Mengmeng as a junior and his niece,

The smile on Ning Mengmengs lips was still very strong.

Meng Siqing was so jealous that she was about to go crazy. They were gathered together, and no one else came forward.

However, she had to go!

She had so many fans on Weibo now and was quite famous. They must know

Moreover, she hated Ning Mengmeng the most. She could even be the center of attention and everyone was talking about her. Why?

However… If Zang Senyan knew, he would definitely mock Meng Siqing without hesitation. Why?

Because Ning Mengmeng was his Second Sister-in-law!


The reason why Ning Mengmeng was surrounded was mainly because she was the youngest, but she was so outstanding. Director Guo admired her acting skills very much.

Needless to say, Zang Senyan.

As for MO Qiyan…

He had always treated Ning Mengmeng specially. Seeing that everyone treated her as the center, he was naturally happy.

As for Liang Youran, she liked Ning Mengmeng a lot. She even considered her as her godsister.

What was the basis of such feelings?


Meng Siqing did not know. Instead, she stepped forward and spoke to Zang Senyan and Liang Youran in surprise.

“Brother Zang, Sister Liang, you’re all here.”

Hearing the voice, several people looked up at the person who had just arrived. Ning Mengmeng raised her eyebrows slightly but did not say anything.

As for MO Qiyan, he simply did not look at her. The smile on his face just now turned cold at this moment, as if he did not intend to pay any attention to her. Zang Senyan retracted his gaze and ignored this woman. Were they close?

The main point was that he felt that this woman was a b*tch! Liang Youran smiled at Meng Siqing. “Hello.”

Her voice was polite and distant, not as intimate as Meng Siqings.

Ning Mengmeng couldn’t stop smiling.

This was a good slap to the face!

Her Sister Youran was still the one who gave her the most face!