Max Leveled Boss is Forced to be Pampered by Others-Chapter 493 - : Megrez Megrez (1)

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Chapter 493: Megrez Megrez (1)

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Chi Wei was speechless.

The sleepiness in the corner of the little girl’s eyes disappeared. She looked at those guys with eyes full of disgust. Before they could welcome her warmly again, she directly got off the plane. Her voice was cold, and it was obvious that she was not in a good mood.”Are you guys very free? Are you done?”

Although the entire laboratory won the award at the same time, the time of the holiday was completely different.

Chi Wei’s subordinates only had three days off. Once the three days were over, they immediately returned to work. Chi Wei, on the other hand, continued to take a few more days off and promoted her research in the livestream.

Therefore, Chi Wei imagined that the scene when she returned to the capital would be:The subordinates of the research institute were all working hard on their research and were meticulous.

In the end, who would have thought that these people would line up in such a strange formation to welcome her?

For a moment, everyone in the research institute was stunned. They did not expect this outcome at all. Then, they hurriedly waved their hands.”No, no. We still have a lot of missions to do…

Everyone had worked together for so long, so they naturally knew Professor Chi’s habits.

If Professor Chi felt that you were very free, he would assign you some difficult tasks on the spot. They couldn’t afford it at all, so they naturally had to reject it fiercely.

Chi Wei did not speak.

Instead, he looked around and slowly said, “”Are Chi Wan and Song Ci here?”

The two of them had to return to the research institute.

There was another round of silence.

No one seemed to have expected Chi Wei to ask such a question, and they could not help but be stunned for a moment. One of the honest men was silent for a moment before he could not help but say in a daze, “”Why did they come back?” Yeah, why did he come back?

It could be said that the entire laboratory did not like Song Ci and Chi Wan. Song Ci was better off. At least, although the young man was arrogant, he rarely spoke. In addition, his talent was actually not bad. Every time he was assigned a task, he could successfully complete it. He would even make careful notes. His performance was not bad.

However, everyone suspected that Chi Wan had snuck in.

Chi Wan’s performance in the research institute was terrible. She made all kinds of low-level mistakes. Although they weren’t big mistakes, in a

laboratory like this, one had to be very careful. Any small mistake could lead to a big disaster, so one couldn’t let one’s guard down.

And Chi Wan had clearly passed the exam.

However, if he had passed the exam, then according to his standard, he shouldn’t have made so many mistakes. Regarding this, everyone even checked the exam surveillance camera. He had indeed been honest all along. He hadn’t left the exam hall during the exam time. There was no cheating.

Someone was the first to raise a question, and the others also voiced out their inner complaints.”Did they come back to cause trouble?”

Chi Wei was speechless.

It actually made sense.

However, Chi Wei quickly spoke up, “”Which one of you is willing to take them?”

Since he had already been admitted and did not make any major mistakes, there was no reason for him to leave. However, he really needed someone to guide and teach him.

The originally silent scene became even quieter. It was no longer as enthusiastic as the group of people from before..