Max Leveled Boss is Forced to be Pampered by Others-Chapter 492 - : Welcome Home, Professor (1)

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Chapter 492: Welcome Home, Professor (1)

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However, what she thought had nothing to do with Chi Wei.

After saying this, the little girl waved at Qiao Yue, Chi Yun, and Chi Ying. Then, she raised her head at Fu Shiyan, indicating that they could leave.

The man didn’t delay. Instead, his teasing gaze only lingered on Chi Wan for a moment before he quickly looked away. Although it was only a shallow glance, it was a short moment, but it made people inexplicably flustered.

At the very least, Chi Wan’s heart was beating faster and faster, as if she had been seen through.

For a moment, the girl’s face could not help but turn even paler.

However, Chi Wan quickly accepted the truth. She told herself time and time again that she had to learn to be patient. In the end, she gradually calmed down and revealed a sweet smile.” Sister, you go first. I’ll go buy a plane ticket now and meet you there. ‘

Chi Wei was speechless.

The little girl paused for a moment, but she did not say anything and quickly left.

He left a few people behind.

The old lady’s expression was still solemn. It was obvious that she was not very happy. She turned around and held Chi Wan’s hand affectionately, carefully instructing her, Wanwan, be careful when you’re in Beijing. Be careful when you’re at the research institute. I don’t think Chi Wei likes you. If you make a mistake and she won’t let you off, it’ll be over.

The old man’s voice was filled with vicissitudes of life and was no longer as arrogant as before.

In fact, if one listened carefully, one could feel a deep sense of regret.

If she had known this would happen, she would not have looked down on this granddaughter who had been lost since she was young. However, wasn’t this a

very normal thing? Usually, a young lady who had been lost for so many years and still lived in the countryside would definitely be a country bumpkin who had not received any education. She would only be a burden if she brought her home. Unlike Wanwan, who had been nurtured since she was young and was proficient in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Anyone would choose Chi Wan, who had been raised by him.

At this moment, the old lady still did not realize what she had done wrong. In fact, if they were both granddaughters, their families were not so poor that they could not afford to eat. Even if you liked one of them, there was no need to hurt the other. As long as it was a little fair and did not make random comparisons, there would not be so many things.

But now, there was no other way. It was obvious that Chi Wei didn’t like her, so her only hope was Chi Wan.

Even if Chi Wan couldn’t win against Chi Wei, she had no choice.

Thinking of this, the old lady could not help but smile bitterly.

Little did he know that Chi Wan had already noticed his bitter smile. Chi Wan tightened her sleeves once again, her eyes filled with unwillingness. However, she still held it back at the right time and smiled sweetly.”Okay, Grandma, I understand.”

“Be good.”

Chi Yun and Chi Ying looked away speechlessly when they saw the small actions of the two of them. Qiao Yuyue was also tired. It would be a waste of time if she had to continue talking to people who could not be persuaded. It was better to let them do whatever they wanted.

However, Qiao Yue still couldn’t help but smile lightly. She slowly opened her mouth and gave a suggestion that came from the bottom of her heart, “”Mom, you’re already so old. Why do you still care so much? Why don’t you treat your leg quickly? How’s your leg?”

Qiao Yue’s greeting was indeed sincere.

However, his guess was not bad.

Otherwise, when the old lady went to the hospital, she had been complaining about her leg pain every day. How could she suddenly be fine? It was obvious that it had some effect. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have the energy to prepare these things.

Speaking of this, the old lady became even more depressed. Her expression, which had eased a little, became a little strange again. Her eyes flashed, and she could not help but mull over it for a moment before saying,” Can’t you guys help me beg Chi Wei to help me find Doctor Weichi? ‘

Chi Yun paused for a moment and wanted to reject him on the spot.

After so many days, Chi Yun gradually understood what the old lady was thinking. If it was said that she had some filial piety towards her mother in the beginning, she had gradually given up now.

However, they would not completely ignore the old lady’s life. As the younger generation, they would still provide everything they needed in order. However, they would not have anything else. After all, they had taken good care of the old lady all these years. However, when had the old lady ever considered their feelings? He was just being unreasonable time and time again.

Moreover, Chi Yun was not brought up by the old lady. When he was young, the old lady’s thoughts were all on her other sons. As for Chi Yun, no one cared about him often. Later on, he went to a relative’s house to be taken care of.

Therefore, he felt that it was enough for her to give birth to him.

“You can tell Weiwei directly about this. After all, we don’t have the right to do so.”

Chi Yun said.

The old lady’s eyes widened again. She never expected that her eldest son, who had always been very obedient, would disobey her. Just as she was about to get angry, she thought of her situation and could only hold it back.

Chi Wei had the habit of falling asleep the moment he boarded the plane.

This time was no exception. As soon as he got on the flying car, he put on his blindfold and fell asleep.

Unconsciously, she leaned her head towards the side of her body. The man beside her curled his lips and took the initiative to lean closer. Sure enough, after muttering a few words in his heart, the little girl’s head landed steadily on his shoulder without any deviation. The little girl’s hair was soft and tickled his neck-

When Chi Wei woke up, everything around her had changed.

She was still in the plane, but the outside of the plane was already filled with people. The little girl opened her eyes in a daze. For a moment, she suspected that it was her imagination. She subconsciously rubbed her eyes, but these people were still there.

Chi Wei was speechless.

So what the hell was this?

Even though she was inside the plane, Chi Wei could still see the scene outside clearly. A group of people in white lab uniforms stood in front of the plane in two neat rows. Those who didn’t know better would think that they were VIP guests of the hotel and were especially welcomed.

Just as Chi Wei thought of this, the two rows of people realized that the professor had woken up. They immediately became spirited and read out 321 together. Then, they bowed 90 degrees in an orderly manner, their voices resounding through the clouds, Hello, Professor!!! ”

” Welcome home, Professor!!! ” ” We missed you so much! ‘