Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion-Chapter 712 - Han Muye Breaks into the Life Seizing Tower Alone (2)

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712 Han Muye Breaks into the Life Seizing Tower Alone (2)

Looking at Han Muye standing not far away, Shao Tianyi was at a loss.

Did the shopkeeper save me?

He slowly rose to his feet and looked around at the twisted faces of the assassins who were confined.

What kind of power is this to be able to directly suppress Golden Core emissaries without any resistance?

“Do you really think my shop is better than the Life Seizing Tower?” Han Muye lowered his head and looked at Shao Tianyi.

Shao Tianyi nodded.

He had nothing else to say.

No amount of words could express his current feelings.

He simply nodded.

“Yes, then stay in the sword shop from now on.” Han Muye raised his hand and a light red pill popped out.

“Change into clean clothes and go to Zeng Daniu’s house. We’ll come back together tonight.”

Shao Tianyi caught the pill and put it into his mouth. He bowed and turned to leave.

He had only taken a few steps when his entire body trembled.

The surging qi and blood began to roll over and over in his body.

What kind of pill is this? he wondered.

After a thousand feet, his injuries had mostly recovered. Even the wound on his left shoulder only left a faint scar.

When he arrived outside Anping Town, his injuries had all recovered, other than his pale face.

Such a top-grade healing pill was probably worth hundreds of spiritual pearls!

After quietly changing into a clean set of clothes and using a cleansing technique to dissipate the blood all over his body, Shao Tianyi quietly chased after Zeng Daniu.

The funny thing was that Zeng Daniu was standing on the street, feeling lost.

He didn’t know where his home was.

Previously, he had left in a hurry. He only knew that a spiritual pearl was enough to live a good life in town, but he did not know where his wife and the others would be living.

Fortunately, he was not stupid. He found someone and asked where the Tao family was, and arrived at a large residence. Then he was invited in by the servant at the door.

A moment later, the head of the Tao family personally led him to a large carriage. They crossed a few streets and arrived in front of a group of relatively neat houses.

There was no big mansion, but the house was spacious and clean.

The limestone slab in front of the door was paved with flowers and plants.


When Zeng Daniu got out of the car, some of the children playing at the door shouted in surprise.

Zeng Daniu laughed loudly and went forward to hug his two children. He then stuffed the toys he brought into their hands.

The surrounding children were filled with envy.

In the house, an old man in rough clothes and women in fitting dresses all rushed out.

Zeng Daniu greeted them with a smile. Then the entire family entered the house happily.

The head of the Tao family did not enter the house. He was standing by the ox cart outside the door.

With a smile on his face, he turned around and saw a young man in a gray robe walking to his side.

“In Anping Town, your family is considered a large family, right?” Shao Tianyi said indifferently.

The head of the Tao family nodded blankly.

For some reason, he felt a chill in his heart when facing this young man.

“Zeng Daniu’s family is here. Your Tao family can help him and make him feel at ease, right?” Shao Tianyi spoke again.

The Tao Family Head nodded again.

Shao Tianyi smiled and patted the Tao Family Head’s shoulder.

“Brother Tao, I forgot about you. Haha, it’s not easy for me to come back—Brother Shao!” Zeng Daniu widened his eyes at the entrance of the house.

“You keep talking about the elders and the younger members of the family. I thought I should come and visit, so I came,” Shao Tianyi said with a smile.

Zeng Daniu grinned and scratched his head nervously. “We both left the shop. Shopkeeper won’t blame us, right?”

“I asked Jia Wu to look after the shop. Besides, the shopkeeper doesn’t care about our business,” Shao Tianyi said as he looked behind Zeng Daniu.

The elders and children of the Zeng Family had already gathered around.

“Haha, this is my brother. We’re in the same shop.” Zeng Daniu introduced Shao Tianyi with a smile.


Shao Tianyi nodded. He raised his hand and took out a few small items.

“These are two pills for Uncle and Auntie. 𝘧𝘳𝑒ℯ𝔀𝘦𝒃𝘯𝒐𝐯e𝗹. co𝐦

“This is a deep-sea fish pearl for sister-in-law.

“These two small swords are low-end. I’ll give them to the two children.”

Shao Tianyi did not care about the value of the gifts he had taken out at the last minute.

It did not matter if it was a few hundred or a few thousand spiritual rocks.


Shao Tianyi felt much better when he saw how happy the Zeng family was.

On the other hand, Zeng Daniu had some doubts on his face.

The head of the Tao family was quite knowledgeable. He could tell that all of the gifts were incomparably precious to mortals.

When he saw Zeng Daniu just now, he felt that there was an aura coming from him.

He wondered if Zeng Daniu had already become a cultivator, and that was why he made friends with cultivators. Even the gifts his friend gave were so precious.

The envy on his face was hard to hide.

“Daniu, stop standing at the door. Brother Shao and Master Tao, please have a seat in the room. I’ll cook.” The woman pulled Zeng Daniu’s sleeve and said in a low voice.

Zeng Daniu hurriedly extended his hand to invite Shao Tianyi and the Tao Family Head into the house.

The house was very spacious. There were two entrances and a large courtyard.

There was also a large row of rooms at the back.

The Zeng family’s father and mother could not join in the conversation. They helped Zeng Daniu’s wife with the cooking. The two children had already run out with their toys.


Zeng Daniu, Shao Tianyi, and the Tao Family Head sat at the large table, chatting about interesting things between the cultivation world and the mortal world.

Zeng Daniu and Shao Tianyi casually talked about what had happened in the shop over the past few days, which made the Tao family’s head sigh endlessly.

This was the cultivation world.

Zeng Daniu had truly stepped into the cultivation world and was no longer a mortal.

After a while, Zeng Daniu said that he would go to the kitchen to see if the food was ready. Then he went to the back of the house and came back looking sweaty after an hour.