Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion-Chapter 711 - Han Muye Breaks into the Life Seizing Tower Alone

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711 Han Muye Breaks into the Life Seizing Tower Alone

Among the assassins in the Life Seizing Tower, who didn’t have a cheap life?

As long as they exchanged their lives for spiritual rocks, who wouldn’t have a cheap life?

Oblivious to fresh blood flowing from his body, Shao Tian slowly narrowed his eyes.

He had been an orphan since he was young. He had entered the Life Seizing Tower to learn how to kill in order to live longer.

At the Imperial View Sword Shop, he revered the shopkeeper, envied his profound cultivation, envied his ability to judge swords, envied his calligraphy and paintings that contained the Great Dao. However, the one Shao Tianyi envied the most was Zeng Daniu.

This mortal was talking about his wife, his parents, and his two children every day. Did the land that his family had snatched some time ago sprout…

This fellow was very stingy. If he could eat less, he would eat less. He even used the cheapest pills to buy body tempering pills.

However, this guy was willing to be cheated and spend 10 spiritual rocks to buy an ordinary golden hairpin because the shop owner said that this golden hairpin could nourish the body and extend one’s lifespan.

This guy wanted his wife to live longer and spend time with him.

In the beginning, Shao Tianyi was amused as he watched Zeng Daniu accumulate spiritual rocks, toys, and spiritual pearls.

But slowly, he became envious.

He did not know what the point of risking his life to earn spiritual rocks was.

It could not compare with this Zeng Daniu sleeping soundly and waking up laughing in the middle of the night.

When he was in the shop today, Shao Tianyi had already seen the assassins from the Life Seizing Tower.

These assassins pretended to have their sword evaluated and even delivered a sword to Shopkeeper Han.

This was a deliberate provocation, telling Shao Tianyi that they could kill Shopkeeper Han at any time.

If Shao Tianyi still didn’t take action, they wouldn’t be polite.

Previously, Shao Tianyi had killed a few assassins from the Life Seizing Tower and defeated the administrators, which had raised his status in the Life Seizing Tower.

Otherwise, these people would probably come to kill him.

That was how the Life Seizing Tower worked. Strength was everything.

“Shao Tianyi, the Tower Lord said that the reward for killing Han Muye is 3,000 spiritual pearls,” said a thin young man with a cold expression. The short sword in his hand was still dripping blood.

The blood came from Shao Tianyi.

“Three thousand spiritual pearls is already the second-ranked reward.” The middle-aged man with a black jade pendant hanging from his waist said indifferently, “Shao Tianyi, there are plenty of people who will accept such missions.”

Two figures charged out from the left and right, intending to bypass Shao Tianyi and chase after Zeng Daniu.

They were forcing Shao Tianyi to make a choice.

On the way, Shao Tianyi had taken action to protect Zeng Daniu. He had to fight until he was covered in injuries to ensure that Zeng Daniu could leave safely.

At this moment, how could he let these two assassins chase after Zeng Daniu?

He moved his sword.

The sword in Shao Tianyi’s hand spun and guided his body to land in front of the assassin on the left.

The assassin had expected this. He chuckled and pressed his sword down.

All he had to do was hold Shao Tianyi back. He could block one person, but not the second.


The two swords collided, and the killer’s smile froze on his face.

The sword in Shao Tianyi’s hand seemed to have no power at all as it was knocked out and landed a hundred feet away, blocking another assassin.

The tip of the sword rose again.

“Be careful!” The black-robed middle-aged man who had spoken earlier shouted in a low voice.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Shao Tianyi’s sword was 10 times brighter than before!

Sword intent!

It was definitely not a sword intent that could be cultivated by an assassin from the Life Seizing Tower, yet it had appeared in Shao Tianyi’s hand.


The sword pierced through his body, and blood splattered.

Shao Tianyi stood with his sword in hand, his expression calm.


The black-robed man waved his hand and shouted, “Shao Tianyi, since you’ve cultivated sword intent, the Tower Lord will definitely focus on nurturing you.

“Don’t be stubborn.”

With a wave of his hand, several assassins flew up.

There was vigilance and killing intent in their eyes.

We are all assassins in the Life Seizing Tower, but why is it that you can cultivate sword intent and be valued by the Tower Lord? they thought.

So what if you’ve cultivated sword intent? Can’t I kill you today?

A dead genius is nothing.

The sword light was dim, but it was cold.

Eight sword lights came from different directions, sealing off all of Shao Tianyi’s escape routes.

Shao Tianyi turned his head slightly and looked at the town in the distance. Daniu should be home soon, right?


He wondered how happy his two children would be when they saw him return.

Has the land that he acquired previously been cultivated?

With a thought, a sword light rose.

The sword in Shao Tianyi’s hand emitted a dazzling halo as it wrapped around the three long swords in front of him. As they intersected with each other, they drew a blood-red color.

With a horizontal slash, he forced back the other two sword lights. The spiritual qi in his body could not keep up.

If his cultivation was insufficient, he could activate his sword intent.


A sword struck his sword ridge, splitting it.

A sword stabbed into his left shoulder. The blade penetrated his body, and blood flowed.

Shao Tianyi fell to the ground and looked up at the clouds in the sky.

He remembered that his senior brother, who had been stabbed to death by him, had said that he did not blame him. Life was like a flowing cloud. After death, it would feel light and there would be no more worries.


“Shao Tianyi, I’ll give you one last chance.” The black-robed man’s expression was cold.

“Come back to the Life Seizing Tower with me. Someone will take over your mission.”

“Hehe…” Shao Tianyi slowly closed his eyes.

“Since when did a Life Seizing Tower envoy talk so much nonsense?”

Expression calm, he closed his eyes and whispered, “I’m not going back to the Life Seizing Tower.

“Being a shop assistant at the Imperial View Sword Shop is so comfortable…”

He closed his eyes and lay there.

After a long time, Shao Tianyi opened his eyes in confusion.

Why hadn’t the Life Seizing Tower envoy killed him yet?

It would be a joke to say that the envoy of the Life Seizing Tower envoy valued his talent.

“Shopkeeper… Shopkeeper…”f𝗿𝙚e𝙬𝗲𝑏𝒏𝑜ѵ𝑒𝗹. 𝒄𝑜𝘮