Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor-Chapter 4029 Worry

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Chapter 4029 Worry

Ye Feifei looked at the unconscious person and felt that this person was very beautiful. Even though she was unconscious and her face was pale as a sheet of paper, she was still breathtakingly beautiful. She wanted to save her, but she was afraid that she would be powerless. "I have medicine. Just take out the object and sprinkle the medicine on her wound and it will stop the bleeding." Old White said, then opened its mouth and spat out a medicine bottle. 𝐟r𝗲𝚎𝚠e𝐛no𝘃𝗲𝐥.c𝗼m

Ye Feifei was startled. She picked up the medicine bottle and opened it, with hesitation in her eyes: "Is this medicine really that effective? What if it can't stop the bleeding?"

"Then what will happen if we don't remove that thing and continue to let the wound bleed?" Old White asked. Upon hearing this, Ye Feifei gritted her teeth and said: "Fine, I will help her clean her wound!" If she were to delay any longer, she would die, so she could only try her best. She took out a pair of scissors from space and cut open the clothes at Feng Jiu's wound. She saw that the object was stuck in the flesh and she wouldn't be able to pull it out with her bare hands, so she took out a pair of forceps. Old White and White Tiger watched nervously. Although they had asked the human to treat the wound, they were unable to hide their tension and worry they felt in their hearts. Especially when they saw the clothes that were cut open at the wound and flesh at the wound that had been stabbed with the thing, they felt like their hearts were being clenched tightly and they wished that they could bear the suffering for their Master. "Sooner or later, we will settle this debt with that bastard!" Old White said through gritted teeth. At this time, Ye Feifei used the forceps to clamp that thing that was piercing Feng Jiu's abdomen. She swallowed and said to the two beasts next to her: "I'm going to pull it out!"

"Pull it out!" Old White said, looking closely at Feng Jiu's wound, its body tensed up from the tension it was feeling. Ye Feifei took a deep breath and gritted her teeth, then with one hand, she pulled back strongly and with a whooshing sound, the thing was pulled out. Accompanying that was a stream of blood that spurted out and splashed all over her body. "Medicine! Medicine! Quickly! Sprinkle the medicine quickly!" White Tiger shouted quickly, wishing it could go forwards to help. Ye Feifei didn't dare to delay and quickly poured all the medicine in the medicine bottle onto the wound, then she took a cloth from the side that she had prepared and covered the wound, not daring to move. "Mmpf!"

After a while, a soft moan came from Feng Jiu's lips. When they heard her moaning, the two beasts came forward in a hurry: "Master, Master! Wake up, wake up quickly, don't sleep!"

Feng Jiu felt that her whole head was heavy and her vision was filled with darkness. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids felt heavy and she didn't have the strength to do so. All she heard was the voices of Old White and White Tiger shouting anxiously into her ears. The pain in her abdomen gradually eased as she regained consciousness. Even without opening her eyes, she knew that her situation was not good as she gradually regained consciousness. It was one thing to be injured by the old man, but what she hadn't expected was when she fell down from midair, a sharp stone would penetrate her body when she fell onto the rubble. It was just that she didn't have time to deal with it at that point in that situation. As Ye Feifei covered Feng Jiu's wound, she felt that the bleeding seemed to have stopped. She couldn't help but look at the palm in surprise when she saw that a corner of the cloth was stained with blood but the other corner hadn't been stained by blood. "It seems that the bleeding has stopped. The medicine is amazing!" She couldn't help but exclaim.