Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor-Chapter 4030 Woken Up

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Chapter 4030 Woken Up

Although she was not proficient in medicine, she had dabbled in it, but she had never seen such a powerful hemostasis powder before. It was truly an amazing medicine to be able to stop such heavy bleeding from such a serious injury!

"Quickly clean up the wound and bandage it. We can't stay here for long, we have to leave." Old White said, looking at its unconscious Master, then at the woman. Old White felt that it couldn't let the woman leave yet, not until they were in a safe place. After Ye Feifei gently released the cloth that was keeping pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding, she took the cloth away to have a look. The blood from the wound had stopped oozing out, but there were still small pieces of gravel around the wound that hadn't been cleaned. So, she cleaned the wound and removed the small pieces of gravel, then after she sprinkled more medicine on the wound, she bandaged it. When she looked up, she saw that the unconscious person had opened her eyes and woken up. With this glance, she happened to look into the other person's eyes and she felt that the other person's eyes were really beautiful.

"Master, Master, you're awake!" Old White cried out happily. "Master!" White Tiger also called out, then leaned forward and stuck out its tongue to lick her face. "Thank you." Feng Jiu said softly, her voice was still weak. "You're welcome, it's a life after all. I can't do nothing and leave you to die, can I? What's more, I didn't do anything. All I did was remove the thing that was stuck in your wound. If the strange horse didn't give me the powerful hemostasis medicine, you probably wouldn't be awake now." Ye Feifei said, while helping Feng Jiu treat the other injuries on her body at the same time. The corners of Feng Jiu's lips twitched slightly and a faint smile appeared on her face. This woman's voice sounded familiar. She seemed to be the woman they had met at the city gate when they entered the city the other day.

"Help me up, leave by the path." Feng Jiu said, signaling that they should leave now. "But you're seriously injured and if you move, you might cause the wound to bleed again." Ye Feifei said, looking at her worriedly. "It's fine, my recovery ability is better than normal." Feng Jiu said slowly, then she took a breath and looked at Ye Feifei: "Sorry to trouble you, Young Miss."

Upon seeing this, Ye Feifei stepped forward and helped her up, then asked: "How do you want to leave? You can't ride a horse right now!" She said, but before waiting for her to answer, she said: "Forget it! Let me take you away with a flying artifact!" fr𝚎𝗲𝐰ebnov𝐞𝐥.𝐜o𝗺

"No, if we fly in the air, we will be discovered, and we will not live if that happens." Feng Jiu refused and motioned for Old White to lie down. After Old White lay down, it turned around and asked Ye Feifei: "Young Miss, sit with my Master on my back! You can hold her so that she doesn't fall, and I will take you both out of here."

"Can you carry the two of us?" Ye Feifei asked hesitantly. "Yes, it's no problem." Old White replied and motioned for them to get on its back quickly. Upon seeing this, Ye Feifei had no choice but to help Feng Jiu onto the horse's back and supported her so that she could lean against her and avoid opening up the wound. "Sit tight, we're leaving now." Old White said and led them away quickly, while White Tiger glanced around their surroundings then followed them quickly. Fire Phoenix and Cloud Devouring, who had both returned to the city, arrived back at the courtyard where they were staying and looked around anxiously asking: "Is Master back yet?"

When Leng Hua heard this and saw Fire Phoenix's injury, his face stiffened immediately: "Is Master not with you? Why are you the only ones back? Where is she? Where is she? What's going on? Is there danger?"