MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist-Chapter 679 Chaos in the Chapel

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Chapter 679 Chaos in the Chapel

Princess Lorelai's face darkened with a surge of magical energy. With a determined wave of her hand, the scent dissipated, vanishing into the air. 

Her eyes glinted with anger as she spoke through gritted teeth, "Salister," she hissed, her voice laden with resentment. "I can't believe he would stoop this low. My father trusted him. We trusted him."

"It's not your fault," Ren offered. "Salister has a talent for deceiving everyone."

"We'll put an end to his schemes and bring justice to those he exploited," chimed Elena.

The group then proceeded to the next room, finding themselves in the library. 

The atmosphere was thick with ancient knowledge, shelves upon shelves filled with religious texts from various beliefs, both modern and historical. 

Among them were scattered tomes on agriculture, politics, and history, though they were outnumbered by the religious volumes.

Suddenly, a brilliant light emanated from Princess Lorelai, dispelling the heavy air that hung in the room. 

With a calm demeanor, she explained the peril of the space they had just entered.

"Be cautious," Princess Lorelai warned, her voice carrying a commanding tone. "Anyone spending even ten minutes in this room becomes ensnared by a charm. They are compelled to read the entire book in one sitting, a process that takes a day, and this drains their energy to the point of extreme exhaustion."

Elena's face twisted into a frown. "I had planned to dispel that," she said, her disappointment evident.

Princess Lorelai let out a confident laugh, her eyes gleaming with mirth. "Fear not. As long as I am here, no spell or curse will harm you. I shall shield you from the dangers that lie within these ancient tomes."

Elena shook her head slightly, a wry smile tugging at her lips. "You're making the rest of us appear quite useless here," she remarked, her tone light yet tinged with amusement.

"I don't mind," Ren chimed in, his expression calm. "As long as we can achieve our goals without depleting our HP, MP, or items."

Evie nodded in agreement, embracing the opportunity to step back for once. "It's nice not having to do anything for a change," she admitted with a contented sigh.

"Listen, both of you," Elena sighed, her worry palpable. "Don't become overly reliant on Princess Lorelai. Getting too comfortable is often the first step toward failure."

Princess Lorelai simply laughed, her confidence unshaken. "Ahahaha, I don't mind. Someone as strong and beautiful as me will protect all of you. You can rely on me all you want. Ahahahaha!"

Everyone exchanged deadpan glances at her self-assured statement.

Ren couldn't recall Princess Lorelai being this vain and boastful, but he reasoned that if she was genuinely this powerful, it didn't matter. 

Besides, he didn't know her well enough to judge.

She could boast all she wanted, Ren thought, as long as she continued to make their adventure smoother and less time-consuming. 

If her confidence translated into efficiency, then her vanity was a minor concern.

The group ventured into the Confessional, a chamber where Salister would privately hear confessions after his sermons. 

It was a haven for whispered secrets, a prime opportunity to gather valuable information that could be exploited later.

Finding nothing significant in this room, they moved on to the Priest's Hall. Here, a small group of priests resided within the chapel, using this space both as their living quarters and armory. 

The room stored any equipment carried by the chapel's minions, carefully concealed from view to prevent any curious commoners from stumbling upon it.

As they entered, they were met with startled voices. 

"Who are you?!" one of the priests demanded, eyes wide with suspicion. 

"What are you doing in here? How did you get in? Commoners aren't allowed in here. Turn back," he said, his tone firm, clearly alarmed by the unexpected intrusion.

Ren's eyes narrowed. Without uttering a word, his hands began to glow with a radiant, divine light. The energy around him intensified, crackling with power. His scepter weaved a spell of celestial force.

With a swift motion, Ren cast forth his spell [Radiant Judgment].

A blinding burst of pure, divine energy erupted from his fingertips. It shot toward the priests with incredible speed, illuminating the room in a brilliant, ethereal glow. 

The spell struck its targets with unerring precision.

Half of the priests bore the full brunt of Ren's spell. They didn't stand a chance. Divine and Light magic were there weakness. 

The divine energy engulfed them, and in an instant, they vanished into nothingness, leaving only a faint trace of dissipating light where they once stood.

The other priests that survived shed their human guise, revealing their true, demonic form. 

With a malevolent grin, they summoned the depths of their dark powers, transforming into a devilish entity wreathed in shadow and brimstone.

The room crackled with tension as the remaining priest prepared to retaliate against the intruders. 

Amidst the chaos of battle, one of the creatures darted away, its mission clear: alert Salister Kane of the intrusion. 

In his secluded chamber, Salister sensed the disturbance and swiftly turned his attention to the unfolding situation. His eyes widened in disbelief when he saw Princess Lorelai among the intruders.

"What? Intruders?" Salister's voice dripped with incredulity as he observed the unexpected presence of the princess in a dark foggy mirror he conjured. 

His surprise quickly turned into seething anger. "What is she doing here?! How dare she meddle in my affairs!"

Fury etched across his face, and Salister barked commands to his minions. "Guard the entrance with your lives! Kill these intruders! Stop them at all costs!"

"Understood!" the minions chorused, their loyalty unwavering.

With urgency in his movements, Salister redoubled his efforts on the ritual to open the Demon Realm. 

The incantations flowed from his lips like venom, his hands moving with practiced precision. Time was of the essence; he needed to complete the ritual before Princess Lorelai could intervene.

"Damn it! Damn it all to hell!" Salister's thoughts echoed his frustration. 

He was well aware that his minions stood little chance against the princess, given her powerful lineage. 

Yet, he reasoned, they could serve as a delay tactic, buying him precious time to unleash the forces of the Demon Realm.

A sinister grin twisted Salister's lips as he envisioned his unstoppable reign in the depths of hell. The prospect of such power fueled his determination, even in the face of overwhelming odds.