MMORPG: Rebirth as an Alchemist-Chapter 680 Unveiling of Dark Secrets

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Chapter 680 Unveiling of Dark Secrets

Amidst the flickering candlelight of the Priest's Hall, Ren, Elena, and Evie found themselves surrounded by a malevolent aura as the disguised priests revealed their true demonic forms. 

The air was filled with dark energy, and the room seemed to tremble under the weight of the wicked atmosphere around them.

Ren raised his scepter, and with a swift incantation, a radiant energy cascaded down his arms, forming intricate patterns of celestial light. 

The room responded to his magic, the very walls resonating with the power he was about to unleash.

Elena was ready to cast protective spells. Her eyes glowed with an inner fire. Beside her, Evie clenched her staff, her knuckles turning white as she braced herself for the impending clash.

But amidst it all, Princess Lorelai remained strangely composed. An otherworldly light emanated from within her. With a voice as calm as a summer breeze, she uttered, "This is a useless waste of time."

At her words, the very fabric of reality seemed to respond. Divine energy pulsed outward from her like ripples spreading across a pond after a stone's impact. 

The force of her power sent shockwaves, a brilliant, blinding light that enveloped the room in a halo of purity.

In an instant, the devils found themselves obliterated. The radiant burst of energy washed over them like a tidal wave, reducing them to mere ashes. 

Their demonic forms sizzled and evaporated, leaving nothing but dissipating trails of dark smoke in their wake.

The room, once filled with tension and the stench of evil was now bathed in the soft, ethereal glow of Princess Lorelai's divine light. 

The silence that followed was palpable, broken only by the crackling remnants of dark magic being dispelled.

Ren, Elena, and Evie stared at the Princess with a deadpan face. Looks like banishing demons was as simple as breathing for her.

Princess Lorelai's expression remained calm, her eyes reflecting the lingering glow of her divine magic. "There's no need to waste time on such insignificant foes," she said and beamed with pride. "We have a greater enemy to vanquish!"

"Let's go," she exclaimed and led the way onward. 

Elena stared at her weapons and sighed. "Is there even a need for us here?"

Evie remained silent. 

While Ren only stared at the Princess's back.

There were three reasons why he wanted the Princess to join them. 

One was to open the Heaven Realm.

Two was to make their journey easier because of her incredible prowess in battles and dispelling skills. 

And the last was because she had the best Divine and Light spells currently in the game. 

She was perfect to bring into the Nether Realm. 

Guided by Princess Lorelai, Ren, and the others cautiously advanced through the dimly lit corridors of the chapel, their footsteps echoing softly against the cold stone floors. 

They arrived at the Prayer Room, a chamber steeped in a solemn ambiance. The room was adorned with several intricately crafted altars, each dedicated to the Grand Benefaction, the deity of Salister Kane's twisted beliefs.

Ren observed the room keenly. His eyes were drawn to the altars, their significance not lost on him. 

A sense of foreboding filled the air as he recognized the telepathic link these altars provided to Salister Kane and his minions. 

These altars, once innocent conduits of prayer, were now channels of communication between the malevolent priest and his dark followers. 

Ren asked the Princess, "Do you know how to dismantle this thing?" 

Princess Lorelai approached the altars and began her investigation. She examined the altars with a keen eye, searching for any hidden clues or symbols that might reveal the secrets of the hidden ritual. 

She meticulously studied the altars, tracing the carvings and inscriptions with her fingers. 

Princess Lorelai's eyes widened with realization as she deciphered the subtle patterns, her knowledge of religious practices providing her with the insights needed to understand the ritual's intricacies. 

She whispered her findings to the others, "The reason why Salister accumulated those souls is because he needed them to open the Netherworld using an ancient ritual that is not in this realm. 

Ren and Evie already knew that, but they guessed that it was needed for the story to progress.

"Anything else?" Ren asked. 

Princess Lorelai nodded, "He's going to feast on those souls and gain enough power to rule hell."

"That's bad, right?" Elena asked. "If those souls are gone, then they could no longer enter the cycle of rebirth. They'll be lost forever."

"That's not all," Princess Lorelai added, "Salister is planning to return here as the new king of hell to rule over the entire realm."

"S-such . . . Such big ambitions," Elena muttered to the side with a sigh. 

Meanwhile, Evie stood guard, her staff at the ready, ensuring that no unexpected threats approached while Ren and the others delved into the mysteries of the Prayer Room. 

The princesses uncovered the details of the ritual. Their knowledge became a powerful weapon against Salister Kane's nefarious plans. 

With the newfound understanding of the Prayer Room's secrets, they could disrupt the telepathic link, severing the connection between the chapel and its malevolent master.

"Now, Salister wouldn't be able to tell where we are and what we're doing," Elena said with a grin.

"Unless he has his minions reported our whereabouts to him directly," Evie chimed in. 

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go and put a stop to him. The more we dally here, the more he will finish the ritual," Princess Lorelai said and led the way. 

The group moved on to the Trap Room, a space designed to deceive intruders. 

Ren approached the broken window, his eyes narrowing as he assessed the shoddy barricade. He could almost hear Salister Kane's smug voice in his mind, taunting him with the trap's design.

Ren advised with caution, "Be wary. Salister Kane is cunning. He uses deception as a weapon. We must tread carefully."

Evie and the others nodded in agreement. 

Ren examined the broken window, his fingers tracing the edges of the barricade. It was clear that the trap was meant to lure intruders into a false sense of security, coaxing them to use the window as an entrance. 

Ren, however, was not so easily fooled.