Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 180 - 180 Can’t go back

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180 180 Can’t go back

Naturally, the principal could tell that Tan Song didn’t think that he had done something wrong. His tone was perfunctory. People like him were already used to special priorities. Tan Song would never accept it if they continued talking about how all humans were equal.

However, the principal still conveyed the school’s attitude in a business-like manner. “Wang Li’s phone call made it clear that he was instructed by the Tan family. Since there is no evidence of Tan Jing’s involvement, she will not be punished for the time being. I only made this call personally to inform you of this as during the day, the school tried contacting you and your wife many times, but no one was willing to come to the school to deal with this issue. So, this is the only way we could do it; something like a simple parent-teachers meet.”

During the day, the principal called Tan Song and Chen Yi, but Tan Song was busy with a meeting and Chen Yi was in the beauty salon. They were not in the mood to go to school.

For years, they had never worried about their children. They had left Tan Rou to deal with everything on her own. Now that Tan Jing was back, it was the first time that Tan Song and Chen Yi knew that the school would invite parents.


The principal was not extra nice just because he was Tan Song. He even felt unhappy about how irresponsible they were. He said coldly, “No matter how busy you and your wife are, you have to pay attention to the child’s physical and mental health and set an example for the child. In this matter, Wei Ling is the main culprit. We will expel her from the school as a warning to others.”

Tan Song gradually lost his patience and gave a simple reply.

Wei Ling? The youngest daughter of the Wei family? What did her life or death have to do with him? After a busy day, he still had to be nagged by this old man at night. It was really annoying.

The principal sighed slightly. In the education industry, one had to be more open-minded after a long time. Some people were stubborn in their bones. As the saying goes, a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow. It would be difficult for him to solve the problem from the root itself. He could only respect the fate of others.

He had already said things that needed to be said and had done his duty. The principal did not waste any time and directly hung up the phone.

“MMM…” Tan Song heaved a long sigh of relief and threw the phone on the coffee table. He turned his head and glared at Tan Jing. “I’ve given you enough face in front of the principal just now, right? I don’t even know what happened, and I was given a good lecture. What good things did you do behind my and your mother’s back? I’m so busy with work, yet I still have to deal with your trivial matters! How can you be so insensible!”

Chen Yi was also impatient, but she didn’t want Tan Song to be worried about what was happening at home. Wouldn’t that make her, the matriarch of the family, look incompetent?

She quickly explained, “That principal called and said that the Tan family instructed director Wang to frame Tan Rou for cheating in the exam. He even deleted the surveillance video. He asked me if I knew about it. I was dumbfounded! Then, he told me to pass the phone to you. I didn’t expect this to happen either. I didn’t know anything about it. Jingjing, how dare you! Quickly apologize to your father!”

Tan Jing bit her lip hard. She did not expect her plan to be revealed to Tan Song and Chen Yi. After this incident, they would no longer have a good impression of her.

Tan Jing knew very well that Tan Song always cared about his career. He only wanted to be a father who doesn’t have any responsibilities. It was best not to bother him with family matters. Chen Yi wanted to be a rich lady who enjoyed herself. She would occasionally show her motherly love and satisfy Tan Jing’s momentary whims.

Perhaps it was because they were related by blood, so their feelings for her were deeper than Tan Rou’s, but once their bottom line was crossed, these feelings would become insignificant.

Tan Jing bit her lip hard. She had never felt this kind of blame and disdain when she was in the Tao family. Mother Tao would only comfort her gently, and Father Tao would try his best to help her. They loved her unconditionally. At that time, she didn’t need to do all these things to hurt anyone.

Now, she had spent so much effort to frame Tan Rou, but not only did she fail, but she also had to bear Tan Song and Chen Yi’s interrogation. It was simply unbearable. Tan Jing had never felt so tired before, and she even began to miss the days of the Tao family.

However, there was no turning back. She and Tan Rou were already irreconcilable. What if everything in the Tan family was fake? At least they had the money.

Tan Jing pretended to be aggrieved and explained, “I was just angry. Mom, dad, don’t you hate Tan Rou? Although I’ve returned home, my heart still aches when I think of how she has taken over your daughter’s identity for all these years. She has provoked me many times and insulted you in front of me. I… I only thought of this method to help you vent your anger!”

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