Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 181 - 181 I don’t regret it!

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181 181 I don’t regret it!

Tan Jing could only shift the anger of Tan Song and Chen Yi to Tan Rou.

She had secretly threatened the Wei family and contacted Chief Wang in Chen Yi’s name. Since she had done these things, there was no reason to hide them.

She could only continue to play dumb. Although her methods were different from the gentle and obedient daughter they had in mind, as a daughter, she had to stand up for her parents. It was understandable that she had done something wrong in a moment of confusion.

Tan Jing tried her best to pretend to be pitiful and kept provoking the disgust that they had for Tan Rou in both Tan Song and Chen Yi’s hearts. “Ever since Tan Rou returned to the Tao family, she has been badmouthing you in front of me. It’s as if the Tao family is the best place, and she has suffered a great grievance in our family.”

Tan Jing started to cry, and every word she said was about the reputation that Tan Song and Chen Yi cared about the most. “Last time at the entrance of that stupid restaurant, Tan Rou accused mom of not treating her well and that dad didn’t care about her. You heard it with your own ears, mom! But… Tan Rou went even further in school!”

“What did she say?” Tan Song frowned.

Tan Jing’s heart was filled with joy. She knew that Tan Song cared about this the most. As long as he also thought that Tan Rou deserved to die, then what she did was barely anything.

Tan Jing cried even harder, but her words were particularly clear despite her choking. “They were heartless words. I don’t even want to repeat them, but she said… She said that you abused her, that your character is bad, and that you’re usually cold and heartless at home. She even said that people like us will eventually lose all our family property in this generation. She doesn’t care about it at all and would rather be a child of an ordinary family than stay in the Tan family.”

All these words hit on the parts that Tan Song cares about most. These were things that Tan Song didn’t want to hear. Tan Jing deliberately added some ‘shocking’ flavors to it since there was no way to verify it as there were no surveillance cameras there.

As expected, Tan Song was furious. He slammed his palm on the tea table and roared, “This ingrate! How dare she say those things? Did she eat a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gall?”

Chen Yi was shocked. She clutched her heart and advised, “Hubby! Don’t be mad! It’s not the first time she’s been like this. Didn’t I tell you last time? She also made a scene with me in front of the restaurant!”

Tan Jing sneered in her heart. This was different from the last time. Last time, she and Chen Yi suffered a loss. They could only come home and complain about it to Tan Song.

At first, Tan Song didn’t care about it at all. Later, he felt that he had lost face and went to the Tao family. In the end, he was rebuked by Tan Rou with a few words, and the matter was left unsettled.

However, this time, the words that came out of Tan Jing’s mouth were completely aimed at Tan Song’s reputation, which he cared about the most. What he hated most was how the others criticised him behind his back and said that he would not be able to protect his family’s wealth.

This is how the human heart works. If it hadn’t hit them where it hurt the most and where they were most concerned, none of it would have been taken to heart.

It was even more so for Tan Song. He didn’t care what kind of grievances someone had or what the cause was.He only cared about his reputation.

Tan Jing continued adding oil to the fire. “There are some things that I really want to pretend I didn’t hear when she said it. “After all, my father taught me that people from wealthy families should not be as uneducated and devoid of substance as those from poor families!”

Tan Song looked pissed, and he snorted coldly, “Well, you still remember them! Then why did you do those things after that?”

Tan Jing bit her lips in grievance and refused to say anything, putting on a good show.

Chen Yi sighed, “Your father is asking you about it! Just tell him! You have been so obedient before this; how did you come up with this idea?”

Tan Jing couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “But, Tan Rou is too much! She said that our family has no manners in front of the entire class! She even said that it was because you didn’t teach me well?! You should know that most students in my class come from wealthy families. There are even some parents of the other students working with their fathers. If this news were to be spread across schools, what would they think? Isn’t this tarnishing the Tan family and affecting dad’s business?”

Tan Jing looked at Tan Song and Chen Yi’s expressions, which became more and more depressed as she spoke, especially that of Tan Song, who looked like he was about to kill someone. She was relieved. Finally, she was able to fool them!

Tan Jing sobbed. “So, I took advantage of the exam and thought of this idea to teach Tan Rou a lesson. Her grades were already bad since she didn’t even finish her studies abroad. What right does she have to say that our family upbringing is bad? I was the one who went to find Wei Ling to help me. I was also the one who found Director Wang on mom’s phone and asked him to delete the surveillance footage. It’s all my fault. You can punish me, but I don’t regret it! I won’t allow Tan Rou to insult our family!”

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