Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 552 - : 522 A Big Gift

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Chapter 552: 522 A Big Gift

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If Tan Rou had not returned to the Capital, Zhuang Liu would not have set foot in the Capital at all. He and Xiao Mo had returned to the Capital for his parents. If he had not wanted to take Zhuang Yan and Shen Jing away, he would not have come back for the family meeting.

“My father’s current situation is not suitable for him to return to the old mansion.”

Zhuang Liu said, “The person who poisoned him must be in the old house. I can’t bring him back to the fire pit.”

Tan Rou frowned. “We can’t leave Uncle alone in a place, nor can we bring Uncle back to the old mansion. It’s really troublesome. Do you still have anywhere to go?”

“If I have nowhere to go, will Rourou take me in?” Zhuang Liu asked with a smile.

Tan Rou raised her eyebrows and said happily, “If Third Brother doesn’t have a place to go, I’ll bring Third Brother home and hide him in my manor. In the future, Third Brother will be mine.”

This was the first time Tan Rou had said ‘you’re mine’ to Zhuang Liu. After Zhuang Liu heard it, he could not react for a long time.

“Xiao Rou, what did you just say? Can you repeat it?” After Zhuang Liu reacted, he immediately took out his phone from his pocket. “Say it again. 1’11 record it.”

Tan Rou did not want to speak loudly. She narrowed her eyes and bent down. She whispered into Zhuang Liu’s ear, “Third Brother, you’re mine.”

She did not give Zhuang Liu any time to react and ran away after saying that. Zhuang Liu was sitting in a wheelchair and couldn’t catch up even if he wanted to.

Tan Rou sat in the car and rolled down the window. She waved goodbye to Zhuang Liu.

Tao Zhi looked at Zhuang Liu through the window. He was secretly happy because no matter how persistent Zhuang Liu was, he could only follow them to the airport. It was impossible for him to go home with them.

“Xiao Rou, quickly close the window. The weather is quite cold,” Tao Zhi said.

Tan Rou said, “I’ll close after saying goodbye.”

Zhuang Liu smiled and waved at Tan Rou. The winter vacation had just begun, so he had plenty of time to spend with Tan Rou. Moreover, he wanted to treat his father during the new year. When the time came, he would definitely ask Tan Rou to come over. The Tao family would not stop Tan Rou from treating his father.

“Third Young Master, the old mansion sent a message asking when we will arrive.” Xiao Mo showed his phone to Zhuang Liu. “”The signal was bad on the plane just now. I received the message as soon as I landed.”

Zhuang Liu glanced at the message and replied, “Ignore them now. When they call, tell them that we’re not going to the old mansion for now.”

“I understand. The car is waiting outside. We’ll go back to the villa first.”

Zhuang Liu changed his mind at the last minute. “Change to another one. Get someone to clean up the villa near the Tao family.”

Xiao Mo had already guessed that Zhuang Liu wanted to move, so he asked the cleaning lady to clean up all the houses under Zhuang Liu’s name.

“Third Young Master, I’ve already asked someone to clean the villa in advance. We can head there right away. At that time, 1 didn’t think it was enough to just clean one villa,” Xiao Mo said, as if he was taking credit for his work. “What if you got tired of living here and wanted to move? Hence, I asked the cleaning lady to clean all the villas.”

Zhuang Liu was very satisfied. “Xiao Mo, I’ll give you an additional 3,000 for this month’s bonus.”

Xiao Mo’s eyes widened. “Thank you, Third Young Master!”

“Xiao Liu, are we not leaving?” Shen Jing waited for a long time before Zhuang Liu got into the car. She walked over and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Mom, get the driver to send you and Dad to the villa first.. We won’t be going back to the old mansion for the next few days.” Zhuang Liu said.

Shen Jing didn’t understand. “Why aren’t we heading back to the old mansion?”

Zhuang Liu told Shen Jing what Tan Rou had said in the ambulance. When Shen Jing heard that her husband had been drugged, her eyes turned red. “Why did they do that? Are we such an eyesore? If we hadn’t met Xiao Rou, would our family have been poisoned to death by them?”

Zhuang Liu comforted Shen Jing. “Mom, don’t be too sad. I will definitely get back what they owe us.”

“Xiao Liu, you must protect yourself well.” Shen Jing said earnestly, “If anything happens to you, I will not be able to stand it.”

Zhuang Liu clenched his fists. “Mom, you should head back first. I have something else to do!”

After Shen Jing left, Zhuang Liu asked Xiao Mo to drive their car to the old mansion.

“Have you brought all the information?” Zhuang Liu asked coldly.

“Yes,” Xiao Mo replied.

Zhuang Liu curled the corners of his lips.. “Let’s go and give the people in the old mansion a big gift!”