Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 553 - : 553 Why Are You Back?

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Chapter 553: 553 Why Are You Back?

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Third Uncle Zhuang had been very unhappy recently. One reason was because of the Song family’s incident, and the other was because of his stupid son.

Third Uncle Zhuang had not agreed to Zhuang Che leaving the Capital, but Zhuang Che was not obedient at all. He took the opportunity to sneak out of the capital while he was discussing business.

He said that he wanted to go to the Song family to take a look. The New Year was coming soon, and they had to show Old Master Zhuang some results. Third, Uncle Zhuang’s brain short-circuited, and he did not let Zhuang Che come back.

In the end, something happened to the Song family, and all the dirty business dealings were exposed. If they did not deal with the Song family as soon as possible, Third Uncle Zhuang and his son would be implicated.

Third Uncle Zhuang had wanted Zhuang Che to come back so that he could handle it, but Zhuang Che insisted on staying behind to handle it himself. Now, not only was the matter not settled, but Zhuang Che was also trapped there.

The Song family threatened Third Uncle Zhuang. If they didn’t settle the matter, they would expose Third Uncle Zhuang’s collusion with them and send them to jail together.

Third Uncle Zhuang smoked and paced around the living room. The servants wanted to mop the floor, but they did not dare to stop him. He had a bad temper and had been very angry these few days. From time to time, he would scold the servants at home.

A maid couldn’t stand him smoking in the living room. She walked up to him and reminded him, “Third Master, Old Master said that smoking is not allowed in the house. The old man was resting now. If he woke up and smelled the smoke in the house, he would definitely be angry.”

Zhuang Laosan was in a bad mood. He became even angrier when he heard a little maid criticizing him. “What the f*ck are you talking about? Did he treat the old master’s orders as an imperial edict? Do you believe that I will make you lose your job right now?”

The maid shrank to the side after being scolded by him. She did not dare to say a word. She did not want to lose this job.

“Looks like I came back at the wrong time today. As soon as I entered the door, I saw Third Uncle scolding people.” Xiao Mo pushed Zhuang Liu into the room.

“Third Uncle,” Zhuang Liu said calmly, “Didn’t you always say that you’re a gentle person? Why were you scolding the maids?

Zhuang Laosan was shocked to see Zhuang Liu. “Why are you back?”

“I’m back for the New Year.” Zhuang Liu asked back.

“Didn’t Grandpa tell you?”

Zhuang Laosan’s expression turned ugly. Zhuang Liu did not come back for the New Year. Even if his parents were in the capital, he would not come back.

But this year, he came back for the new year. He must have come for the position of the family head because, after the new year, it would be the old master’s 8oth birthday. The old master would announce who the next family head would be.

Zhuang Liu smiled and said mockingly, “Perhaps Grandpa has already said it, but Third Uncle has been busy recently and forgot about it.” He asked, “I heard that Eldest Brother has been very close to the Song family recently. This is not a good thing. If Third Uncle is free, you should urge Eldest Brother to come back quickly. Otherwise, he will be implicated in the Song family’s matter.”

Third Uncle Zhuang had already forgotten about the Song family, but the moment Zhung Liu mentioned the Song family, Third Uncle Zhuang became mad again. Old man Song was such a powerful person. How could the entire family fall because of one wretched girl?

“You don’t have to care about this.” Third Uncle Zhuang said angrily.

“Xiao Liu is back!” Old Master Zhuang walked out of the bedroom. He was very happy to see Zhuang Liu back. “Have you eaten?”He looked behind him and did not see Shen Jing. He asked, “Why didn’t your mother come back with you?”

“Let’s talk about my mother later.” Zhuang Liu asked Xiao Mo to push him to Old Master Zhuang. “I want to show Grandpa something now.”

Third Uncle Zhuang also came over to take a look. “Xiao Liu, what did you prepare for your grandfather?”

“It’s a secret,” Zhuang Liu replied.

Third Uncle Zhuang was a little flustered. He really wanted to see what Zhuang Liu had taken. “We’re family. It’s not like we’ll lose anything if I take a look too.

Xiao Mo secretly laughed in his heart. Third, Uncle Zhuang indeed wouldn’t lose a piece of meat when they see this. However, after this, he may as well end up losing more than one piece of meat.

Zhuang Liu ignored Third Uncle Zhuang. “Grandpa, let’s talk in the study. This is very important.”

Old Master Zhuang nodded. “Yes.”

Zhuang Liu asked Xiao Mo to wait outside, no one was allowed to enter the study. Third Uncle Zhuang was anxiously scratching his ears and cheeks outside, but when Zhuang Liu and the others finished talking, he did not go in to listen to what they said.

“Grandpa, I can only inform you. You can decide what to do next.” Ten minutes later, Zhuang Liu opened the door. “I’m leaving..”

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