MTL - Doomsday: I Have One More Keyword Than Others-Chapter 157 Sea Dance Troupe

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  Chapter 157 Sea Dance Troupe

   "What is this idiot doing?" Ed stood on the deck, watching the sea fish pirates blatantly, the veins on his forehead beating uncontrollably, Paul's every action was beyond his expectation.

  A qualified general hates unexpected situations the most.

  He wasn't ready yet, and he didn't know if Mahamadu's reinforcements had arrived.

  At this time, Paul provoked Lieutenant General Antonio, which could easily lead to unpredictable consequences.

  It is very likely that it will lead to the annihilation of his entire army.

"Obviously, he knows the reward you put on him. He wants to use Antonio to take revenge on us, or as he said, to take revenge on Mahamadu for his girlfriend Martha. Otherwise, why didn't he choose Drizzt? Provocation over there?"

  The first mate Brown was explaining while watching the performance of the Sea Fish Pirates.


The mainsail of the Smiling Angel fell down for some unknown reason, and a group of people were scrambling to hoist the sails. A smile unconsciously crossed the corner of Brown's mouth, and he shook his head, "What a bunch of clowns, on the battlefield, Didn't check the sail line in advance..."

   "If he was provoking, why didn't he fire?" Ed said angrily, "He doesn't think that Lady Luck is really standing by his side!"

"Obviously, not." The first mate laughed out loud, "The mainsail of the Laughing Angel fell off three times, the mainsail of the Happyfish No. 1 fell twice, the sail of the Clownfish No. Falling once, at least eight sailors fell into the sea, if this is also called the protection of the goddess of luck, then the goddess of luck must be blind!"

   "Fire me and sink them." Ed said with a black face, "It is a shame for everyone to have such a clown among the pirates..."

   "Ed, this is the time to fire, and it is very likely that Antonio will regard it as a provocation." The first officer said quietly.

   "So we're just going to have to watch him make a fool of himself here?" Ed growled.

   "Obviously, this is the most correct way." The first officer shrugged.


"General, do you want us to shoot and sink those clowns?" Beside Antonio, the lieutenant looked angrily, "He insulted your buttocks with such vulgar language, and even forced our port garrison to dance on the ship , this is clearly an extreme insult to us..."

"Is there a piece of flesh missing from my body?" Antonio smiled. He could clearly feel that there were many eyes sneaking at his butt, but he didn't care at all. "That guy was caught by Duffy And Admiral Micarro's wanted Paul Walls?"

   "Yes." The lieutenant said.

   "I remember his reward wasn't 80,000 gold coins? Why is it 100,000 now?" Antonio asked.

"General, as far as I know, no one has increased his reward." The lieutenant said, "Maybe Ed asked him to provoke us! General, are we really not going to shoot them? It's been dropped three times, and once we fire the cannon, there's no way he can escape..."

   "Wait a little longer." Antonio raised his binoculars and looked for Doug on several of Paul's ships.

   At this time.

   Mighty pirate ships suddenly appeared on the sea, and the flags on each ship were changed to strange colors. The only thing in common was that the paintings on the flags were no longer skulls, but sea fish.

  Sharks, hairtail, octopus, whales and more.

  Even the names of those ships were changed.

   Shark, Whale…

  Antonio rubbed his eyes subconsciously.

what's the situation?

   Are these people members of the Sea Fish Pirates?


  The words "Fish Age" once again caught Antonio's sight.

  He was silent for a moment, and ordered: "Cecil, pass my order, all the fleets advance half a sea mile, concentrate their firepower, and sink the sea fish pirate group. He is making decisions without authorization, not Ed's instruction..."


  Antonio's navy suddenly adjusted its sails and moved forward.

   Ed's face changed: "Damn Paul, Brown, tell everyone to prepare for the battle."


"Paul, are you really okay?" Looking at the naval battleships that suddenly started to move, and the black gun barrels turning towards them, Martha's face was pale, and she held Doug's arm tightly, "How do I feel today, Lady Luck is no longer on our side, the Laughing Angel's sails have fallen three times..."

   It is not normal if it does not fall.

  Dug groaned, and comforted: "Don't panic, the song will be sung, and the dance will be danced. Then, you will find that everything just now is just a little joke made by Goddess Luck."

  Source of happiness: When you spread happiness, people around you will definitely fall into unlucky state;

   Fishing in troubled waters: You will always be the biggest beneficiary of the muddy waters you stir up.

  If there was only a source of happiness, Duge would never take such a big risk, because it could only guarantee that he would not be unlucky.

  But adding the latter is different, and the biggest beneficiary is not just kidding.

  Now there are three forces on the sea, a navy of Antonio, an island guard group of Lieutenant Admiral Ed, and bulk pirates who came to help...

  Among these three forces, he is the weakest one.

   But the biggest beneficiary means that he will be the one who laughs last...





  The navy advanced half a nautical mile before, and immediately launched an artillery attack.

  Ed took his fifteen ships, while cursing Paul, while backing away, he wouldn't be so stupid as to confront hundreds of naval warships head-on.


  Countless shells fell like raindrops and slammed heavily around several of Doug's ships, some fell on the deck, and some shells hit the ship's mast.

  The mast snapped and the sails fell.

  Douge's five pirate ships, four lost power on the spot, stopped on the sea, motionless.

   The bow of the deck of Clownfish No. 1 was pierced by shells, and a raging fire ignited on the ship, and it sank to the sea surface bit by bit.

  The dancing sailors dodged back and forth in panic.

   But they are on the sea, but they have nowhere to hide.

   As a last resort, they could only set up cannons and fight back, but their artillery fire was too weak, and they couldn't make waves in the face of the powerful Royal Navy.

   Even the range of their shells can't reach the opposite naval warship.

this moment.

  Dug's sea fish pirate group has become a living target.

   Hastily and helplessly.

   "It really is a group of clowns."

   Seeing this scene, the navy became happier.

   Behind Ed's fleet, those miscellaneous fish who changed the flag and the name of the ship were all stunned by the sight in front of them.

  Goddess of Luck?

  After only one round of shelling, he became a living target...

   Still, they changed their names so many times, and they really shared the luck of the Sea Fish Pirates.


  The Age of Fish is simply a lie.


"This is your so-called goddess of luck?" Martha looked madly at the clownfish No. Go to **** with the times! If I knew this, I might as well stay on Heard Island and continue to be my witch, at least, I can still live..."

"Martha, once again, you didn't leave me voluntarily, you were kidnapped by me." Duger emphasized with a smile, "And, haven't you found out yet? With so many shells, one of them hit our feet the boat?"

   "..." Martha froze, subconsciously looking around.

   Barry and Wayne, who were also panicked, were also stunned.

  The original Smiling Angel was too small, and the ride comfort was extremely low. It turned out that the members of the Smiling Angel had already been transferred to the Clownfish II.

   After being reminded by Doug, they found out that the navy fired a salvo of shells, and the other four ships were either injured or sunk. Only the Clownfish No. 2 under their feet was fine.

   Lady Luck is indeed protecting them.


"Hehe, the shelter of the goddess of luck?" Antonio looked at Ed who was retreating, laughed mockingly, and ordered again, "Cecile, leave ten ships to wipe out the clown Paul, and the rest of the fleet chases forward, all in one go Take Heard Island. It seems that the goddess of luck is more protective of our Royal Navy, that stupid clown Paul is our lucky star, Mahamadu is indeed not ready..."

  The voice did not fall.

  The roar of artillery fire suddenly sounded behind the navy.

at the same time.

  A melodious horn sounded throughout the sea.

  Antonio's face changed, and he turned his head suddenly. He raised the binoculars hanging on his chest and looked behind.

  First there was a black pirate flag, and then a **** ship with a scary beast head broke into his lens.

  Antonio frowned: "Roland Swan, **** it, why did he come here?"

  (end of this chapter)