MTL - Doomsday: I Have One More Keyword Than Others-Chapter 158 Grandpa give you a happy

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  Chapter 158 I'll give you some fun

   "Roland Swann?"

  Ed also heard the sound of the horn, and was overjoyed immediately. He immediately signaled, mobilized his pirate ship, and fought back.

   When facing the navy, all pirates are family.

  At this time, Ed and the miscellaneous troops who came to support them were mixed together. Apart from the fact that the flag of the sea fish was a little eye-catching, there were not many pirate ships.

   One time.

  The roar of artillery fire on the sea.

   All that roared in the sky were black shells.

at this time.

  On the sea, only the navy and pirates are distinguished, and no one cares about the fragmented sea fish pirate group that was beaten.


   "General, what should we do? Do we want to break through?" After all, he fell into a situation where he was under attack from both sides, and the lieutenant asked Antonio anxiously.

   "Attack forward, capture Heard Island, and defend from the island. Admiral Mikaro will come to support us." Antonio calmly issued an order.

   "Where's Paul?" the lieutenant asked.

"Don't worry about him, his head is worth 100,000 gold coins, and someone will think about taking his head." Antonio chuckled, drew out the sword in his hand, and stared at the motley crew of pirates ahead, " Cecil, go and order!"

  Lieutenant Cecil went to give the order, and the semaphore officers among the warships immediately passed the news.

  The battleship of the Royal Navy ignored Roland Swan who was outflanking them behind him, adjusted the direction of the sails, and bravely rushed towards the pirate ship in front.

  Hundreds of naval warships act like one person, in stark contrast to Ed's motley crew of pirates.



  In the midst of chaos.

  A stray bullet hit Clownfish II.

  The hull shook violently.

  The sailors on the ship adjusted the sails in a panic, trying to escape from this chaotic sea.

  Everyone panicked. They had never experienced such a big battle. They felt like their ship was sailing in a storm and might capsize at any time.

  Them in the center of the storm, no one cared to go up and manipulate the fort to fight back.

   Moreover, there are enemies all around, and they don't know who to fight at all.

  Martha grabbed Doug's arm in horror, like a helpless little girl: "Where's your lady luck?"

  Vito's face was pale, and his heart was full of despair. This damned simulation field, why did he choose this unreliable Paul's ship when there were so many ships in the port that he didn't choose.

it's over.

it's all over.

   It's not even a month yet!

  In this simulation field, he couldn't find any sparkle, what would the instructor think of him?

  It's so sad!


  No one creates happiness, and of course Lady Luck has left me.

Duge groaned, looked at Vito, and said, "If you can survive for a while, find a chance to join Safra! Remember our agreement, find happiness, and make everyone a happy person .”

   "Let's talk about it if we survive!" Vito looked helpless, he supported the side of the boat with both hands, and searched the crowd with his eyes.

  He wants to find a reliable target. After the ship sinks and falls into the sea, he can flatter him. That way, he has a higher chance of surviving, and the candidates will not give up any chance of surviving.

   "Paul, you brought me out of Heard Island, and you must ensure my safety." Martha wiped the sea water off her face, and shouted at Doug hysterically.

   "I will." Doug calmly observed the surrounding environment, the Dark Demon Hand was near Heard Island.

   It stands to reason.

  With his attributes, he shouldn't have come to join in the excitement, this is a feast of killing!

   Tens of thousands of melee battles are enough for him to enjoy killing, maybe even the kind that can kill derivative products...

   Another long horn sound.

  A huge wave was set off from the bottom of the sea.

  The uniform navy suddenly became chaotic.

  Amid the tumbling waves, hundreds of meters long octopus tentacles emerged from the seabed, entangled the ships of the Royal Navy around it.

  The three-masted sailing ships of the Royal Navy were like small paper toys under the entanglement of those thick tentacles. When the octopus tentacles contracted, they rolled the ships into pieces, and the sailors on board had to dive in all directions to escape.

   No one is willing to face such a terrifying monster.

  The moment the giant octopus emerged, the sound of artillery fire on the sea stopped briefly, and everyone was stunned.


  Martha swallowed hard: "The sea monster Enke, it's over, Antonio's army is over."

  After touching fish for a long time in the battle between the two sides, Duge's eyes finally lit up. Now, the biggest benefit is coming, and I'm going to touch it!

   Martha hasn't reacted yet.

  Dug has already jumped up, drew a beautiful arc, and jumped into the sea.

"Paul." Martha was stunned for a moment, and quickly rushed to the side of the boat, only seeing a waterline, quickly slid across the sea, and went straight to the octopus Enke, "My God, why is he so fast? He What are you going to do?"

   "Maybe I'm going to touch that octopus!" Vito murmured blankly at Paul, who was like an arrow in the sea.

  At this moment, he envied the free and easy Paul for no reason.

  Do keywords have to be understated and hidden?

   It seems like Paul is not bad!

  From the beginning to the present, he has basically suffered nothing!

   Moreover, he met with so many candidates yesterday, and still deceived them. If he guessed correctly, those candidates who named themselves fish, like himself, have become his assistants!

   With such a fast speed, he must be ranked in the top ten!

   He touches the sea monster Enke again, who can control him in this sea area?

   Just at this time.

   Another white water line quickly passed by Clownfish No. 2.

  A masked man with blond hair, with a machete in his mouth, paddling water with both hands, followed closely behind Duge, at most fifty meters away from him.

  Vito's face changed again.


  Having a speed similar to that of Paul, and appearing near Heard Island, there is only one name left—Dark Hand.


  Vito wiped the sweat from his face, feeling grateful.

  The distance between the two is so close, if Paul hadn't suddenly jumped down to touch the octopus, then a minute later, the Dark Hand would definitely board the boat and kill them.

Candidates with the keywords of "killing" generally have advanced skills such as shock, calmness, and tyranny, and there is a high probability that they will not be affected by flattery. Duge's keywords are more inclined to control, and it is likely not him opponent.

   Once the Dark Hand is aboard, no one is spared.

   "Who is he?" Martha asked blankly, "Why can he catch up with Paul?"

   "Dark hand!" Vito said in a daze.

   "Did he trade with Thelma too?" Martha asked again.

   "Maybe!" Vito said casually.

  Seeing the Dark Hand and Paul, who were chasing and fleeing all the way to Octopus Enke, Vito suddenly made up his mind that he couldn't continue to keep a low profile.

  In this simulation field full of elites, being low-key means being eliminated, and when encountering danger, you can’t even guarantee your own safety.

  After this battle, it's time to let yourself shine.

  Vito looked at the dark hand clenched behind Dug, and prayed secretly, kill Paul, he must be killed, only by killing him, the control will disappear, then his ranking in the simulation field is his own...


   is locked!

  Dug is now the fifth in the simulation field.

  The moment the Dark Demon Hand appeared, he felt him.


  He had a feeling of being on his back, as if he had encountered a natural enemy, and he only wanted to escape, not daring to turn around and face it.

  As the opponent got closer, this feeling became more and more intense, so that it affected his speed, and his strokes became uncoordinated.

  In Duge's perception, the distance between the two sides is getting closer and closer, as if the other party is following him ten meters away, and he has to paddle forward to get rid of the natural enemy behind him.

  But when Duge looked at the sea monster Enke in the distance, the big octopus seemed to be in the sky, and he couldn't reach it...

   Damn it!

  The opponent affects perception, not deterrence!

  Dug broke out in a cold sweat, and suddenly understood the role of the opponent's advanced skills.

  Affecting the opponent's perception is a huge advantage in fighting. If you can't even judge the distance and target accurately, you will never be able to hit the opponent.


   Fighting alone and meeting such a guy, there is no solution at all!

  Dug held his breath and continued to swim forward.

  He was also puzzled, fishing in troubled waters, this pool of water was muddied by me, it stands to reason that I am the biggest beneficiary!

   This guy suddenly jumped out and killed me, and the beneficiary would become him.

  The skill description is wrong!

Duge gritted his teeth, changed to a backstroke posture, looked at the Dark Demon Hand chasing him expressionlessly, showed the sweetest smile, and said loudly: "Dark Demon Hand, you won, I have no attack skills, now You must be very happy!"

  The black devil bit his scimitar in his hand, his face was expressionless, and his eyes were cold.

   "Brother Black Demon Hand, when you kill me later, be gentle, I love you!" Duge gave up paddling with his hands, continued to maintain his sweet smile, and made a heart-to-heart gesture with his hands.

  The black magic hand flashed a sneer at the corner of his eye, ignored him, and continued to catch up.

"Brother Black Demon Hand, let me tell you a joke! I will live by this joke for the rest of my life..." The chances of reaching out and not hitting smiling faces are too low to infect the Black Demon Hand, so Duge had to find another way, "Once upon a time, there were A fool..."

  Dug just said a joke.

  Under the influence of the Black Demon Hand skill, he made a mistake in his distance perception, and with a bang, his head hit the bow of a certain naval warship. He was so dizzy that he couldn't help cursing: "Fuck"


  The black magic hand couldn't hold back, and burst out laughing.

   Next second.

  Two naval warships collided, blocking the Dark Hand's way forward.

   Immediately after.

  The masts and turrets on the ship poured down, as well as the broken planks, all smashed on him...

  (end of this chapter)