MTL - Game Design: It is Very Simple For You To Fill In?-Chapter 237 Are these people busy?

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  Chapter 237 Are these people busy?

  When Ye Feng came to the Weisoft headquarters, everyone looked forward to his arrival.

  As soon as he entered Weiruo's building, Ye Feng felt countless attentions, and people greeted him from time to time along the way.

   This is the first time for employees like them to meet this legend in the game circle.

  All of them used to develop and produce consoles, and the most talked about topics are Sony and games.

  In the past, when talking about major game manufacturers, several game manufacturers would come to mind.

  But now, when it comes to big game companies, there is only one thing in everyone’s mind, and that is Germination.

   I don’t know when it started, Bud Studio directly replaced all game companies and became the top of the industry.

  After cooperating with Mengya, it never appeared as before. They went to other game companies to hope that they would put new games on the xbox store simultaneously.

   Now other game companies are begging them to put their games on the xbox store.

  But today is different from the past, and now it is not just a cat or a dog who can put his game on the xbox store.

   Now it’s not all rejected, at least you have to guarantee the quality of your game.

  I used to work hard to get others to list their own stores, and now I am working hard to evaluate other people's games.

   And it was the designer in front of him who made Weisoft's almost irreversible situation like this.

"This is still a restrictive measure we have taken, otherwise you will find that you can't even enter Weiruan's gate. Starting from the gate, you will be blocked." Ai Wen laughed haha, Ye Feng came to Weiruan The news can't be hidden from everyone at all.

  But it can't affect the daily order, and can't leave a bad impression on Ye Feng, so I can only issue orders and ask everyone to carry out their work normally.

   Don't influence Ye Feng.

  The R&D department of the handheld is on the third floor, which also led to the fact that Weisoft has a lot of people who want to go to the third floor today.

   "David, I remember you will go to the fourth floor to deliver a document later, right?"

   "What do you want?"

   "Shall I deliver it for you?"

"Black Star is on the third floor, not the fourth floor. Did you remember it wrong?" David looked suspiciously at the colleague who was talking to him. Did he remember it wrong? He knew that this person was a fanatic fan of an old thief , but the black star old thief is not on the fourth floor at all.

   "I just went upstairs on the way. I remembered that you still have documents that you haven't delivered. Let me deliver them for you." He smiled and looked at a folder on David's desk.

   "That's it, right, I'll help you get it up."

   "Well, that's..." Before David finished speaking, he just agreed, and saw his colleague start to run away with the documents.

  David, who didn't know what he was for at first, understood what he was doing when he saw the colleague holding the document striding towards the stairs.

  If you don’t take the elevator, it’s clear to everyone what your intention is when you take the stairs!

  He looked at the document in the other party's hand, and belatedly remembered, Nima! This is my stuff!

  He looked around at other colleagues, and as far as he could see, everyone slapped on the documents that needed to be communicated and collaborated in their positions at the same time, for fear that others would **** them away.

  A few days ago, the company had issued an order.

   Soon the designer Hei Xing will come to Weisoft to give instructions on the handheld design work. The company hopes that all employees can abide by the responsibilities of their positions, and don't bother the Black Star designer, and don't leave a bad impression on the other party.

  As you all know, xbox has suffered a lot.

  Now the situation has finally improved, and they definitely don't want to get worse again.

   Germination Studio is too authoritarian, there is no capital to invest in it, and no one else can influence Ye Feng's thoughts.

   It can be said that offending him alone is equivalent to offending the entire Germination Studio.

  Sometimes everyone can't help but think, if Germination Studio has other partners, after provoking Ye Feng's rise, you only need to please them, and you won't necessarily offend Germination Studio.

   But the reality is so cruel, there is no one else in Germination Studio, and Ye Feng's personal emotional value will always come first.

   As for the handheld device this time, for Weisoft, even developing and producing a handheld device to play with Ye Feng is a trivial matter.

  Even if hundreds of thousands of box bottoms were produced in the end, it would not be as valuable as Ye Feng's happiness.

   Now, watching the colleague rushing towards the stairs with the documents on the fourth floor, everyone seems to understand something.

   That’s right, what the company said is that if there is nothing to do, try not to hang out in front of the old thief.

   But what if we have something to do?

  Although they are not looking for the old thief directly, everyone is really passing by.

   It’s okay to take a look or two when passing by, right?

  Because we really have something to do!

   After all, that designer rarely appears in front of the media, and under normal circumstances, he is almost invisible.

  Same as his reputation for making games, as popular as games are, people are as mysterious as they are.

  People’s impression of him is that he is young and talented. He seems to have countless ideas in his mind, countless bizarre worlds, and countless worlds are full and changeable, complete and wonderful.

  The company's request could not stop them from wanting to see the true face of the talented designer.

   After Ye Feng went upstairs, he was led to the third floor. This is a place specially designated by the company to design handheld devices.

  There are more than a dozen prototypes produced here, which are used for various pre-release tests. The number of button presses, the display life of the screen, and the stability of game execution are all among the ranks of their tests.

  They always have console production experience. Although the handheld console is small, they have mastered the basics.

  Ye Feng just took out the previous game cartridge, and a staff member came forward to copy the game to another blank cartridge. The release of the handheld must go through multiple checkpoints.

  The most important thing among them is the game brought out by Ye Feng, which is the most important part.

  When a general console game is ported to a handheld, it can be castrated to varying degrees to make it adapt to the execution mode of the handheld.

   Only the old thieves brought a game this time that they could not make decisions to improve themselves.

  Because Ye Feng has clearly said that this game is exclusive to handhelds.

  He must have made it according to the game method in his mind that is suitable for the handheld. If his own handheld can't play Ye Feng's game, then there must be a problem with his own handheld, and it needs to be improved and perfected.

   Ye Feng looked at the people coming and going on the floor, and couldn't help feeling, "As expected of Weiruan, everyone looks very busy."

  When Germination Studio was the busiest, the interaction between departments was not as frequent as them.

   Aiwen's face is completely black, busy?

   Are these people busy?

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  (end of this chapter)