MTL - Game Design: It is Very Simple For You To Fill In?-Chapter 238 Invincible freedom is the coolest place

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  Chapter 238 The invincible degree of freedom is the coolest place

  There were more and more people walking around between floors, and Ye Feng also felt something was wrong.

  Feeling people's gazes, he realized that everyone's attention was on him.

  The third floor is the research and development room for handheld devices. Because few people usually come up, and for the convenience of communication, it looks like an open research room.

   There is no small office here, only R&D desktop areas of different sections.

   "I'll let them leave right away, and I won't let them disturb you here." Ivan only felt his scalp explode.

   "It's okay," Ye Feng laughed, "I just didn't expect that I would be so popular in your company."

   This scene made him feel kind and familiar, because in Germination Studio, every time new employees are recruited, they will take time to arrange a meeting for them collectively.

  Every time, Ye Feng has to participate.

   Said it was a meeting, but in fact the meeting was not long, just to tell everyone about the game at the meeting,

  The main purpose here is that all the new employees want to meet Ye Feng.

  New employee interviews have become the corporate culture of Germination Studio.

   Now seeing the employees of Weisoft going up and down, Ye Feng was only puzzled for a moment and then felt a little funny.

   "You, you, you, the one in yellow and two in white, come here three times." Ye Feng waved his hand towards the corridor, where these three people showed their faces just now.

  Hearing Ye Feng's roll call, the three immediately turned their heads and left.

   Oops, still got caught!

  The three went downstairs anxiously, and all the people behind them disappeared in a swarm.

   Just after walking a few steps, their mobile phones rang at the same time.

  In the group, the names of the three people have been displayed. This is a message from Aiwen, telling them to go to the R&D room on the third floor immediately.

  Although Aiwen can't know everyone in the company, it is very simple to find out who these three people are.

   "Don't be so dark, it's all trivial." Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, Ai Wen's face was already so dark that it didn't look like it.

"I have already told you thousands of times, these people still come to disturb your work, don't worry, after they come to apologize to you, they will be expelled immediately!" Ai Wen gritted his teeth, because he felt that everyone did not. Take your own words seriously.

  Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, "I'm really not angry. I called them here because I want players to evaluate the game."

   "I am very satisfied with most of the current situations of the handheld. The current handheld has been tested almost. What is needed in the future is the real player experience, and the player's somatosensory test on the device."

   Ai Wen nodded next to him. Ye Feng’s words had extinguished his anger a lot. What he was most afraid of was leaving a bad impression on the other party.

  Now they have a good relationship, but they can't let others do anything wrong to destroy their relationship.

  The better the relationship, the more you need to worry about your friend's feelings, and the better your friends, the more you need to manage the relationship.

   "Apologize!" The three of them quickly stood in front of Ye Feng and Ai Wen. Ai Wen's face was very dark. Ye Feng said that he was not angry, but he couldn't let others not apologize.

   "I'm sorry!" The three lowered their heads, not daring to look directly at each other.

   "It's okay, I called the three of you here, actually there are other things." Ye Feng turned around with a smile, and took out three handhelds from the bracket behind him.

   "I call you here, your task is to evaluate the game as a player, and evaluate the handheld."

  The casing of the handheld in the hands of the three is very simple white, without any pattern, and they are all very familiar with the appearance and feel of the handheld.

   Immediately after, the three copied game cassettes were handed over to the three of them.

   "Huh?" Looking at the things in their hands, they couldn't help but let out an exclamation.

   "Your task is to pass the level and bring up all the problems that you encounter in the game that are not suitable for handhelds." Ai Wen looked at the three seriously, his eyes full of seriousness.

   "Ahem, in fact, you don't have to pass the level." Ye Feng coughed lightly twice. If you want to experience the gameplay of a game, you don't have to clear the level to end the game.

  In the open world, what players prefer to do is to find other fun.

  In the open world, customs clearance and plots become unimportant.

   "Did you hear that, the old thief said that you can't pass the level at all, it's time for the old thief to see how good we are!" Aiwen couldn't help joking.

  Ye Feng just said it was very simple, but he wants to see what kind of simple method it is.

  As long as Ye Feng doesn't care about being disturbed by others, then he will take this kind of onlooker thing very lightly.

  The most important thing is that he feels sorry for these three people.

  This is very simple in the mouth of the old thief. How simple can it be?

  Starting the game directly like this, these three people will definitely be abused miserably.


  The three of them held the handheld device in their hands, and took the elevator back to their seats. They didn't click on the only game in the handheld device until they sat firmly in their seats.

  As soon as they took out the handheld, many people noticed the extra things in the hands of the three of them.

   "You guys, what are you holding in your hands?"

   "Huh? You mean the old thief gave it to you?"

  ‘Why did everyone block the door at the same time, and in the end, only the three of you got the handset. '

  ‘If you don’t understand, just ask, is there a new game in it? '


  A few heads poked around, "Why don't the three of you project it on the big screen, so everyone can watch it together?" Someone made such a suggestion.

  The handheld and the screen are too small, and four or five heads poking over have already taken up all the space that can see the screen.

  Hearing everyone's request, the first reaction of the three was to report to Aiwen and the old thief.

  Because the game they are playing now is a new game that has not been exposed yet.

   They are not sure whether they can cast the screen for others to see.

   "Yes, not only can you play it by yourself, show it to your colleagues, but also broadcast it live." Ye Feng doesn't care if the game's screen is known to others. Now that the game has been completed, their live broadcast of the game can barely be regarded as half of the publicity.

  Ye Feng immediately affirmed their thoughts.

  You can broadcast live!

  The three of them couldn't help taking a breath. They didn't want players all over the world to see their meal time, but they couldn't help but want to share it with everyone.

I! The lucky ones from Weisoft are playing the new handheld game of Old Thieves!

  This global three-screen live broadcast started at the same time,

   After the three of them have passed the initial plot, the three of them come out from the initial platform,

  breathing the outside air, excited by the open and free wilderness, intoxicated by the ubiquitous novelty,

  Moved by the sound of wind and rain and the bright sunshine, addicted to tree-cutting and hunting and roasting Hyrule mushrooms,

   Is this the open world?

   I'm riding a horse for an adventure!

   The group number is written at the bottom of the profile, it’s a new one, just started a second ago!




  (end of this chapter)