MTL - Great Medicine Without Borders-Chapter 643 old industrial park

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  Chapter 643 Old Industrial Park

  Hua Zhuyue warned him: "Pan Weidong, show me some respect."

  Pan Weidong said: "It was you who called me, Mr. Hua, I did not disrespect you, I respect you in my heart all the time."

  Hua Zhuyue said: "Has Jiajia contacted you?"

  Pan Weidong said: "Why did she contact me? I'm not interested in yellow-haired girls, because flowers are always feminine."

  Hua Zhuyue said angrily: "Pan Weidong, listen to me, I can't spare you if Ji Jiajia makes any mistakes."

Pan Weidong hung up the phone and looked out of the car window. This is the old industrial park in the capital city. It was included in the demolition plan fifteen years ago, but later, considering the historical particularity of this place, he decided to keep it and establish a heritage park. However, because of The area is too large. Except for the core area, there are still many places that have not been protected and left to be deserted. Due to the negligence of management, this place has become a paradise for some social youths.

  The car drove into it, and suddenly there was a sense of desolation and desolation in the end of the world.

Pan Weidong lit a cigarette, the smoke drifted out from the skylight, accompanied by a lonely bird in the sky, it looked down, a black Land Rover Defender was running on the wide and straight road in the old industrial area, on both sides of the road were just In the green grass, further down, there are lifeless buildings and rows of blast furnaces and chimneys.

  The road stretches forward, reaching into the interior of the old industrial park.

  Ji Jiajia, who has long arms and legs, is wearing dark blue sportswear, holding a bat in her right hand and leaning on the road, looking at the off-road vehicle approaching from far and near.

  The off-road vehicle stopped about three meters away from Ji Jiajia, and four people got out of the vehicle.

   After getting out of the car, Pan Weidong smoked a few cigarettes vigorously, then threw the cigarette **** in his hand on the road, and spat out thick phlegm forcefully, squinted his eyes and looked at Ji Jiajia and said, "Are you looking for me?"

  Ji Jiajia nodded: "Didn't you agree to come alone? Are you afraid?"

  Pan Weidong smiled and said: "I'm afraid, I'm afraid you will eat me!" He looked around and said: "Don't hide, let your people come out!"

  Ji Jiajia carried the bat on her shoulder, stuck the index finger of her left hand into her mouth, and blew a loud whistle.

  The roar of the engine resounded over the old industrial park, and the knights hidden in the industrial ruins filed out. There were more than 20 motorcycles, a total of 33 people, including several blond foreigners.

  Pan Weidong couldn't help laughing as he looked at the cobbled together unit: "Ji Jiajia, what a big scene."

  Ji Jiajia said: "Do you know you are afraid?"

  Pan Weidong said: "It's not fair, there are more than thirty of you, and we only have four."

  Ji Jiajia said triumphantly: "Pan Weidong, I have warned you a long time ago, don't think about our family."

  Pan Weidong looked at this little girl who didn't know the heights of the sky and the earth, and said with a voice: "I have to say that you are more kind than your father. Do you think that having more people can solve the problem?"

  Ji Jiajia took a step back, and the old bear said, "Jiajia, is this grandson bullying you?"

  Ji Jiajia nodded and said: "Brothers, give them some color to see..."

   Before she finished speaking, the three people behind Pan Weidong rushed towards the crowd like three hungry tigers.

Pan Weidong lit a cigarette in a calm manner. He was going to teach this little girl a good lesson today. Dominance in numbers is not the key to victory. The thirty-three people brought by Ji Jiajia looked menacing. Really just a bunch of rabble.

  The three people brought by Pan Weidong are all experienced warriors, and they have already knocked down eight of them in an instant.

These people in Ji Jiajia were greeted by Lao Xiong, some for the sake of friendship, and some for the sake of labor costs. Although many of these people are outdoor experts, most of them have no street fighting skills. From experience, at first I thought that my side had the upper hand and would undoubtedly win a crushing victory, but it was only after a fight did I realize that the three opponents were all fierce men with one against ten.

The convener here, the old bear, missed a punch, and was hit in the face by the opponent, then grabbed his long golden hair, and put his knee on his lower abdomen fiercely, the old bear screamed, clutching his stomach and falling fell to the ground.

  As soon as the old bear fell, morale collapsed immediately. Seeing their companions being knocked down one by one, they retreated one after another, and some of them had already escaped on motorcycles.

  Pan Weidong winked, and one of his men kicked away a big man standing in front of him, and rushed straight to Ji Jiajia.

   She reached out and tried to grab Ji Jiajia's braid, but when she was about to succeed, Ji Jiajia slipped sideways, twisted her waist, and escaped from his grasp like a spirit snake.

  The other party was also taken aback. He thought he was determined to win, but he didn't expect to be escaped by her.

   Trying to catch up again, Ji Jiajia has already jumped on the skateboard and fled to the distance.

  Pan Weidong got into the car and drove towards Ji Jiajia. During the chase, he knocked over two motorcycles one after another.

  Ji Jiajia heard the crashing sound behind her and became a little panicked. She turned around and saw that the Land Rover Defender was getting closer and closer to her.

   Ji Jiajia raised the bat in his hand and threw it at the car. The bat hit the windshield, arousing Pan Weidong's fierceness.

  Ji Jiajia desperately fled forward. At this time, a black X7 appeared in front of her.

  But she immediately saw Xu Chunliang driving the X7, Hua Zhuyue poked her head out of the car window, waved to her: "Get out of the way!"

  Ji Jiajia made a flexible turn and passed by the right side of the X7.

  Xu Chunliang stepped up the accelerator and rushed towards the opposite Land Rover Defender.

  Pan Weidong gritted his teeth, and he also stepped on the accelerator when he met on a narrow road.

  In Xu Chunliang's car, Zhou Deming was so frightened that he quickly buckled up his seat belt.

The distance between the two cars was getting closer and closer, Pan Weidong's face changed, and finally he chose to slam into the direction, and when he was about to collide, he changed the direction of the car, and the Land Rover Defender rushed down the main road crookedly, and the body was lost in the process. Out of balance and a rollover occurred.

  Pan Weidong unfastened his seat belt, climbed out of the car, held a stick in his hand, and wobbled towards Xu Chunliang.

  Before he raised his swing stick and waited for him to attack, Xu Chunliang rushed up like a cheetah, and punched him hard in the abdomen. This punch broke Pan Weidong's heart, and his legs limp and knelt down.

  The three thugs who came with Pan Weidong noticed the change here, gave up chasing Lao Xiong and his gang, and rushed over.

Xu Chunliang shook his head, and said to Ji Jiajia: "Look at it!" He cut into the enemy's camp with eight steps of the spirit snake. Facing the punches and kicks of the three people, he did not immediately counterattack. , shuttling between the three of them, no matter how intensively the opponent's fists and feet attacked and how fierce they were, they still couldn't touch the corner of his clothes.

  Ji Jiajia's eyes were shining brightly. Just now, she escaped one person's attack with the spirit snake's eight steps, but if the three of them surrounded her, she would not be as powerful as her master, and she worshiped Xu Chunliang more and more in her heart.

  Xu Chunliang calmed down, the three guys who besieged him were already out of breath, and Xu Chunliang was almost done teasing them, so he made a decisive move and tapped the acupuncture points of the three of them.

  The three men who were majestic just now, and they were ten strong, could only be captured in front of Xu Chunliang.

  Hua Zhuyue came to Pan Weidong, looked down at Pan Weidong: "Pan Weidong, do you still remember what I told you just now?"

  Pan Weidong held his stomach and cursed: "Stinky bitch, I won't let you go... Ouch."

  Hua Zhuyue kicked between his legs, and Pan Weidong lay down on the ground, clutching his crotch and wailing loudly in pain.

  Hua Zhuyue called Pan Tianhua in front of him.

  Pan Tianhua heard his son's wailing on the phone, and asked with concern, "Weidong? Weidong, what's wrong with you?"

  Hua Zhuyue said: "Mr. Pan, discipline your son well. If he dares to harm Jiajia again, I will deal with it according to the family rules."

   "Hua Zhuyue, what did you do to my son?"

  Hua Zhuyue hung up the phone.

Like a child who has done something wrong, Ji Jiajia came to Hua Zhuyue with her head drooping. Hua Zhuyue sighed and asked her to get rid of Lao Xiong and his gang first. Although more than a dozen of them were beaten, it was okay. No serious injuries.

   Today's incident was instigated by Ji Jiajia in the final analysis. If they came one step later, the consequences would be disastrous.

  Zhou Deming was quite frightened by the scene just now. He really thought that Xu Chunliang was going to hit him with his car. Looking at the upturned Land Rover Defender, he was still in shock. If Xu Chunliang changed the direction at that time, maybe they were the ones who overturned the car now.

  Xu Chunliang patted him on the shoulder and signaled him to get in the car.

  Ji Jiajia followed Zhou Deming into the car with her skateboard in hand.

  Hua Zhuyue drove away from the old industrial park, still angry because of Ji Jiajia's self-assertion: "Ji Jiajia, if you dare to make decisions on your own in the future, I will not care about you anymore."

  Ji Jiajia said: "I'll go to Master to discuss it first." She bumped Zhou Deming with her arm and said, "You testify to me, I met you at the door of Master."

  Zhou Deming nodded, he did meet Ji Jiajia.

  Hua Zhuyue said angrily: "Don't quibble, do you know who Pan Tianhua and his son are? They wish they could get rid of you now, but you are good enough to send them to your door."

  Ji Jiajia said: "I'm not going to teach him a lesson."

"The results of it?"

  Ji Jiajia stopped talking, and muttered in a low voice: "It's all my fault that I'm not as good as others, and I'm ashamed of Master."

  Xu Chunliang said: "It's good to know, I'm not afraid of you making troubles, but before making troubles, you have to weigh your own weight. More than 30 people have been called. It seems that the battle can be fought, but in fact none of them can fight."

  Ji Jiajia said: "I didn't expect them to be so bad. Master, you are the best. You singled out the three of them by yourself. It's like playing with them."

   "Stop flattering me, and you are not allowed to go out for a week from today."


   "Just because I am your master, if you dare to disobey your master's order, I will expel you from the master's school."

  (end of this chapter)