MTL - Great Medicine Without Borders-Chapter 644 Fight back

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  Chapter 644 Counter attack

  Ji Jiajia's reckless behavior today was like stabbing a hornet's nest. In the afternoon, the elder Jiu Shu and He Jingliang of the Lanhuamen came to ask Hua Zhuyue Xingshi for their crimes.

Hua Zhuyue had expected this result a long time ago. In this matter, it was indeed Ji Jiajia who provoked Pan Weidong first, and they belonged to the wrong party, but Hua Zhuyue would not admit it, and only said that Pan Weidong took the initiative to meet Ji Jiajia, trying to be unfavorable to him .

Uncle Jiu was so angry that his white beard pouted: "Don't hide it for her. We have already figured out the situation. Ji Jiajia gathered dozens of people to besiege Pan Weidong. It's nonsense, it's nonsense, if it's not for the sake of the sect master, Boss Pan has already called the police to arrest her."

  He Jingliang nodded and said: "A crazy girl who is underage, what qualifications does such a person have to lead us? If she is the head of the sect, it will be fine if she is allowed to be the head of the sect."

  Hua Zhuyue smiled lightly, and she took out the two materials she had prepared in advance and handed them to them respectively.

  He Jingliang's expression changed when he saw the content above.

  Uncle Jiu is the same, his breathing becomes rapid: "Hua Zhuyue, you... what do you mean?"

  Hua Zhuyue said: "Look carefully, is the above thing true?"

  He Jingliang grabbed the document and threw it on the table, pointed at Hua Zhuyue and said, "Hua Zhuyue, how dare you threaten me."

Hua Zhuyue said: "If you are not clean, don't blame others for finding your faults. The life and death of the sect master is uncertain, so you are busy electing Pan Tianhua to take over the position of sect master, and put aside the rules of the Lanhua sect. How much has he given you? benefit?"

Uncle Jiu said: "Don't you want to spout blood. We are considering the future development of Blue Star. As the head of the sect, Ji Buyao ran away without saying a word, ignoring so many fellow sects. With a serious illness, it is estimated that she will not live to be twenty years old, making her the head of the sect, wouldn't it push the Lanhua sect into a pit of fire."

Hua Zhuyue said: "According to the sect rules, Ji Jiajia inherits the position of sect master as a matter of course. You two, as shareholders of Blue Star, secretly betrayed the interests of Blue Star. If I reveal this matter, do you think other shareholders will be forgiven?" you?"

  The two were caught by Hua Zhuyue's weakness, looked at each other, and stopped talking.

Hua Zhuyue said: "Although Pan Tianhua is from the same sect, he has not made any contribution to the Orchid Sect these years. Mr. Ji's report is also related to his people."

  Uncle Jiu said: "If you want to commit a crime, there is nothing wrong with it. You really took great pains to prevent Pan Tianhua from ascending to the position of sect master."

Hua Zhuyue smiled and said: "Uncle Jiu, you have known Boss Ji longer than I do, and you should know Boss Ji's methods better than I do. To tell you the truth, Boss Ji left these two materials to me. I am loyal to the Orchid Sect, and I will never show these two documents. However, after Mr. Ji’s accident, the actions of the two of you are really disappointing. I can tell you that this is only part of it. If I want to, What the two seniors are facing is not just as simple as being ruined."

He Jingliang picked up the documents on the table again and read them from beginning to end. His back was drenched in cold sweat. He originally thought that Pan Tianhua had taken the initiative. Hua Zhuyue hadn't seen any movement for the past two days. He seemed to be everywhere. Passive, unexpectedly, she suddenly resorted to a big move, and the target was directly at the two of them.

  Hua Zhuyue is absolutely not exaggerating. This document alone can send him in. People in the Jianghu are most afraid of betraying fellow sects. Once she discloses these secrets to the public, going to jail will not solve the problem.

  He Jingliang said in a low voice, "What do you want?"

  Uncle Jiu is still brave: "Hua Zhuyue, you are now a mud bodhisattva, and you can't protect yourself when you cross the river. You think you can threaten us if you find a few black materials? If you have the guts, you can make it public. At worst, you will die together."

  Hua Zhuyue said: "Uncle Nine, it seems that you are old-fashioned. I am so young to die with you, I am not a big loser."

   "Just know!"

  Hua Zhuyue said: "But I am alone and have no worries. You are different. There are more than a dozen people in your family. Even if you don't think about yourself, you have to think about your family."

   "Bastard, you dare to threaten me!"

  Hua Zhuyue looked at Uncle Jiu coldly and said: "I will call you Uncle Jiu for your face, but if you don't give you face, you are an old dog with no talent or virtue!"

"You..." Uncle Jiu lost the battle with Hua Zhuyue. He didn't dare to bet that there was a reason why Hua Zhuyue could become Ji Buyao's most capable assistant. This woman is not only smart, but also capable. Spicy's low-key and passivity in the past few days was just a disguise, and it turned out that a counterattack had been brewing all along.

  He Jingliang said: "Hua Zhuyue, where is Mr. Ji?" He suddenly had a hunch that everything was arranged by Ji Buyao in advance, and Hua Zhuyue must know the inside story.

Hua Zhuyue said: "I don't know, but no matter where Mr. Ji goes, Lan Xing belongs to Ji's family." She took out two more documents: "The two of you still need to think carefully about your interests and Lan Xing. Stars are closely related, don't be fooled by those who have a heart, this is a new distribution plan, you can make a decision after reading it."

  That night, the OMMIA bar owned by Ho Tung was suddenly enforced. The police launched an operation against Ho Tung headquarters at the same time. Pan Tianhua and his son were also called in by the police for questioning.

  Pan Tianhua, who was determined to win the position of the head of the Orchid Sect, seemed to have been poured cold water on his head. Only then did he realize that something was wrong.

After the conflict between Ji Jiajia and Pan Weidong, the veterans of the Orchid Sect who had already supported him chose to stand in line with Ji Jiajia, and they all expressed their support for Ji Jiajia to take over as the head of the sect. The internal wind direction changed almost instantly. The minority has become the majority.

  News about Pan Tianhua's father and son's illegal business operations also sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, causing a commotion all over the city.

  Xu Chunliang made a special trip to Ji's house that night and handed the orchid order to Hua Zhuyue.

  Hua Zhuyue looked at the orchid order, and said softly: "With this orchid order, I can finally arrange Ji Jiajia's position in a legitimate way, thank you!"

  Xu Chunliang laughed: "You don't have to thank me, this orchid order was originally sent to me by you."

  Hua Zhuyue was stunned for a moment, and looked at Xu Chunliang with a pair of beautiful eyes: "Why do you say that?"

  Xu Chunliang said: "I forgot to congratulate you. The police have ruled out your suspicion. Pan Tianhua and his son are under investigation. It is estimated that they will have a lot of trouble this time."

  Hua Zhuyue said: "They are not clean in doing this kind of business, as long as they check, they will definitely find out the problem."

  Xu Chunliang said: "It's still your move that is better."

  Hua Zhuyue looked at Xu Chunliang, with a guilty expression on her pretty face: "When did you start to doubt me?"

Xu Chunliang said calmly: "I have never had any contact with Ji Buyao, how could he trust me to treat his daughter, unless someone he trusts recommends, and you said from the beginning that you didn't know Ji Buyao Why you are looking for me, this cannot withstand scrutiny."

  Hua Zhuyue said apologetically, "I'm worried that you will blame me for being troublesome."

Xu Chunliang shook his head and said: "I thought so at the beginning, but when I received the orchid order, I figured out the whole thing. The delivery time was before I met Ji Buyao. The holy object of the Orchid Gate was sent to me, a stranger, so there is a high probability that you know about it."

  Hua Zhuyue did not speak.

Xu Chunliang said: "Why don't we go over this matter from the beginning. Ji Buyao's disappearance should have been planned long ago. You have said many times before that Blue Star is facing a transformation. It's not that the business is bad, but that the company There are too many internal problems, which have attracted the attention of the police. If you continue to operate, something will happen to Blue Star, so you have been reducing the scale and transferring cash for the past two years."

  Hua Zhuyue silently poured a cup of coffee for Xu Chunliang, he was too smart to see through everything long ago.

  Xu Chunliang said: "But it's not easy for such a big company to clean up, not to mention that Ji Buyao is still the head of the Orchid Sect, so he came up with such a plan to die and live later."

  Hua Zhuyue said: "To gamble with your life for nothing, is the price too high?"

Xu Chunliang said: "No matter how capable Ji Buyao is for such a big plan, it will be difficult for him to implement it alone. He must have someone he trusts to cooperate. If I read correctly, Ji Buyao also suffered from ALS. Knowing that he will die soon, that's why he made such a decision. Everyone thought that Ji Buyao abandoned Lan Xing and fled, leaving all the troubles to you, but in fact, Ji Buyao took on all the troubles of Lan Xing in the past As soon as he left, there was no way to investigate many things. Although Lan Xing suffered a loss, the loss was acceptable to the Ji family, so you and Ji Jiajia could get rid of all the troubles and start over. Blue Star no longer has any hidden dangers."

  Hua Zhuyue took a sip of coffee, her gaze dropped, she didn't know if she didn't dare to look at Xu Chunliang, or she didn't want to.

Xu Chunliang said: "If you think about it carefully, there are many loopholes. A little girl escaped from under the noses of four well-trained bodyguards. It is an extremely absurd thing in itself. Although Ji Jiajia is rebellious, she is very smart, and she is not brainless. What is the purpose? Is it just a moment of anger?" Xu Chunliang shook his head and said: "I don't think it looks like it. It should be deliberately lured Pan Weidong into the game, and then shifted the responsibility for this matter to Pan Weidong, so that the inside of the Orchid Gate Take the moral high ground."

  Hua Zhuyue smiled indifferently: "I haven't found out that you are actually a conspiracy theorist in the past. If this is a conspiracy, why do you involve an irrelevant person?"

  Xu Chunliang said: "If Ji Jiajia just wanted to vent her anger on Pan Weidong, why did she go to me first?"

   "Perhaps because you are her master, she went to discuss with you."

  Xu Chunliang said: "She doesn't need to discuss it with me. The original purpose of her coming to me may be to want me to go with her as a helper, or it may be for fun."

  The second will be Shaowan.

  (end of this chapter)