MTL - My Beast Master is Really Not An Evil God-Chapter 153 Happy Rat Buddha, Strange BOSS (Ask for a monthly ticket)

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  Chapter 153 Huanxi Rat Buddha, Weird Boss (ask for a monthly ticket)

   "Triangle is the most stable shape, but I folded a corner, and the threat of these two evil beast masters is not so high."

  In the beginning, Lu Yu really wanted to be the sixth child, paddling the whole audience, but when he saw Liang Kui, the mastermind behind the scenes, actually set up a double-reel, and wanted to take the initiative to lead people into the secret realm, he immediately smelled a strong conspiracy.

  Whether the opponent really wants to use their strength to conquer the secret realm, or has set up a trap, it makes no difference to Lu Yu...

   Just destroy it and you're done!

  After the shot, he not only killed one of the masterminds behind the scenes, but also broke up the alliance.

   Kill two birds with one stone.

   Otherwise, he, a peak silver beast master, wants to **** the original ascending spirit fruit from a group of spiritual transformations, and there is a high probability that others will pick peaches.

  ‘According to the information, the original ascension tree is near the hive of the corrupt miasma bee. I don’t know if I will meet the queen bee who has transformed into a top-notch spiritually. '

  Thinking of this, Lu Yu glanced at Shushu exuding golden light, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

  What the **** is this guy thinking? Not only did he fill in the missing thoughts, but he also had a faint feeling of sublimation...

   Sure enough, no matter what serious skill it is, it will become weird in Shushu's hands.

   But it's not bad, at least the charm value has risen obviously, and it looks obviously more pleasing to the eye.

   This made Lu Yu couldn't help but think of the last time, the red fire ant queen was cheated by the rats for money and sex, and successfully harvested the mother lotus. Although the bees are not ants, they are also members of the Zerg race. You can try the old trick again...

   Shushu, who was still accumulating thoughts, noticed Lu Yu's gaze, turned his head immediately, and said suspiciously:

   "Cultivator, are you thinking about some bad things?"

  Lu Yu coughed lightly and said, "I'm just thinking about what it will be like for you to transform to the extreme in the future?"

   "Hmph, you have vision."

  Shushu was coaxed into a happy smile, and then asked curiously:

   "Then what did you think of? The emperor rat or the rat **** with thousands of faces?"

  Shushu feels that he still has a lot of room for improvement, and it is best to become...

   Big Sister Rat!

  The Heavenly Demon Lushu is not unacceptable.

   Lu Yu said with a serious expression:

   "Happy Buddha Rat."

  If it's Shushu...Maybe compete with Happy Mother Tree for the position of God of Lust!

   "Gluttony or Slothy Rat God is fine too!"

  Shushu: "..."

  I knew that this perverted cultivator had nothing good to say.


  Little Spider snickered aside, and at the same time thought in his heart, if Shushu really became like that, he could make a lot of dolls again.

  The owner can also make more dolls, so that the family can be happy together.

   "Come on!"

  Under the blessing of life honey and its own indestructible characteristics, Shushu quickly returned to its peak state, jumped onto the felt hat, waved its little paws, and couldn't wait to set off.

  Let it be the first time for Xiuren to be promoted to gold!


   At the same time, the ground on Lu Yu's left side suddenly shattered, and a figure suddenly emerged from the ground, attacking him.

   Lu Yu didn't seem to have heard of this, and just stretched out his hand to straighten the felt hat on his head.


  The moment the guy behind him approached, a white shadow fell from the sky, knocking him down instantly, shaking the ground, raising heavy sand, and mixing with miasma, blurring his vision.


  A gray-white cursed crow appeared, grabbed the attacker's head with its claws, pressed it into the ground, spread its wings, and looked proud, like the overlord of the sky.

   Underneath it was a huge centipede that kept struggling. The flesh and carapace on its body had already rotted, and they were barely connected together by tendons and skin, forming a grid-like rotten meat net. The arthropods that were like sharp knives were already in a state of rust, and their **** mouths were wide open, permeating the rotten breath.

   "The distorted form of the **** wind centipede, the pinnacle of elite strength, should have been eroded by its own spirituality in this corrupt miasma. Although it survived, it has also become ugly. The reason has been broken, and only the basic instincts have been retained..."

   Lu Yu glanced at it, and related information appeared in his mind. Beasts in a harsh environment, or created by evil **** rituals, need to pay attention to their spiritual conditions. If they are not careful, they will become spiritually unbalanced, go crazy, and finally deform into monsters.

  Although they can obtain powerful vitality through unrestrained absorption of spiritual power, their sanity will continue to decrease, and they will gradually go crazy, and the deformation of the body is almost irreversible...

  Even if he finally woke up, he found that he was left with only a lump of rotten flesh.

  The reason why human beings have risen so fast is not only that they can control their spirituality through the beast master, but a large part of the reason is because of the beast master space, or...spiritual puzzle!

  Excellent jigsaw puzzles can superimpose the spiritual thresholds between pets and increase the upper limit of sanity several times. In comparison, the surge in combat power is more like a bonus.

  In a twisted world, it is possible to maintain wisdom.

   is the greatest gift of the Supreme Mother River to mankind!

   "I don't know what kind of puzzle I will put together this time..."

   Lu Yu looked forward to it, and then walked in one direction.

   "Chi Chi!"

The fiery centipede aberration watched the "food" leave, twisted its body frantically, slapped the ground, desperately trying to break free, but was held down by the cursed crow, who bowed his head, and in his gray-white pupils, the petrification curse The text emerged, swept away by the power of a spell, and turned it into a stone sculpture in the blink of an eye.


   Curse Crow's claws used a little force to crush it, turning it into countless slags.

  As long as it is a life of flesh and blood, it will be affected by the curse of petrification.

   "Normally speaking, shouldn't there be a lot of corrupt miasma poisonous bees collecting honey, why not one..."

   Lu Yu was a little puzzled. He didn't see a special cleaner of the Nest of Corruption, but he didn't think much about it. It might be that these guys were driven by the queen bee to guard the edge of the original Ascension Tree.

  So he began to go deep into the lair of corruption, the more he went inside, the higher the concentration of miasma, even though he had taken the anti-poison medicine in advance, he still felt a tingling pain on the surface of his skin.

  If ordinary people enter here, they will be eroded in an instant, turning into a rotten "flower of flesh and blood" for the bees to collect honey.

  In addition to being highly poisonous, miasma also contains spiritual power, so most beast masters will also be affected by their vision and lose their sense of direction.

   "However... most of these don't include me!"

  Lu Yu smiled slightly. When he entered the secret realm, he asked the little spider to release fifteen flickering spiders and blood-eating worms to conduct a carpet-like search. Using living creatures as radars, they sent signals to each other to form a living map.

   Now, the information has been passed back.

  Lu Yu glanced at it, and not only confirmed the location of the original Ascension Tree, but also the location of some people, including Liang Kui's other two companions, the bald man and the old woman in black.

   "But I'm not a person who holds grudges, I just want to give them a gift before picking the fruit!"

  Lu Yu muttered in his heart, his body was engulfed by the miasma, and the petrified Curse Crow also flew up with wings, flying in the low sky with the other three Curse Crows.

   Walk under the gaze of the crows!


  On the other side, the bald man and the old woman in black also walked in the nest of corruption with ugly expressions. Their plans were disrupted, which made them quite embarrassed.

  The bald man gritted his teeth and said, "Who is this disciple? Why did he suddenly attack Liang Kui? Is there any enmity between them?"

   "I'm not his mother, how could I know so clearly."

  The old woman in black snarled angrily, looked at the bald man who wanted to get angry, and said sinisterly:

"Once Liang Kui died, many of the layouts I had prepared were useless. Now I have to rush to the original Ascension Tree and use the last resort to bury these beast masters. That person has a bad temper. If he can't finish it The task is not only useless, but our end will be miserable..."

   "Hmph, you don't need to tell me, I also know the consequences, let's go to the valley of miasma where the hive is located!"

  The bald man snorted coldly, suppressed the anger in his heart, and moved forward quickly along the path, and then encountered the attack of the mutant of the **** wind centipede.

  He took a look at this mutant, a mere peak elite, and didn't take it seriously, as long as it wasn't a corrupt miasma bee.


Without an order from the beastmaster, the Ice Mammoth raised one of its feet, ready to crush it to death like an ant. However, the moment it was about to touch, the Frosty Wind Centipede suddenly changed its appearance and became a disciple. Leaning on a civilized stick, he smiled lightly and said:

   "Everyone, we meet again!"

"not good!"

  The bald man and the old woman in black were shocked. Before they could react, a large number of roots of the thousand-faced soul tree intertwined behind the disciples, forming a cannon. The power of the ghost was condensed and compressed, and blasted out instantly!


   Armed with Thousand Faces—Ghost Broken Star Cannon!

   A cannon blasted out. Although the polar ice mammoth condensed the ice shield in time to block it, it couldn't hold back that it was an attack aimed at the soul. It penetrated directly and hit its soul.

   Ka Ka Ka!

  Hundreds of twisted "ghosts" penetrated the body of the polar ice mammoth, devoured the soul, and brought out a large number of soul fragments, causing tons of damage.


  The extreme ice mammoth wailed in pain, and the cold air subconsciously spread out of its body, almost spreading to the bald man. Although he dodged in time, a lot of frost still appeared on his clothes.

   "How dare you come!"

  The bald man was extremely furious. He was just about to join hands with the old woman in black to kill the disciple here, but he found that... this guy was gone.

   After firing a shot, run away!

  Such shameless behavior made them almost vomit blood.

   Too cheap,

  No bit of dignity for the strong!

   Next, they were attacked by disciples who turned into stones, trees, and even insects one after another. Although most of them were unsuccessful, there were a few times where they almost overturned.

  The most important thing is for the opponent to maintain the principle of "Missing a single hit, fleeing thousands of miles away" and not giving the slightest chance.

   Therefore, under this high-intensity attack, the spirits of the two also began to tense, and they were even close to the verge of collapse.

   "Damn it ah ah ah!"

   Another attack is over, the bald man with red eyes is angry, he can't wait to cramp the opponent's skin and tear him into pieces, but more is...


   "Where the hell..."

  His eyes were bloodshot, looking in all directions, as if everything around him came to life, flowers, trees, rocks, and even the miasma, all had life, looking at him with pairs of invisible eyes.

   For the first time, the bald man felt what it meant to be an enemy.

  He didn't know that the disciple was Lu Yu, he only knew that after killing Liang Kui, the other party was not in a hurry to get the original Ascension Fruit, but came to play with them, just like a...

   The devil who plays with people's hearts!

  Could it be one of those lunatics in the Brotherhood of the Faceless?

"did you find it?"

"not yet…"

   Just when the bald-headed man was in pain, the voice of the old woman in black came from behind him. Just as he was about to answer, he froze suddenly, and realized in his heart...

   This guy said he was going to investigate the situation. He probably didn't come back so soon, and he just left his sight. There is a high probability that it is fake, and he is a disciple in disguise.

"caught you!"

  The bald man roared, and the extreme ice mammoth curled up its nose and exhaled a icy breath. Fortunately, the dark demon condensed the dark shield in time to resist it, otherwise she would become an ice sculpture.

  The old woman in black was also frightened by the breath of death that was so close at hand, and backed away again and again, screaming:

   "Are you crazy?"

   "No, I thought it was a disciple..."

  The bald man was also dumbfounded, he didn't expect this to be true, but at this moment he couldn't tell the difference, his expression was distorted.

   "This guy is going crazy..."

  The old woman in black looked vigilant and subconsciously distanced herself.

   Yet again the scornful laughter of the disciples echoed, as if mocking their folly.

   Here he is again!

  The two of them didn't care about getting angry, and leaned back against each other, for fear that the other party would be attacked or transferred.

  Although the disciple did not launch an attack for a long time, the two did not dare to relax their vigilance at all, convinced that this guy was just waiting for an opportunity.

   This time, they absolutely must seize the opportunity and kill this bastard.

  However, when they were tortured mentally, Lu Yu had already crossed the corrupt jungle on the periphery.

  Curse crows and flickering spiders cleaned up miscellaneous fish along the way, and successfully entered the core of the miasma valley.

  The original Ascension Tree is in the center of the Miasma Valley.

  Shushu said excitedly: "Cultivator, you are such an old cunt!"

  It also likes this kind of battle that crushes the opponent with IQ.

  Although it is the IQ of cultivating people, but cultivating its.

  It joins forces with Xiuren, enough to play tricks on all beings!

   "Whether you can speak or not, this is called making good use of strategies, defeating the strong with the weak, forget it, the winner can say whatever they want... I finally understand the joy of the Faceless Brotherhood!"

  Lu Yu touched his chin. This kind of behavior of tricking people through ever-changing abilities is indeed very pleasant to the body and mind.

   If there was no miasma environment, Lu Yu would definitely not be the opponent of these two, but now he has fought a wave of guerrilla warfare through his transformation ability, easily breaking the mentality of the two spiritually transformed beast masters.

   In addition, he also put a bunch of radios that recorded laughter, creating the appearance that he was still preparing for a sneak attack, and successfully dragged the two enemies.

   In this way, no matter how many methods they had prepared beside the original Ascension Tree, they would still be unable to use them. By the time they realized it, Lu Yu had already picked the fruit and left.

   Wait until the ever-changing ability continues to improve, and after having the ability to replace the sense of existence, you can even try to mix into the Faceless Brotherhood.

  Lu Yu, who has the eye of truth, can see others, but others cannot see him.

  Use God's perspective to deceive people!

   Entering the valley of miasma, what you see is a dark green waterfall of miasma, the high concentration of miasma has condensed into water droplets, rushing down.

  There are a lot of rotting flesh and blood piled up on the ground, which can be seen from the bodies of various creatures, covering the entire valley, like a sea of ​​rotten flowers.

   And in the center of this "sea of ​​flowers", there is a huge bronze-colored tree, with a large number of branches spreading out, luxuriant in branches and leaves, shining with vast spiritual light, bright and dazzling.

   It is like a lotus flower born in the extreme filth, a lotus that emerges from the mud and is not stained!

  The majestic spiritual energy continued to gather on the trunk, and slowly condensed a green-gold fruit. Although it hadn't fully formed yet, it also made the spirituality in Lu Yu's body start to cheer.

   And this is the goal of Lu Yu's trip!

  The original Ascension Fruit that can transform into a golden rank!

  Faced with such a huge temptation, Lu Yu didn't approach in a hurry, and said slowly:

   "Is this how you treat guests?"

  The moment the voice fell, the sea of ​​rotten flowers began to tremble.


   Then, accompanied by a violent sound, the countless rotten flesh slowly floated up...

  In other words, this so-called sea of ​​corruption is floating!

After careful inspection, it was discovered that the carrion was actually adsorbed on the huge dark green honeycomb, continuously compressed and condensed together, filling most of the honeycomb, presenting a strange crystallization, like a Huge corrupt stars, suspended in the air.

  Buzz buzz!

The ear-piercing humming sounded layer upon layer, turning into sound waves that swept across the ears, deafening, and the dark green rotten miasma poisonous bees the size of a calf flew out of the unblocked honeycomb, fanning the thin air of rotten breath. Wings, constantly releasing poisonous miasma to the surroundings.

   They gathered together densely and turned into a dark cloud, covering the sky and covering the earth, dimming the world.

   Ka Ka Ka!

   At the top of the hive, a gap slowly opened. Just when Lu Yu thought he was going to climb out of the giant queen bee's head, a pale arm stretched out from inside, and then crawled out little by little.

   Appearing in front of him was a woman with dark green hair, her eyes were closed, and there were several dark green tear stains on her face.

  Although she looks beautiful, it's a pity...she only has a human upper body, and her lower body is connected to this huge corrupt hive, which looks very oppressive.

  This...there is no way to turn off the light!

  She slowly opened her eyes, but her pupils were compound eyes similar to insects, and her temples were surrounded by veins. Looking down at Lu Yu on the ground, she said slowly:

   "Human, your wisdom is beyond my expectation."

  Lu Yu spread his hands and said helplessly, "I never thought that the real mastermind behind the scenes would be you, Queen Bee..."

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  (end of this chapter)