MTL - My Beast Master is Really Not An Evil God-Chapter 154 The crumbs of the world! God Lu Yu operated! Shocking the Gold Rank

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  Chapter 154 The crumbs of the world! God Lu Yu operated! Hit the golden rank! (seeking a monthly ticket)

  Buzz buzz!

  The moment the voice fell, dozens of corrupt miasma poisonous bees arched their bodies, ejected and started, vibrating the corrupt bee wings, making a circle of sound waves, and using the poisonous needles at the tail as spears, they came in a surprise attack.

   Not only has the sharpness of penetrating iron and stone, but also has the poison that can kill people instantly.

  The meaning is very simple, only by surviving can you be eligible to hear the answer.

   "What a surly lady..."

Lu Yu shook his head, and lightly tapped the ground with the civilized stick in his hand, a tide-like shadow spread from between the sticks, and swept out in an instant, turning into a dark sky, covering and annihilating these corrupt miasma and poisonous bees in an instant, into nothingness.

  Elegant and calm.

"it's me."

  Seeing this scene, the half-human, half-hive queen nodded, staring at Lu Yu with compound eyes, and said curiously:

   "When did you find out?"


   Lu Yu replied confidently, and continued:

   "Anyway, it's not a loss to ask casually. I didn't expect you to admit it."


  The queen bee was silenced, and it was the first time that she had such a strong thought of killing the human being in front of her.

   This guy is really annoying!

   The reason why he didn't make a move was not because he didn't want to kill people, but because the human being in front of him had been sliding backwards "elegantly". Up to now, he had already opened a distance of 500 meters.

   Any further away, you can go to the other end of the horizon.

  It's outrageous!

In fact, Lu Yu didn't lie. He suspected that someone was responding inside the secret realm before, but according to the detection feedback of the live map composed of slave beasts, no other people were found. He thought it was hidden too deep, so Lu Yu kept it. Be vigilant, keep the eye of truth open, and...

  In the "sea of ​​flowers", there are densely packed and overlapping signs of corrupt miasma poisonous bees, which is enough to cause intensive phobia to directly cause cerebral hemorrhage.

  Especially the corrupt miasma poisonous bee, which is a characteristic of the secret realm, has been collecting nectar all year round, but it has disappeared. None of them is the biggest anomaly.

  So I asked casually, I didn't expect the monsters in this world to be so honest and simple, so I directly admitted it.

   At this point, Lu Yu's last doubts were also solved. No wonder Liang Kui and others went deep into the secret realm, and they were able to retreat completely in the face of this terrifying queen bee, and even set up beside the original Ascension Tree.

  I thought he was powerful, but he was caught directly, and turned into a **** in order to survive.

  However, the degree of danger is high, so let’s go far away first.

  Finally, the queen bee looked at Lu Yu who was gradually turning into a small dot, and took the initiative to say:

   "You want to get the original Ascension Fruit?"


  Lu Yu replied: "But my sister, I sell my body and not my art, no, I am a show of art and not my body. Although you are very beautiful, human cannons cannot penetrate the stars. It is impossible for us."

  The queen bee listened to the ridicule, but was not angry. Instead, her eyes were a little nostalgic, and she said:

   "He is also like you, he likes flirting, and he once said that he would marry me and be together forever..."

"【who is he?"

  Anyway, the original Ascension Fruit was not mature yet, and since the other party wanted to tell a story, Lu Yu was willing to play the role of fan.

  The queen bee said: "My beast master!"

   After the words fell, Lu Yu's eyes were fixed.

  The queen bee in front of me, who looks like the final boss in a weird game, turned out to be the beast of a beast master?

   And also said that he wanted to marry her!

  I’ve heard of riding snakes and caterpillars, but I didn’t expect even bees to be spared now!

  This old man is simply the scum of the world!

  Lu Yu asked curiously: "Then where did he go?"

   Could it be that this beast master is the mastermind behind all this?

   So where did he go?

   Logically speaking, it is impossible for a beast master to stay away from his pet beast. Could it be that he released the queen bee here like a certain super newcomer?

"he died."

   Speaking of this, the Queen Bee's expression gradually twisted, and she said ferociously:

   "Obviously having me is enough, why did you choose the rest of the beast, and said it was to build a spiritual puzzle, but he is lying to me, but after death, we can be together forever..."


  This is... the scumbag male beast master has met a sick and pet beast?

  Although it didn't do it according to the tone of voice, it seems that... this person is not dead, and he is not far away from being stabbed.

   Lu Yu's scalp was numb, his back was inexplicably cold, and he was a little scared, but the next moment, he suddenly reacted.

   "What am I afraid of?"

  I am not a beast master.

  The pets are all family members, plus the little spider is cute and sensible, Shushu... except for being astringent, Eggy only loves to eat, so it is impossible to become sickly.

   Lu Yu was glad in his heart, and heard the Queen Bee continue to say:

   "So I opened up this secret realm, waiting for an opportunity, only hoping that one day I can revive my lover..."

   "Wait, you said you are the pioneer of the Nest of Corruption Secret Realm?"

  Lu Yu froze for a moment, feeling something was wrong. Different from the time span of life, natural secrets are also part of nature. The time that mountains, rivers and rivers exist is a vast number.

The secret realm of the Nest of Corruption was not naturally conceived, it was developed later, but even the researchers were unable to determine the exact date of its existence. It can be speculated that it existed for at least hundreds or even thousands of years, and it was not the same period as the Chilong Tribe. strangeness.

   But there is a logical problem. Except for plants, turtles, and elves, some special long-lived species have a long lifespan and are of the same level. The lifespan of other monsters is not much different from that of humans.

  The Zerg generally have a short lifespan, and they can open up secret realms and live for thousands of years, at least at the peak of the monarch or even at the giant level.

  However, although the queen bee in front of me is powerful, she is also capable of spiritual transformation. She just controls the bee colony, and with the power of the Beastmaster system, she can crush ordinary spiritual transformation levels in this secret realm that excludes Morning Star from entering.

  Even so, he is not the overlord of the morning star, let alone a monarch or even a higher strength.

  The queen bee saw Lu Yu's doubts, and continued:

"In your human cognition, maybe only a complete soul or body is the self, but for me, I only need to completely cover the next carrier with my own memory before the end of my life, then a new me!"

   "In this way, I can live on until the day he comes back!"

The words are calm, but it contains a paranoia like a bottomless abyss, as if one can see a figure, when the life comes to an end, cover its own memory on a new individual, in the infinite hope, open New life!

  The original "queen bee" has long since died.

   But its love, beyond time!

   Lu Yu did not comment on this, because different lives have different perceptions of themselves.

  In his view, only the ego's soul and body are eternal, and they are eternal. Once they are replaced, they are no longer themselves. Therefore, even if he knew that he would have a high probability of becoming a world-destroying Abnormal Body after he died, he didn't want to die.

   After all, it’s not me anymore!

  The queen bee recognizes the memory, and the individual who carries that memory is the real one!

  ‘I didn’t expect to meet an old man. No wonder this secret realm has the ability to restrict the entry of Morning Star. It seems to be set by it...’

   Lu Yu thought about it in his heart, and then asked a question: "Is your beast master also a member of the Chilong tribe?"

   "Chilong tribe, I haven't heard this name for a long time, your origin is really not simple..."

  A look of surprise flashed in the Queen Bee's eyes, she shook her head and said:

"He is not from the Chilong tribe, but he is indeed related. I vaguely remember that many people in the Chilong tribe at that time called him a hero, a son of nature, and a green man, but in my eyes, he was just a selfish person…"

   "Ah yes yes yes!"

   Lu Yu echoed a few words, not interested in this kind of love affair, just wanted to get more information about that era, and analyze the real goal of Mother of Twilight.

  Maybe, it is possible to deduce the sealed position of His incarnation from this.

  The incarnation of the true **** is at least the material of the true king rank!

  If it can be found, there is every chance to make the highest quality secret food for evolution. Even if it is a secret food for skills, there is a chance to obtain the skills of guaranteed bottom legend and upper limit myth.

  So Lu Yu directly asked: "At that time, what happened? Was his death caused by the Mother of Twilight?"

   "You really know a lot, even about the Mother of Twilight. It seems that besides that person named Lu Yu, you have also obtained an ancient inheritance. As for that time..."

  The queen bee's eyes became empty, as if she was recalling something, her expression became painful, mixed with a trace of fear, but she soon calmed down, and said lightly:

   "His death has nothing to do with the Mother of Twilight, but this great existence is also yearning for those things, which involves secrets, which are related to the ultimate secret of this land.

  I can tell you this information, and I can also give you the original Ascension Fruit, but as a price, you need to do one thing for me. "

   Another Riddler!

  Lu Yu was speechless. These guys who have lived for a long time are all terribly shrewd. The most important thing is that he can't identify the other party's so-called truth. Is it true or false?

  If you can know what the Mother of Twilight wants, you can sort out the context of the whole thing.

   Lu Yu had many thoughts in his heart, but they disappeared in an instant, and asked calmly:

   "What do you want me to do? To attract the beast master to feed you?"


The queen bee nodded, and continued: "The birth of this secret realm combined all the powers of his beast-controlling space and the first generation of me. Over the long years, a complete small plane has been formed, which can be attached to the world to operate. .

But at the price of it, I dedicated it to the main world and obtained a certain amount of world authority. During the period of fusion of the secret realm, I can absorb the power of the land veins on the border to hold a ceremony. This process attracted the gift of the mother river, the original ascension That's how the tree was born.

But this is not enough. I need at least 20 beast masters who have achieved spiritual transformation among Muhe's most beloved human race as sacrifices, and use their beast master space to further enhance the essence of the secret realm and obtain more masters. The power of the world, with the power of the entire frontier, re-condenses its spirituality.

In fact, the best choice is that Lu Yu, who inherited the heritage of the Chilong Tribe, has what I want in him, and he can improve so quickly, there is a high probability that he has a special physique, and the effect of sacrifice will be better than that of ordinary beast masters. better.

   But forget it, as long as you can do it, plus the conditions mentioned before, I can also give you some treasure locations left over from before, as well as the experience and secrets for promotion to Huiyue, or even higher levels. "

  Original Holy Spirit Fruit! Ancient Treasure! The secret method of promotion!

   No wonder that group of people raped so hard, this is indeed an irresistible temptation.


  Lu Yu was not dazzled, and asked instead: "By the way, I and you are only meeting for the first time, why did you tell me so much information?"

  I am not the protagonist in the biography. Although the queen bee is a widow of a widow, there is no need to accept her head and worship, right?

   Or do you mean that you have some kind of traitor physique? Or is it an accompanying effect of the forbidden curse?

  Can a widow naturally have a good opinion of herself?

   "Even if I tell you, can you change anything?"

  Queen Bee's words made Lu Yu speechless for a moment.

   It seems that this is indeed the truth.

   Judging from the current information, the queen bee should be the core of the ceremony, and it needs to absorb the power of the earth veins to perform the ceremony, and it is temporarily unable to move out of this range.

  But it has a bee swarm army that has accumulated for decades, and its combat power is almost unmatched. It has been preparing for this step for at least decades.

   "Being polite to you, just because you resemble him, but..."

  The Queen Bee spoke calmly, then turned her head suddenly, looked in the direction of the original Ascension Tree, and said with a cold expression:

   "This doesn't mean you can make small moves in front of you."

   "The Wall of the Hive!"

   After the voice fell, the endless miasma suddenly condensed into a crystal wall shield, blocking the front of the original ascension tree, as if cutting the entire valley of miasma.


  Accompanied by a light impact, the little spider that was jumping in the void was directly ejected from the void.

  Because she used the power of a thousand faces to disguise her, she looked more like a spider banshee in appearance, which looked hideous and terrifying.

  ‘Obviously it’s just a barrier skill, but it involves the use of space! '

  Lu Yu was also a little shocked, the longer these guys lived, the more terrifying they became.

   At the same time, the corrupt miasma poisonous bee has surrounded it, and the poisonous needle at the tail shoots out.

   Ding Ding Ding!

   Seeing this, the little spider grasped the void, and the spider silk gathered out of thin air, turning into a three-dimensional spider silk shield, blocking all the poisonous needles.

However, the poisonous bees pressed forward step by step, ready to kill it here. However, the moment they approached, the spider silk shield suddenly split and condensed into several huge spider silk whips. Hand, suddenly thrown out.

  The spider silk whip was thrown in all directions, like a tornado, and all the corrupt miasma poisonous bees that had no time to escape were instantly crushed, turning into stumps and dark green blood mist.

  Line Skill—Strangling Tornado Line!

  Although hundreds of poisonous bees were killed, it was only a drop in the bucket for the entire bee colony.

   When the queen bee saw this scene, she flicked her fingers!

  Miasma turned into a huge poisonous needle and pierced through it, instantly tore the spider's silk shield condensed, and the terrifying impact force made it fly upside down and landed in Lu Yu's arms.


  The aftermath directly tore the ground, spreading several hundred-meter-long cracks.

   With just a single blow, the little spider was crushed.

  As a monster that inherited the memory of a suspected giant-level powerhouse, its own battle memory is terrifyingly strong, and its use of power has reached the point of four or two.

  At the same time, it has reached a very high level for both the Battle King system and the Beastmaster system, and can already be called the master of the master system.

  After all, the so-called dominant system itself is a special path extended from the ecological master level.

  At the level of spiritual transformation, it has been honed to the extreme. If it hadn't been deliberately hiding in the secret realm, it would have been able to enter the mother river and break through the morning star stage.

  Strong strength is the source of its confidence.

   Lu Yu looked down at the panting little spider in his arms, and said with concern:

   "Are you okay?"

   "Oh!" The little spider shook his head, looking humiliated.

  It always wanted to protect its master, but it was easily defeated again, which made the little spider feel a deep sense of frustration.

  It will become stronger!

   "Extraordinary and holy-level spider silk skills, you really have been surprising me..."

  The queen bee glanced at Lu Yu, and said with deep eyes:

   "This is the first and last time, you are not allowed to take what I don't give you, or I will kill you directly!"

  While speaking, the coercion of the Queen of the Bee Swarm swept over her, and her domineering aura leaked out, making Lu Yu feel suffocated.

  But he didn't explain anything, just smiled and said:

   "Isn't this showing my ability to the Queen?"


  The queen bee snorted coldly, and at the same time, the brilliance on the original Ascension Tree had also condensed to the extreme, and the vast spiritual energy gathered and directly turned into a funnel shape on the top of the tree.

  The majestic primitive spiritual energy poured down, continuously compressed and sublimated, and soon, a green-gold fruit was born, floating in the air, while the primitive Ascension Tree withered at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into fly ash.

  The queen bee held it in her hand casually, and said casually:

"The original Ascending Spirit Fruit, I can give it to you as a deposit first. Everyone only knows that it can help people transform into green-gold spiritual power when they are promoted to the golden rank, but they don't know that it can also be made into a potion to stabilize spirituality. , increasing the success rate of the morning star promotion ceremony by 30%."


   When Lu Yu heard that there was still such a good thing, he just took his things and ran away.


  The queen bee and Lu Yu stared at each other, but neither of them moved.

  The latter is the core area not to step into the valley of miasma.

  Lu Yu shouted: "Come here!"

   While speaking, he took another step back.


  The queen bee wanted to kill this guy more and more, but for the sake of the plan, she suppressed her anger and said:

   "I need to make a mark in your memory to prevent you from taking something and running away."


  Lu Yu frowned when he heard the words, showing a look of resistance, but he was really happy in his heart.

  Compared to other biographical protagonists, he doesn't care about all kinds of memory protection. He can't wait to see a strong person and let him see his memory.

  After all, the secrets of the underworld in his mind, the pictures about Emperor Zangkui, etc... All kinds of miscellaneous taboo memories are combined together.

  Especially the taboo sun, which made him extremely filthy. Under the taboo, basically anyone who saw it would feel disgusted, no different from seeing a lump of moving "Xiang".

   If you can directly use the Forbidden Sun memory to kill the Queen Bee, then you will simply win!

   Just don't be too urgent, otherwise people will see the problem.

  So Lu Yu frowned and said, "How do I know that you won't take the opportunity to do something to me?"

   "I can swear to the Supreme Mother River that I will not do any negative things to you except to give you a memory mark, otherwise it will make me spiritually unbalanced and deformed into a monster."

  The queen bee directly swears, the vast will is swept away, and the ancient contract is reached.

  Lu Yu hesitated again and again, as if he couldn't resist the temptation to increase his promotion probability by 30%, and then walked in. In his sleeves, he had already prepared the star leaf as his hole card.

   Without it, Lu Yu would not dare to take risks.

So he directly stepped into the center of gravity of the valley of miasma. The queen bee manipulated the huge corrupt hive, landed slowly, and threw the original ascension fruit to Lu Yu, accompanied by a vast spiritual force that swept over Lu Yu directly. .

   It followed the convention and only went into memory, leaving a mark.

  However, the queen bee who had done all this did not leave, but raised the corners of her mouth slightly, revealing an inexplicable smile.

  Because of the core information of the Chilong Tribe and the key to the Mother of Twilight, according to its understanding, only Lu Yu knows it.

  The person in front of him also used a spider silk-type pet beast. He had previously made him suspect that it was Lu Yu's disguise, but after the extraordinary and holy-quality spider silk skill appeared, he vetoed this conjecture.

   But even if it wasn't him, it definitely had something to do with Lu Yu.

  The queen bee promised not to do negative things, and never said not to look through his memory. This is a simple language loophole.

  So it started to flip through, but just after witnessing a few pictures, it felt something was wrong and cut off instantly, but there was still one picture imprinted deep in its mind.

  It was above a holy city, and a strange and inexplicable huge shadow column emerged, stretching through the ages, the body hidden in the mysterious world, like an ancient shadow, changing rapidly, turning, whirling, as if filled with a dark and ancient energy vortex.

Just by staring at it, the queen bee felt great danger. The entire corrupt hive began to tremble, and the originally compressed rotten flesh suddenly began to gather the spirit of death, and a large number of bones grew out of it, layer upon layer, like a tiger climbing a wall Generally, the entire hive is covered in an instant.


  Even the queen bee itself was affected, and the spirituality of her body began to show a trend of imbalance, and the power from the high dimension began to erode the hive.


  At this time, Lu Yu raised his head, feeling a little regretful. Just now, he had thought of so many pictures in his mind, but the taboo curse seal that had disappeared suddenly caused trouble, and only Emperor Zangkui, who had the least influence, was seen.

  If the sun is taboo, this wave can be eaten directly.

   After holding back this taboo curse seal for so long, it finally caused trouble again.

  However, Lu Yu was not disappointed. He stretched out his hand and pressed the hat, and said with a smile:

   "Ma'am, breaking the agreement and peeking at other people's memories are not good habits."

   The voice fell, and a huge poisonous needle like a sky pillar spread from the hive and fell, but it didn't hit Lu Yu, but passed through him.

  Fixed skills—blur!


  The ground was shattered, and a large number of cracks spread out, covering all directions, which instantly caused the entire valley of miasma to vibrate.

   "Sorry, I forgot to mention that the location I was just now is the weak point of the entire valley. If I attack forcefully, it will easily cause an earthquake!"

   Lu Yu, who had finished borrowing his strength, made up a knife, looked at the furious queen bee and the approaching bee swarm, and pointed to the sky:

   "Something seems to have come down."


  The queen bee was taken aback, not because she believed Lu Yu's words, but because she really sensed an abnormal aura above her. When she raised her head, she saw a corrupt miasma poisonous bee suddenly turned into a black-red dragon ant.

   Somehow, they got mixed into the bee colony.

   Whoosh whoosh!

  The blood-colored streamers flying on the body of the Huanghei Red Dragon Ant, the lines on the body light up, shining with boiling dragon energy, like a round of blood-colored light, showing absolute force.

   "Armed with Thousand Faces—The Head of the Dragon King!"

  Shushu roared in his heart, and the **** ribbons on his body quickly intertwined, turning into a crimson hundred-eyed dragon head, and opened its mouth wide.


  The boiling dragon's breath whizzed out, turning into a blood-colored beam of light that swept across, instantly hitting the queen bee who was still suppressing the power of the skeleton, and buried her, along with the entire hive, into the cracks in the ground.


  The valley collapsed, and a large amount of rubble piled down, instantly burying the queen bee underground.

  Buzz buzz!

   Even the swarm of bees started to make trouble at this moment, constantly attacking the gravel, trying to dig out the queen bee.


   When Lu Yu saw this scene, he was not surprised at all, and let the little spider run away with himself and Shushu blinking in the void.


  The Queen Bee will not be defeated at all!


   Sure enough, with the loud noise, countless gravels were shattered, raising dust soaring into the sky, directly filling the dome of the secret realm.

   "Human, you should die!"

  The queen bee's voice sounded, but there was anger in the calmness, like a volcano about to erupt, echoing in the secret realm.


  Lu Yu ran without looking back, but a miasma barrier swept in, like a sword cutting the earth, and all the flowers, plants and trees in a diameter were crushed into powder.

  If it weren't for Lu Yu's super vision aid with the Eye of Truth, he would almost have been split in two.

  However, he continued to run, and after dodging a few attacks, he quickly escaped from the Queen Bee's attack range.

   Seeing this scene, the queen bee said with cold eyes:

   "In that case, let me destroy everything myself!"

   As soon as the voice fell, hundreds of thousands of bee swarms swept out in a mighty manner, starting a frantic pursuit of Lu Yu.

  Compared to the lowly army of the Red Fire Ant Queen, this time it is a noble air force with extremely fast flying speed.

  Countless poisonous needles fell from the sky, and a large amount of miasma condensed, turning into a giant hand, and grabbed Lu Yu on the ground.

  Where you go, things (land) are different!

  Under the support of the entire secret realm, the power of the Beastmaster system is undoubtedly revealed, and even Lu Yu dare not look back.

   To be caught is not hehehe, but to be finished!

   On the other side, because there was too much movement about the birth of the original Ascension Tree, everyone rushed in this direction and gradually gathered together.

  Although I don't want to get close, but I don't mind keeping a distance, let's move forward together.

  Suddenly, the dense miasma suddenly dispersed, and the figures of the disciples walked out of it, making everyone feel as if they were facing an enemy.

  However, before they could speak, the disciples spoke first:

   "Very good, since I can catch up, then I will give you a chance to challenge and defeat my servant first!"

  After speaking, the disciple opened his hand, and behind him, a dense mass of corrupt miasma poisonous bees rushed out, with scarlet eyes staring at the figure on the ground, sweeping towards him like a tsunami.

   "Oops! This is already comparable to a wave of medium-sized monsters!"

   "The disciple actually controlled the bee swarm, this guy is really behind the scenes!"

   "Everyone join hands, or we will all die here!"

   "Kill the swarm first, and then the disciples!"


  Everyone was stunned, feeling that the crisis was coming, they quickly joined together and summoned all their pet beasts.

  Storm, magma, forest, thunder prison, etc., a large number of spiritual puzzles and characteristic battle formations are displayed at this moment. Countless elements are bombarded away, crushing a large number of bee colonies, and countless insect stumps fall like raindrops.

  Buzz buzz!

  The swarm of bees that were chasing and killing the disciples were attacked, and were also enraged by these humans. They fought together, and soon turned into a battlefield of flesh and blood.

   Various elements and poisonous needle bombing!

  Although the number of bee swarms is terrifying, but without the command of the queen bee, they barely resisted under the cooperation of many spiritual transformations.


   Qi Changhai's golden armored baboon also took a sudden step and punched.

   Vajra Fist!

The golden light gathered spirituality and turned into fists surging, smashing two hundred corrupt miasma poisonous bees that attacked, and then picked up a huge stone and smashed it away, smashing down hundreds of poisonous bees. The golden armor on his body ignored The rain of poisonous needles is like a **** of war.

   "It turns out that my golden armored baboon is really so strong!"

  Qi Wei's eyes lit up, and he looked at his silver-armored baboon, hoping that it would show up too.

  The latter shuddered, then turned his head and whistled, as if he hadn't seen it. In such a battlefield, it would be poked to death by the swarm of bees if it entered!

  It has just lived a small life with three wives and four concubines, so it doesn't want to die young.


  Qi Wei hated iron for being weak, but the camera in his hand never stopped. Fortunately, he kept filming and recorded the scene where the disciple just came out.

   But thinking of this, he also has a question:

   "Where did the disciples go?"

  When this question was asked, Qi Changhai was taken aback for a moment, and then asked loudly, making everyone react.

  Where did the disciple, the big boss, go?

   Didn’t see him mix into the crowd to make trouble?

   After asking around, there were not many people.

   "By the way, if these poisonous bees are the beasts of the disciples, then... where did the queen bee go?"

   Someone raised a question, which made everyone's eyes widen.

  Yes, where is the queen bee?

  If you really want to kill them, it stands to reason that the queen bee should control the army of slave beasts, link the bee colony through the Zerg network, and integrate them into one, so that the peak strength of the beast master system can be exerted!

  Instead of letting them consume these precious slave beasts that need resources to be cultivated in vain.

   No matter how rich you are, you are not such a prodigal!

  The more people thought about it, the more something was wrong. After recalling it, they found that the appearance of the disciple was also a bit embarrassing. It was more like being hunted down and running away than a BOSS.

   That is to say...

   "He took all the benefits, and we are here to take the blame!"

   A group of people got angry, and they were turned around by the disciples. Although they wanted to find this guy, the poisonous bees were coming so fiercely that they could only resist.

"Son of a bitch…"

  The resentment rose in the hearts of the people, and they vented all their resentment on the bee colony.

   Qi Wei looked at this scene, and was amazed at the wisdom of the disciples.

   Playing all beings in the palm of your hand, this is the real wisdom of the strong!

   The style is second only to collectors, and Lu Yu is a lot worse than him!

   Write it down, go back and edit the video, and open a special session for disciples!

   On the other side, Lu Yu, who attracted everyone's firepower, found a quiet and hidden cave. After ensuring safety, he took out the green-gold original Ascension Fruit, with a smile on the corner of his mouth:

   "Next, it's time to advance to the gold rank!"

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  (end of this chapter)