MTL - My Spy Years-Chapter 1067v3 The night is like ink (ask for a monthly ticket)

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  After Li Hao left.

  Cheng Qianfan just sat on the chair like that, he picked up a box of cigars on the table, took out one, opened the drawer, and took out that exquisite set of small gold scissors.

  He trims the cigar slowly.

  His thoughts are running fast, he is thinking.

  Why did No. 76 suddenly arrest Hua Bingren?

   This question bothered him.

  Hua Bingren himself is under Zhang Xiaolin's cheap brother-in-law Mi Gen, and he is also considered a small leader within the New Asia Peace Promotion Association. There is no reason for the Secret Service Headquarters to attack Hua Bingren suddenly.

  Hua Bingren is because the possibility of exposure of his identity as a secret agent of the Shanghai Special Intelligence Unit is very low.

   So, he got caught suddenly, which is—

   Because of something, or someone was implicated?


  Cheng Qianfan's heart suddenly moved.

  Hua Bingren is Meagan's subordinate.

  Liu Yuchu's usual cover identity is also a member of the Youth Gang. The leader above Liu Yuchu is Hu Tianming, who is one of Meagan's right-hand men.

  Based on this, Liu Yuchu can also be regarded as Meagan's subordinate.

   Therefore, it is not ruled out that Hua Bingren and Liu Yuchu are friends within the Youth Gang, or even have a relatively close relationship—

  Considering Hua Bingren's character of loyalty and generous disposition, Liu Yuchu is also a hero, and it is possible for the two to become friends.

  Cheng Qianfan smiled wryly and shook his head.

  He is 60 to 70% sure that Hua Bingren was arrested because he was relatively close to Liu Yuchu.

  However, this is just a guess, it cannot be counted, and it needs to be confirmed.

  Yes, he didn't know whether Hua Bingren and Liu Yuchu were friends.

  Hua Bingren is a secret intelligence officer of the special intelligence team, directly under Hao Zai, the leader of the second intelligence team. Except for him and Haozi, no one else knows Hua Bingren's identity.

  The same Hua Bingren didn't know that Liu Yuchu was the deputy leader of the second operation group of the special situation group.

  It is impossible and will not have any horizontal connection between the two of them.

  Because of this, Liu Yuchu took the initiative to stand up to die and block the enemy. Cheng Qianfan never thought that Liu Yuchu's exposure would implicate Hua Bingren, nor did he think of arranging Hua Bingren to retreat.

  In fact, because there is no possibility of horizontal contact between the two, even if he knew that Liu Yuchu and Hua Bingren were friends before, he would not order Hua Bingren to retreat hastily.

  Cheng Qianfan flicked the lighter, lit a candle made of Lishui pine oil, and carefully smoked the cigar.

   His brows were furrowed.

  Although he now speculates that Hua Bingren may have been arrested because he was implicated by Liu Yuchu, this shows that No. 76 has not grasped other information about Hua Bingren, and the possibility of Hua Bingren's exposure is further reduced.

  He was thinking, wasn't his deployment just too much?

  Especially ordering the special forces team to rush to the rescue at night, is this a big move?

  Cheng Qianfan shook his head, his expression resolute.

  Underground lurking work, there is no chance of luck!

  Hua Bingren was implicated by Liu Yuchu's exposure. This is just his guess, and it has not been confirmed. What if Huazi's carelessness caused the enemy's suspicion and was exposed?

  In addition, even if Hua Bingren was indeed implicated because he was a friend with Liu Yuchu and was arrested and interrogated, it does not rule out the possibility that Hua Bingren was exposed due to unexpected circumstances, or even sentenced to rebellion.

   At this stage, Hua Bingren was taken away by No. 76 for some reason. This is very important, but it doesn't seem to be that important.

  It is very important because specific things need to be analyzed in detail, and then dealt with **** for tat.

   It doesn't matter because Hua Bingren is now arrested by No. 76. This incident alone is enough to constitute a very dangerous incident!

  The embankment of a thousand miles collapsed in an ant nest!

   He can't help but be careless!


   Cheng Mansion.

  Li Hao found Chen Hu.

   "Shots were fired in Beidan District tonight, and the situation is a bit chaotic." He told Chen Hu, "Be sure to strengthen the defenses in the house and surrounding areas, and don't let the villains disturb the sister-in-law, the young master and Miss Bao."

   "Brother Hao, don't worry." Chen Hu took the cigarette handed over by Li Hao and put it behind his ear, "I'll keep an eye on it myself."

  Li Hao patted Chen Hu on the shoulder, turned around and entered the living room.

   "Sister-in-law." Seeing Bai Ruolan coming down from the stairs wearing a coat, Li Hao hurriedly greeted her.

   "Where's Qian Fan?" Bai Ruolan asked, "Did something happen?"

   "It's nothing, it's the Pétain District that has an accident, not the Central District." Li Hao said with a smile.

  Bai Ruolan breathed a sigh of relief, "Is your Brother Fan very drunk again? Every time you promise to say you're not drunk, you forget it."

   "Brother Fan has sobered up now, but he still feels a little uncomfortable." Li Hao said, "Brother Fan suddenly wants to eat the sour soup noodles made by Miss Zhou. I am here to pick up Miss Zhou."

  Bai Ruolan suddenly took a deep look at Li Hao, "Is it really all right? Could it be that he got drunk and got into the bed of some little vixen?"

   "No, no." Li Hao quickly waved his hands and said with a wry smile, "Brother Fan is really in the patrol room. If sister-in-law doesn't believe it, you can call the office."

   "Nothing is the best." Bai Ruolan snorted coldly, and looked at Zhou Ru who was about to go out with a basket, she yawned, "It's just that he has a rich belly, wants to eat sour noodle soup, and still tosses Zhou Ru in the middle of the night."

  Zhou Ru smiled, but said nothing.

  Bai Ruolan went back upstairs, she raised a corner of the curtain, and watched Li Hao drive Zhou Ru out of the gate of Cheng Mansion.

  The headlights pierced the dark night, and the taillights gradually faded away.

  Placing down the curtains, Bai Ruolan remained silent. In the end, her worries turned into a long sigh.


   Father Kim Road.

   "You cook the noodles for me, and I'll send the report." Zhou Ru said with a serious expression.

   "Okay." Li Hao nodded, he can cook, but his cooking skills are average, so cooking noodles is naturally no problem.

   After Zhou Ru successfully sent the report from the bedroom, Li Hao's cooked noodles were ready.

   Zhou Ru took a sip and frowned.

"What's wrong?"

   "The sour taste is unnatural, you rely on adding more vinegar." Zhou Ru shook her head.

   "My cooking skills can't compare to yours, so let's just do it, I have to go back before the face rots." Li Hao took out his pocket watch to check the time.

ten minutes later.

   "Put the noodles here." Cheng Qianfan called out to Haozi who was carrying an insulated lunch box.

   Haozi glanced at Brother Fan who was smoking and chatting with Lao Huang in the medical room, passed the aluminum lunch box over, and asked with a smile, "Brother Fan, do you want some side dishes? How about I get some braised vegetables."

   "Braised vegetables? This is good, some pig ears." Lao Huang immediately shouted.

   "Forget it." Cheng Qianfan shook his head, "I feel sick to my stomach, so I just want this sour noodle soup."

  He waved his hand at Li Hao, "Go and start the car, I have a headache, the office is uncomfortable, I want to sleep."


  Watching Li Hao turn and leave, Lao Huang stepped forward to close the door, he turned his head with a serious expression, "Is the situation so serious?"

   "Pull one to mobilize the whole body." Cheng Qianfan nodded, "Once there is a problem with Hua Bingren, big things will happen."

  He looked at Lao Huang with a serious expression, "Try not to have too much contact with me these two days, and of course, don't deliberately avoid suspicion, everything is as usual."

   He pauses, "If, I mean if—"

  Old Huang frowned.

"If I'm arrested, on your side, there are comrades 'Abacus', 'Harmonica', and 'Flying Fish', find a reason to leave Shanghai for a while, and come back after confirming the news that I'm dead. "

   "Comrade Huo Miao!" Lao Huang's expression was extremely serious.

"Let me finish my sentence." Cheng Qianfan's expression was serious and solemn. He waved his hand to stop Lao Huang from speaking, and continued, "Comrade 'Piano', I am now the secretary of the special party branch of the French Concession, representing the organization talk to you."

   "Yes, Secretary Cheng."

"I believe in my loyalty to the party and the people, but we must be prepared for the worst." Cheng Qianfan smiled, "So, if something happens to me, you can come back and continue fighting until the news of my sacrifice is confirmed. !"

   "Yes!" Lao Huang's eyes were somewhat cloudy due to alcohol damage.

   "In addition, I would like to make a small request as an ordinary party member and a comrade-in-arms." Cheng Qianfan said.

"you say."

   "If I'm gone, I must protect Xiaobao. In addition, I hope that the organization can protect my lover and children as much as possible." Cheng Qianfan said with a smile.

   After speaking, he didn't wait for Lao Huang to speak, picked up the aluminum lunch box, and ate the sour soup noodles whole.

  Suddenly, Cheng Qianfan frowned.

   "What's wrong?" Lao Huang asked.

   "Nothing." Cheng Qianfan shook his head.

   This noodle is definitely not made by Zhou Ru, but by Haozi. This is a seemingly inconspicuous detail. If this bowl of noodles is eaten by others, it will be a fatal doubt.

  Cheng Qianfan put the aluminum lunch box on the table, said with a smile, "Old Huang, I'm going to sleep, the lunch box helped me wash it."

   "This lunch box is good." Lao Huang laughed.

   "You old bastard, I'll take advantage of everything, so I'll give it to you." Cheng Qianfan scolded with a smile.

   "I don't want it." Lao Huang yawned, "I will return it to you after washing."

  Cheng Qianfan stopped in his leaving footsteps, without looking back, he opened the door, and disappeared into the world of dense night and dim street lights in the courtyard.


  Xin Kangli.

   This is a small alley next to Xue Huali Road.

  In order to make it easier for Mr. Cheng to have a more comfortable rest environment after busy work, enthusiastic citizens volunteered to donate this Shikumen residence.

  Xiao Cheng always pushes back again and again, but accepts it hard.

  However, Cheng Qianfan was not very satisfied with the outdated decoration style of the room here, so he ordered Li Hao to redecorate it.

  Second floor.

  Cheng Qianfan lifted a corner of the curtain and looked outside. The night was dark and there was nothing unusual.

   "Stay here and help me cover up." Cheng Qianfan said, "Remember, no matter what happens, don't panic."

   "Brother Fan, I remember." Haozi nodded.

  Cheng Qianfan opened the safe, took out a violin case from inside, opened it, and inside was a Chicago typewriter.

  He checked the gun carefully, and after confirming that everything was normal, he put the gun into the violin case and closed the case.

  Cheng Qianfan puts on makeup in the coat mirror.

  He put on a wig, a slightly shaggy curly kind.

   Glue on a beautiful beard.

  Put on flat gold-rimmed glasses.

   Picked up a Browning pistol with the number worn out, put it in the belt behind him, and put on a thin windbreaker.

   Picking up the violin case, at first glance, it looks like a music teacher.

   "You cooked the sour soup noodles, right?" Cheng Qianfan said suddenly before leaving the door.

   "Yes, time is running out, so I will..." Li Hao said.

   "Haozi, remember, the more time is running out, the more urgent the situation is, the more you can't panic or mess up." Cheng Qianfan said with a serious expression.

   "If someone else takes a bite of this noodle, they will be exposed." Patting Haozi on the shoulder, Cheng Qianfan said with a smile.

   "I see." Haozi is not stupid, he understood after a little thought, cold sweat broke out on his back, and he nodded with a serious expression.

   Watching Brother Fan leave through the secret passage, Li Hao returned to the second floor. He first turned off the incandescent lamp, and then left the night light on the bedside.

   "Brother Fan, I went to sleep next door. I need something to call me." Li Hao said.

  Backing back to the next room, he went to bed and lay down with his clothes on. He kept the lights on, closed his eyes, and soon began to snore.


  A safe house is about two streets away from Xinkangli.

  When Cheng Qianfan arrived, Haozai and Taozi were already waiting for him.

   "Team leader."

   "Team leader."

  The two saluted the group leader of 'Xiao Mian'.

  Cheng Qianfan briefly told the two of the major events that happened tonight.

   "If you don't understand anything, just ask."

  Taozi and Haozai looked at each other, and they asked questions one after another.

   "Team leader, can you confirm that Deputy Team Leader Liu died in the country?" Hao Zai asked a key question.

   "We can't confirm for now." Cheng Qianfan shook his head.

There was a big problem inside the police station in Betain District. Vaseline was so focused on following the Japanese that when the police station entered the scene of the crime, No. 76 had already dealt with everything, not even a dead body or a wounded person. .

   Hao Zai frowned and didn't ask any more questions.

"I agree with the team leader's judgment. Hua Bingren's arrest may be related to Deputy Team Leader Liu's exposure. Someone should have recognized Deputy Team Leader Liu." Taozi looked at Haozai, "Deputy Team Leader Liu was in Megan Under Meagan, Hua Zi is also under Meagan, what is the friendship between these two?"

   "Hua Zi is very popular within the Green Gang." Hao Zai said, he frowned, "In order to avoid too much contact with Hua Zi, I will not contact him unless there is a mission."

Cheng Qianfan nodded. What Haozai meant was that judging from Hua Bingren's temperament, he and Liu Yuchu should know each other, and even have a good relationship. However, for safety reasons, Haozai has always tried to avoid too much with Huazi. Contact, so, is just guesswork, not knowing the exact situation.

  In fact, this is what Cheng Qianfan has always asked for. For secret intelligence agents like Hua Bingren, we should try our best to minimize meetings, unless it is really necessary, try not to contact them.

  This arrangement, now it seems that there are indeed advantages and disadvantages.

   "Peach." Cheng Qianfan looked at Qiao Chuntao, "Zhang Xiaolin's people were arrested by No. 76, Xia Wenqiao should be interested."

   "Understood." Tao Zi's eyes lit up and she nodded.

  Cheng Qianfan looked at Haozai again, "Haozai, after dawn, there will be a case involving the French Concession in Suzhou, and you need to bring someone to handle it."

   "Team leader, I—" Hao Zai understands the danger of this incident, although he understands that Brother Fan's arrangement is correct, but he doesn't want to leave Shanghai at this time, he is worried about Brother Fan.

   "This is an order." Cheng Qianfan said in a deep voice, "After you leave, the second intelligence team will disperse and lurk, and keep silent."




  The night is like ink.

  Luxingo was lying on a pit, covered by lush weeds on both sides.

  His gun aimed at the Japanese soldiers standing guard at the gate of the gun tower.

   "It's so far away, can you shoot accurately?" Jiang Mule asked in a low voice, lying on his stomach beside him.

  Lu Xingge tilted his head slightly, squinted at Jiang Mule, and the corner of his mouth raised a proud arc, "Don't worry."

  Jiang Mule grinned, covering his mouth and daring not to make a sound.

  After getting along with each other for this period of time, he has already figured out the temper of his partner. It seems a little arrogant, but in fact this is a good guy without those twists and turns. He is straightforward and easy to get along with.

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