MTL - My Spy Years-Chapter 1068v3 Farce (ask for a monthly ticket)

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  Chapter 1068 Farce (seeking a monthly ticket)

   There was a 'bang' gunshot.

  The bullet accurately hit the upper abdomen of the Japanese sentry in the watchtower, and the latter fell to the ground.

  The gunshots 'awakened' the Japanese army, and a Japanese sergeant carried a saber to the third floor from the camp area on the second floor.

   "What's going on? Where is the gun shot?"

   "Report sir, there is an enemy sneak attack at that place."

   "Turn on the lights." The Japanese Army Sergeant Cao ordered with a sullen face.

  The searchlight on the turret was turned on, illuminating the surroundings like daylight, and it happened that two figures were fleeing in a hurry.

   "Shoot!" The Japanese army sergeant waved his command knife and ordered through gritted teeth.

Da da da.

  Lu Xingge hit a hit and didn't like to fight. He and Jiang Mule were like hunters who succeeded in sneak attack, carrying spears and fleeing in a 'panic'.

   "Sir, there are only two of them, do you want to pursue them?"

  The Japanese Sergeant Cao had a serious expression on his face. He set up his binoculars and looked out from the observation port, then shook his head, "Be careful of the trap."

  He suspected that the opponent was the guerrilla group that was quite active in Chuansha.

  The Zhujiazhuang bunker was also attacked in the same way at the beginning of the month. The garrison sent half a squad to pursue it, but they encountered an ambush circle set up by the opponent long ago.

Eight Japanese soldiers were surrounded by guerrillas and stood by for help. Although they were later supported by the garrison at Zhujiazhuang Fort headquarters, they successfully defeated the enemy after nearly half an hour of fierce fighting and killed more than ten guerrillas. However, there were also three warriors on the locust army's side. Yu Sui, and four other people were seriously injured, and the battle damage ratio was close to one to two.

  This incident shocked all the strongholds in Pudong, and they were also extremely vigilant about the combat effectiveness of this guerrilla unit under the banner of the third detachment of the Shanghai Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Zone.

   "Report to the commander and deputy commander, the Japanese army did not pursue." Xu Zhengrong reported.

   "This Shigeo is very cautious." Lu Xinggo said with a frown.

  According to the inquired information, the Japanese soldier Cao Chongxiong in this blockhouse was brutal and took pleasure in torturing and killing ordinary people.

   "Retreat!" Jiang Mule said, "The enemy is not fooled. On the one hand, they are cautious, and on the other hand, they may be holding back."

   "Old Tan is right, we can't ambush and be ambushed by the enemy instead." Lu Xingge waved his hand, "Retreat."

   Following Jiang Mule and Lu Xingge's orders, dozens of rangers emerged from the weeds in the ditch from the night, quickly evacuated, and disappeared into the night.

   Just returned to the station.

   "Commander, Deputy Commander." Zheng Ruiqiu, the leader of the telegram team, rushed up to meet him, "Sir, there is an urgent call."

  Jiang Mule and Lu Xingge all looked solemn.

  Their armed force is directly under the team leader Xiao Mian. In a sense, only Xiao Mian can send a telegram to the headquarters.

  Therefore, the officer that Zheng Ruiqiu spoke of must be Team Leader Xiao Mian.

  Jiang Mule took the telegram, glanced at it, and handed the telegram to Luxingo.

  Lu Xingge's expression was extremely serious, and he said in a deep voice, "Something happened in Shanghai."

  He said to Jiang Mule, "Old Tan, you stay at the station, and I will take people back to Shanghai."

   "You stay, I'll go." Ginger Mule shook his head.

   "Old Tan, don't argue with me yet, just listen to me explain why." Lu Xingge smiled.

  Ginger mule snorted, meaning I just listen to what flowers you can come up with.

   "I know Shanghai better than you."

   "There are many people who know you, which is dangerous."

  Lu Xingge smiled and did not refute on this topic, he continued, "I can speak Japanese."

   "When did you know Japanese?" Jiang Mule was surprised.

  Lu Xingge smiled arrogantly, which means that I know more things.

   "My marksmanship is better than yours."

   "I am better than you."

   "I graduated with honors from the Central Army Military Academy, you know that, if you are in the team..." Lu Xingge talked eloquently, "My classmates are at least..."

  Lu Xingge was silent for a while.

   "What's the matter, are they all battalion commanders? Regiment commander?" Jiang Mule said.

"All, martyred for the country." Lu Xingge's voice was low. He was the ninth batch of the Central Army Military Academy. There were 16 people in their dormitory. Five of them died in the Songhu battlefield two years ago, four died in the defense of Nanjing, and two died in Taierzhuang.

  In a dormitory for fifteen people, only three of them survived including him!

   "You go." Jiang Mule smoked a cigarette sullenly, and said, "Smoking thirty brothers."

  He handed Luxingo a cigarette, "It's agreed, come back alive."

   "Great Shanghai is not a dragon's pool and a tiger's den." Lu Xingge chuckled, seeing Jiang Mule's serious expression, he also became serious, "The Japanese pirates are not destroyed, how dare you go first!"


  Cheng Qianfan quickened his pace.

  He listened carefully.

  The person behind him also quickened his pace.

   He frowned slightly.

  After a secret meeting with Tao Zi and Hao Zai to deploy an emergency plan, he hurried back.

   In front of him is Tong Kangli, but suddenly he found someone sneaking behind him.

  Cheng Qianfan's heart skipped a beat.

  At the intersection ahead, he turned right and entered the main road.

   Half an hour later, Cheng Qianfan came to the door of a Shikumen residence.

  He pretended to take out the key to open the door, and then acted as if he suddenly found someone following him. He immediately picked up the violin case on the ground and walked away quickly.

  The stalker was in a hurry, first ran to the door of this residential house, took out chalk from his body, made a mark on the door, and then continued to chase.

   Just chased into an alley, but there was no one there.

  The man spat on the ground and cursed.

   This is a hallway.

  The night wind is a bit strong.

  Suddenly, a person jumped down from the wall, one arm tightly wrapped around the stalker's neck from behind, and a sharp dagger was pressed against the person's throat.

   "Don't move, don't shout, be good!" Cheng Qianfan's voice was hoarse, low and gentle.

  The stalker was so frightened that he didn't dare to move, "The good man spares his life, the good man spares his life."

   "Why follow me?"

   "The hero misunderstood."

   "Not honest!" Cheng Qianfan exerted force on his wrist, and the sharp dagger immediately pierced the skin of the man's neck, and blood flowed out.

   "I said, I said."

   "Your identity, why are you following me?"

   "Hero, I'm from the detective team of the police station. I'm going to recite today. I have no money in my hand. You are alone..."

  Cheng Qianfan frowned, covered the man's mouth and nose with his left hand, and stabbed hard with the dagger in his right hand.

  When the blood oozed out, the man crouched down hugging his open neck.

  He bent down and rummaged through this person's body, and sure enough, he found a certificate from the Detective Brigade of the Police Department of the Shanghai Puppet Regime, and a Japanese-style southern pistol.

  Cheng Qianfan is very familiar with the streets and alleys of the French Concession. The reason why he chose to do it here is because he is ready for the finishing touches.

  There is a public toilet not far away.

  Cheng Qianfan dragged the body to the public toilet and threw it directly into the cesspit. The ID was also lit with a match.


   "Brother Fan, are you injured?" Li Hao heard the movement, came to the bedroom, sniffed his nose, and asked.

  Brother Fan didn't turn on the light, but Li Hao still smelled a faint smell of blood.

   "I'm fine." Cheng Qianfan said, "I dealt with a tail on the way."

   "Did someone follow you?" Haozi asked immediately.

   "Probably not." Cheng Qianfan shook his head.

  He reckoned that the guy from the detective team wasn't lying, but he couldn't tell.

  So, for the sake of safety, he can only choose to lure this person away, and then decisively silence him.

  Going to the beach, at night, dead people are too normal.


  The next day.

  Li Hao went out to buy breakfast.

  Cheng Qianfan was holding a glutinous rice cake in his hand, and was eating slowly.

Jingle Bell.

  The phone rings.

  Cheng Qianfan looked at Li Hao, and Haozi walked over to answer the phone.

   "Brother Fan, it's Mr. Araki." Hiroko said.

  Cheng Qianfan put down the glutinous rice cake, clapped his hands, picked up the phone receiver, "Araki-kun."

   Afterwards, his face became serious, covering the microphone with his right hand, Cheng Qianfan winked at Haozi, and said, "Haozi, you stare outside."


  Watching Li Hao leave, Cheng Qianfan said respectfully, "Chairman."

He explained cautiously, "Section Chief, it's not that my subordinates didn't go to the Pétain District to investigate. The subordinates sent people to check. The staff from the Secret Service Headquarters cleaned the scene very cleanly. The subordinates have already arranged for people to go through the Pétain District patrol room to inquire about intelligence. gone."

  Sanben Jiro waited for Miyazaki Kentaro to explain, then snorted, "What day is today? Do you remember?"

   "Today..." Cheng Qianfan frowned, thinking hard, and muttered in his mouth, "The birthday of the section chief? No, Madam's birthday? Not..."

   "Bag duck!" Sanben Jiro reprimanded, "What are you remembering in your mind all day long?!"

   "Yes, the subordinate has neglected his duty."

   "You go to the patrol room now, the deer expert is already waiting for you in the patrol room, he will pick you up." Sanben Jiro said lightly.

   "Hayi." Cheng Qianfan said quickly, with hesitation in his tone, "Why did you suddenly notify me?"

   "We have received information that the Chongqing side has learned that Wang Jianhai is going to hold a meeting of the National Party and plans to sabotage it. Therefore, this meeting places special emphasis on secrecy."

   "Yes, this subordinate will go to the police station." Cheng Qianfan said.


hang up the phone.

  Cheng Qianfan let out a sigh of relief.

  He had previously been recommended by Lu Daren, Chief of the Public Relations Section of the General Police Department of the Public Concession, and became a glorious representative of the Sixth Congress of the National Party.

  However, he didn't know when and where the so-called Sixth National Party Congress of Wang's Party would be held. Lu Daren only asked him to wait for the notice.

   But he didn't expect that the other party would come directly to pick him up to attend the meeting so suddenly.

  However, Jiro Sanben called to inform him to attend the Wang's Party Congress as planned, which also made Cheng Qianfan heave a sigh of relief.

   This shows that although Hua Bingren was arrested by No. 76, there is no problem there for the time being, or in other words, Hao Zai is not implicated.

   Otherwise, even out of consideration for Wang Jianhai's personal safety, Sanben Jiro would not rest assured that he will attend this meeting.


  About 20 minutes later, Mr. Cheng's car stopped on the road opposite the entrance of the central police station on Xue Huali Road.

  The car of Deer Master is already waiting.

   "Brother Cheng."

   "Brother Deer."

  The two shook hands warmly.

   "Brother Lao Lu has been waiting for a long time."

   "Hahaha, please!"

   "Brother Lu please first."

  Cheng Qianfan followed Lu Daren into the car.

   "Brother Fan." Li Hao called out quickly.

   "I'll take Brother Lu's car, you can drive along." Cheng Qianfan said lightly.

   As he spoke, he turned his head and said to Lu Daren, "Brother Lu must have heard about what happened in Bedan District last night, it was too rampant!"

  He smiled wryly, "People are panicking."

   "Brother Cheng, this..." Lu Daren looked embarrassed.

  Cheng Qianfan's face turned cold.

  Lu Daren is contemptuous in his heart. It has long been rumored that Cheng Qianfan is both vicious and merciless, and at the same time is very afraid of death. Now it seems that it is true.

  He leaned over and whispered something in Cheng Qianfan's ear.

   "Really?" Cheng Qianfan asked in surprise.

   "Indeed." Lu Daren nodded.

  Cheng Qianfan turned his head and looked through the car glass to see that there was a car in the distance, so he nodded.

"Haozi, you go back to the patrol room and tell the brothers to work harder. His Vaseline's Betain area is unlucky, and our central area can't be messed up! Come back, who dares to touch me with Brother Lu in Shanghai Beach?" Cheng Qian Fan said, he waved his hand, "Go back."

   "Yes!" Li Hao saluted, and then saluted Lu Daren, "Chief Lu, I entrust Brother Fan's safety to you."

   "Brother Cheng is a loyal subordinate." Lu Daren knocked on the back of the front seat, motioning the driver to drive, he glanced at Cheng Qianfan and said.

   "Compare my heart to my heart, I treat them well, and they will naturally be loyal." Cheng Qianfan smiled slightly.

  He suddenly lowered his voice and frowned, "Why so suddenly, I didn't say hello in advance."

   "Safety, safety first." Lu Daren explained with a smile.

  He knew the actual situation better than Cheng Qianfan.

  Mr. Wang knew that the conference would be attacked by anti-Japanese forces, so the news of the convening of the "Sixth National Congress" of Wang's Kuomintang was strictly sealed.

  As the section chief of the public relations department of the chief arresting house of the public concession, Lu Daren can be regarded as the number one figure in the concession. He has already gone to the venue before, and graciously helped the venue prepare for the security work.

  For the sake of safety, the meeting was kept strictly confidential to the outside world. The representatives attending the meeting did not know until they arrived at the scene that they were here for the Wang KMT Congress.

Some were even coaxed to come here. At first they were only 'mobilized' to participate in the peace movement of 'Mr. Wang'. Today, they were only informed that they were attending a meeting, and that Wang Jianhai was going to give lectures in person. Please be there, and these people entered the meeting place After that, it was as if they were under house arrest, and they were not allowed to communicate with the outside world. At this time, those people knew that they were actually the representatives of the Sixth National Congress of Wang's National Party.

   "Why did you hold the meeting on Jisfell Road?" Cheng Qianfan asked again.

Just now, Lu Daren told him that the meeting place of the Sixth National Party Congress of Wang's National Party has been set at the auditorium at No. 76 Jisfield Road, and it is safe and sound, and there is No. 76 behind this car. bodyguard vehicle escort.

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