MTL - Mysterious World: I Live Forever By Hanging Up My Phone!-Chapter 518 Time and space rotation array, hunt! 【Subscribe】

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  Chapter 518 Time and space cycle formation, hunt! 【Subscribe】

  Light an incense stick

  The strong and strange fragrance began to waft out from the formation.

  Wei Han officially started his hunting journey. Since this sea area is relatively dangerous, he didn't dare to light too many demon-attracting incense at once, so he only dared to light one to try!

   Sure enough, it wasn't long after it was lit!

  The surrounding sea area became a little boiling.

   Huge monsters one after another, like hungry wolves seeing flesh and blood, began to crazily hunt towards the small island, and their earth-shattering roars resounded even more.


   Wei Han raised his hand and pointed.

  Three thousand refined corpses immediately savagely slaughtered them, fighting wildly with these monsters.

Half of them have advanced to the third-order silver corpse, and the remaining half have reached the second-order peak and may advance at any time, which is almost equivalent to more than a thousand Jindan early stage and more than a thousand foundation-building peak powerhouses. Tore up the monsters that had just landed on the island.



  The monsters realized something was wrong, and they were terrified and wanted to escape.

  However, one after another corpses appeared beside them like ghosts and ghosts. Their powerful bodies and hands like steel claws easily tore them into blood clots.

   Roaring and whimpering sounded one after another!

  The entire island quickly became a slaughterhouse. In less than a stick of incense, more than a hundred second-tier monsters and five third-tier monsters were killed. The island was dripping with blood and smelled like hell.

  The corpses of these monsters naturally became the blood food of the refining corpses and spirit insects!

  They are already hungry, how can they bear seeing so much blood?

  Whether it is three thousand refined corpses or tens of millions of spirit insects, they all rushed towards the pile of **** corpses like crazy, and began to devour them.

   "Yes, this is fierce enough!"

   Wei Han smiled with satisfaction, observing them with great interest.

  He found that corpse refiners only like to **** blood and swallow pills, while spirit worms eat everything. The two are completely complementary. After the refined corpse sucked the blood and dug out the demon pill, thousands of spirit insects rushed over like locusts, and almost no grass grew in the places they passed.

   A hundred-foot giant beast will be gnawed into white bones in less than ten breaths.

   This kind of scene is as scary as it needs to be. Obviously, the power of the army of spirit insects is gradually revealed. After the number reaches tens of millions, they should not be too vicious.

   Even Wei Han inevitably had an illusion!

  He thinks that the combination of refining corpses and the army of spirit insects should be able to besiege a fourth-order early-stage monster. At least he doesn't think any third-order monster dares to provoke them.

   "Why don't you try finding a fourth-order monster?"

   Wei Han had a bold idea in his heart.

  But in the end, he shook his head and forced it down.

  This kind of thinking is too dangerous. It is not necessary to do it deliberately just to test the strength. If there are fourth-order monsters rushing into the hunting area, you can try to touch them!


  The corpses on the island are piled up more and more.

   After eating and drinking enough, the army of spirit insects slowed down, causing many corpses to be too late to deal with. It was finally time for Wei Han to make alchemy.

  He raised his hand to absorb these monsters with his spiritual consciousness.

   Then wrap the body with the pill furnace of spiritual consciousness, and control the Samadhi Burning Fire to start alchemy.

  All the flowing water has become instinctive. After all, Wei Han, the Eight Treasure Glazed Pill, is almost about to vomit, and he can refine it with his eyes closed!

  So while he was distracted from alchemy, he could also take time to practice one or two, which can be said to not waste time at all.

  Little Qing Xiaozi is practicing on the Xuanyin Flying Boat, and she can take the pills at will every day, and her cultivation level is increasing day by day.

   Wei Han sat on the deck, practicing alchemy while practicing!

  He adhered to a cautious attitude, and only lit one demon-attracting incense each time, which often attracted second- and third-tier monsters. They were easily crushed and wiped out by the army of corpse refiners and spirit insects, without causing any waves at all.

  The days are so uneventful!

   Wait until you get used to the boring life here.

  Wei Han began to think about the space-time rotation formation. This formation is related to the growth of the swallowing beast and the natal magic weapon, and he is still very concerned about it.

  However, there are two difficulties in arranging this formation!

   One is that the materials are hard to find, and the other is that the formation is mysterious and difficult to understand!

   Fortunately, the ancestor gave the most important space-time crystal, and the material problem has been solved. As for how mysterious the formation is, he doesn't care. He just silently turned on the 100,000 times idle mode.

   In half a month, the space-time rotation formation is full!

Countless mysterious knowledge of formations appeared in Wei Han's mind, which also made him dabble in the field of space-time formations for the first time, and he had a little understanding of this new type of formations. As for the large space-time rotation formation, he even mastered it limit.

   "So that's how it is, the space-time array is really wonderful!"

   "It's a pity that in my state, it is still difficult to involve time, so I can only arrange it according to the same pattern."

   Wei Han placed the space-time crystal in front of him, and placed various ore materials!

   After confirming again and again that there were no mistakes, he waved and released the Samadhi Burning Fire. The flames were burning slowly, and the terrifying high temperature swept across the entire island, making the army of spirit insects agitated.

   Throw pieces of ore into the flames!

  Wei Han is familiar with the roads, and constantly adjusts the temperature to refine them.

  He is going to refine a formation plate this time, and imprint the large space-time cycle formation on it, so that he can carry it with him and use it whenever he wants.

   A moment later, a formation disk covered with weird runes appeared in front of him.

  It is only the size of a tea tray, and it comes with 365 formation flags. The whole set of formation disks are connected with each other by breath, exuding a faint and elusive atmosphere.


   Wei Han raised his hand a little, and the space-time crystal penetrated into the center of the array and disappeared!

  While the 365 array flags were swaying, the mysterious atmosphere of time and space became more intense, as if the surrounding time and space were isolated.

  Feeling the stable and smooth runes inside the formation disk, Wei Han couldn't help but draw a smile, because he knew that the space-time formation disk he had been thinking about had already been practiced.

   After refining and recognizing the master!

  Wei Han raised his hand and stuffed 12 top-grade spirit stones on the formation disk, and then waved the formation flags to the surroundings, and they quickly covered the surrounding hundred feet.


  An invisible light curtain barrier enveloped the surrounding area.

  The world inside the formation seems to be separated from the outside world.

  The time inside can already be manipulated by Wei Han at will. Although the area covered is not large, the consumption is astonishingly large. The power of top-quality spirit stones and time-space crystals is consumed every moment.

   "Double the flow rate!"

   "Three times the flow rate!"

   "Five times the flow rate!"

  Wei Han silently manipulated the formation to increase the speed of time, quietly watching some changes in the formation, and saw that the blood on the ground was drying up at an accelerated rate, and the flesh and bones were accelerating the decay, which could indeed achieve the effect of increasing time.

  But the time and space energy it consumes makes Wei Han feel terrified.

  (end of this chapter)