MTL - Mysterious World: I Live Forever By Hanging Up My Phone!-Chapter 519 Thousands of times per hour, practice in the formation! 【Subscribe】

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  Chapter 519 Thousand times the speed, practice in the formation! 【Subscribe】

  The array arrangement is successful

   Wei Han didn't have the slightest joy on his face, but a gloomy flash of it instead!

  He realized that he underestimated the concept of changing the velocity of time and space. Although the space-time rotation formation can do this, it consumes a lot of energy.

  The energy inside a space-time crystal can roughly double the speed of the formation for 10 million breaths per hour, that is, in about 100 days, the crystal will become ashes due to exhaustion of energy.

  At the same time, the higher the time flow rate, the more consumption will skyrocket!

   Wei Han is still not sure how much he will increase. He only knows that the space-time crystal that he got by chance after all the hard work seems to be a tasteless one, and it can't bring him much benefit.

   "The operation of the space-time formation requires the consumption of the power of crystals. It is recorded in the ancient books that if the crystal energy is insufficient, it will even consume the lifespan of the people in the main formation!"

   "I don't know if I can directly consume my own lifespan without consuming crystal energy? After all, I can't find a second time-space crystal in a short time!"

  Wei Han pondered for a moment and tentatively calmed down to communicate with the formation.

  He soon discovered that this idea was feasible. Changing the time of the formation does require energy consumption. Whether it is crystal energy or the longevity of the people in the main formation, it is the nutrient that perfectly activates the formation.

  He can use his own life energy instead of consumption!

  In this way, the space-time crystals are just formation materials and will not be consumed at all, and there is no need to look for crystal replacements everywhere in the future.

   "Good good good good!"

  Wei Han was very pleasantly surprised, and immediately released the God Swallowing Beast!

  The little guy has been turned into a tattoo attached to his back and fell asleep. Under his call, he showed his real body and nestled in his arms, still sleeping soundly, too lazy to open his eyes.

  After pampering a few of them, Wei Han casually put them into the formation, and at the same time put his natal magic weapon Jiuxiao Fenglei Sword and Bone Spiritual Shield into it.

   Time acceleration begins!

   Double, double, triple!

  Five times, ten times, twenty times!

  Wei Han silently felt the lifespan he lost in the dark. These losses were not painful to him, and even allowed him to spy on the mystery of time. It must be said that it was definitely earned by blood.

   "Not enough, not enough!"

   Wei Han continued to increase the speed of time crazily.

   Fifty times, one hundred times, three hundred times!

   After reaching a thousand times the speed, Wei Han found that no matter how he manipulated the formation, there was no change. Obviously, the thousand speed is its limit.

  Although I don't know if it's because of the limitation of my own cultivation or other reasons that I can't continue to increase the time flow rate.

   But a thousand times speed is already quite a scary thing. Every minute and every second outside the formation, the change inside the formation is like a thousand times acceleration.

  The flesh and bones of monster beasts are rotting at an accelerated rate, and even insects are breeding!

  All kinds of flowers and plants are constantly sprouting, growing, blooming, and withering, as if several months have passed in an instant.

  The God Swallowing Beast doesn't feel anything about it. It is a long-lived existence, and the acceleration of time will not hurt it at all, and it will even greatly help it accelerate the growth of energy in its stomach.

   It continued to float and sleep in the formation!

  The breath on his body became more and more amazing with each breath.

As for the two natal magic weapons, they are also full of inspiration. They have absorbed a lot of energy, and they can become stronger only by slowly changing over time. Now they are enjoying a thousand times faster time, and their aura is naturally like pressing a shortcut key Skyrocketing endlessly.


   After just a cup of tea time!

  The aura within the Nine Heavens Wind and Thunder Sword flickered, and an immature and ignorant consciousness was born, which was obviously the flying sword's weapon spirit.

   Wei Han curled his lips into a chuckle again!

  For the time being, it seems that the effect of the space-time formation is still very amazing. The swallowing beast may not see the effect for the time being, after all, it takes 180,000 years to reach adulthood.

  It will take 180 years at a speed of 1,000 times an hour!

   It is obviously impossible to want it to be your own help in a short period of time.

  However, the two natal magic weapons are absolutely fine. Wei Han only needs to supplement them with advanced energy such as wind and thunder stones and spirit stones every once in a while, and they can grow quickly with time acceleration.

  Ordinary monks may raise a magic weapon for decades before they can barely raise it to a small rank.

  But Wei Han can greatly shorten this time. Perhaps it is not difficult to mass-produce two natal magic weapons of the third-order peak in three to five years.

   You must know that the talisman is the most suitable for the owner, and it is also the one that can best exert its full combat power.

  A Tier 3 peak natal magic weapon is more precious than three or five ordinary Tier 3 peak magic weapons, and it is more easily and terrifyingly sharp when fighting.

   "Wait, can't I also enter the formation to practice?"

   Wei Han suddenly had a very bold idea in his heart.

  Normal people would definitely not dare to step into a thousand times space-time formation to practice. After all, there are many small worlds in secret realms where the time flow is too fast, and no one will practice inside for a long time.

   After all, wasting every minute and every second at a thousand times the speed of an hour will be magnified a thousand times, and normal people will die if they are not careful, so no one is stupid enough to practice in the formation.

  But Wei Han is different, he has endless life!

   Even if he stays in the formation for ten or eight years, it will not be affected.

  His cultivation speed was already far beyond ordinary people, but now that he has a sufficient supply of pills and the assistance of space-time formations, his cultivation speed may be astonishingly fast, right?


   Wei Han stepped into the formation.

  The next moment, I only felt that my vision had changed drastically.

When watching the inside of the formation from outside the formation, he is like watching an accelerated movie, while watching the outside of the formation inside the formation, he seems to see a still picture. The killing of corpse-refining spirit insects and monsters in the outside world is all slowed down by a thousand times !

  Everything seems to be in slow motion.

   "The way of time and space is so mysterious? Interesting!"

   The corners of Wei Han's mouth curled up slightly, revealing a hint of shock.

   Doesn't this prove that he has a thousand times more time to practice than outsiders?

  Although most of his practice is just taking drugs, and then using the on-hook function to absorb the drug and become stronger painlessly, the space-time formation method seems a bit tasteless.

   But what about alchemy? You have to practice by yourself, right?

  Many spells, supernatural powers, secret arts, and swordsmanship, knowing the brain does not mean knowing the hands, Wei Han still has to spend a lot of time practicing every day to ensure that there are no mistakes at critical moments.

  So this formation seems useless to him, but its usefulness is simply unimaginable.

   "If you can penetrate the way of time, or engrave the formation on your body, wouldn't it be possible to form an existence similar to the space-time domain around your body?"

   "Once it is used in battle with the enemy, all the enemy's movements seem to be in slow motion. I am afraid that it can take the lead!"

  Wei Han had a lot of thoughts in his heart, and he was quite excited for a while.

  (end of this chapter)