MTL - Rebirth Blessed Girl Takes Space To Flee-Chapter 345

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  Chapter 345

   "Both young masters, why don't you go into the room and talk, I have something to talk to you about."

  Grandpa Li spoke first.

   "Okay, I also want to ask you, old man, please."

  The second young master bowed down and made a gesture of please as if he had received an amnesty.


   "Everyone, thank you just now, go back first, I'm not dead yet, don't be afraid, if I die, my Li family and Gu family will die first, and it's not your turn."

   "Take care, General."

  The crowd dispersed after cupping their fists and saluting. It seems that this sentence is enough, enough to make everyone feel at ease.

  Nowadays, Li Yu speaks a lot, and she can make the people believe and admire her.

   After entering the house, everyone sat in the main hall and talked. The maid served tea and retreated, guarding the door so that no one could approach.

   "What should we do now? This group of **** spread the news, and everyone started to panic."

  I can’t run away even if I run, the outside is even more chaotic than Fandi City, and there are soldiers and horses everywhere.

  Li Yu was silent for a moment and did not speak.

  Grandpa Gu thought for a while and lowered his head to ask his three grandchildren.

  Zong brothers have always accompanied the ceremony and cultivated them with their own eyes. This is the acquiescence of the two old men, and there is Li Qing beside them.

  Brother Dong thought for a while before saying: "Grandpa, I think it's better to keep it quiet than to block it. I think it's useless to hide it now, so I can only think of other ways."

"My sixth uncle is so powerful, he has already controlled the military power, and His Royal Highness the Night King didn't panic, why did they panic, besides, there are all the old generals in Fandi, and my mother, as my mother said, if you die first, you will die me." Gu and Li's family, it's not their turn to be a hero, is it worthy?"

  Brother Yun pouted unceremoniously, belittling my uncle and my father's ability.

  The second son didn't panic when he saw a child, why did they panic.

   With General Li's ability, how could he risk his life without making arrangements? Even if the news is true, then there is Li Xi, he is already a mature general.

   “We might as well see as a child.”

   "Brother Yun, you are not afraid that your father will not come back."

  Brother Yun stood up and shouted angrily, "My father and grandfather will definitely come back."

  His voice was loud, hissing and roaring, his eyes were round and full of anger.

   "Okay, well said, I will definitely come back."

  The second young master laughed.

   "The notice goes on, just say that my father is fine, so that the people can feel at ease, and get ready to fight."

   Li Yu stood up and said only this sentence.

  Waved at his sons, and asked Li Qing to come over, held the children in his arms, touched and kissed each of them.

   "There is going to be a war, I'm afraid I won't be able to come back someday, you have to be obedient at home, don't be naughty, you should be filial to your elders, study hard, you know?"

   "Remember, aunt, when will you be back?"

  Li Qing and Li Yu are very close. When she was young, she took care of several nephews, soaked them in medicinal baths, taught them martial arts and read books, and was very patient. The children all liked her.

   "Soon, be good, your mother has worked hard, don't be naughty."


   "Mother, you can go to war with peace of mind, I will take good care of my brother."

   Brother Zong patted his chest to assure.

   "Brother Zong is a good brother, mother is proud of you."

  Li Yu glanced at Brother Dong and Brother Yun again, "You two have to listen to elder brother. Mother is not at home often these years, so you have to listen to elders. Brother Yun has to protect brother and elders, you know?"

   "Mother, I remember, listen to the words of the eldest brother and the second brother, and protect everyone."

  Brother Yun patted his chest to assure.

   "Good boy, they are all mother's good children. Don't forget to check their homework and don't allow them to be lazy."

   "Yes, mother, you have to protect yourself, don't get hurt all the time, we will worry about it."

  Brother Dong approached his mother, pressed his forehead against hers, and told him earnestly.

   "Okay, mother, try to..."

   After explaining to the children, Li Yu looked at the grandpas, "I'm going back to the barracks, and I may encounter many temptations and revenge in the future, so I can't come back."

   "You can go at ease, we are at home."

   "I'm really sorry about what happened today. I really don't know. I will definitely find out and give you an explanation."


   "I'm leaving, I can't stay away for too long."


  Li Yu went out and saw Xie Jin Cui and his mother Wang carrying a big bag and guarding the door.

   This has been prepared long ago, as long as someone comes back, he can take him to the barracks.

   "Take it, take care of yourself and everyone, if you have a lot of things, just say something if you don't have enough, and send someone back to get them."

  Ms. Wang silently handed the burden to her daughter.

   "Mom, take care of yourself, my father is fine."

   "Well, I believe your father."

   Wang Shi smiled, she was calmer than anyone else.

"I am leaving."

  Li Yu brought people back to the barracks again.

  As she expected, people outside seemed to spread the news of the deaths of Boss Li and Gu Lei.

   Boss Li is a God of War figure, and Gu Lei is too smart. Being a military adviser in the past few years can be said to make Boss Li and Li Xi even more powerful, and they are almost invincible.

  Especially Gu Lei is very accurate in calculating the astrology, using the weather to fight, causing the enemy to suffer a lot.

  The two of them died, how many people are looking forward to it.

  Many people thought that Boss Li was dead, Li Yu couldn't do anything alone, and couldn't try his best skills, so they began to attack the defense line wave after wave.

  Li Yu led the Li family's cavalry to repel the enemy time and time again.

  The second and third sons, as well as Li Rui and others raised food and grass for the barracks to ensure sufficient supply, but even if they tried their best, the food was visible to the naked eye, and it was getting thicker and thicker.

  In the past, there was a supply of fine grains such as rice, but now it is almost invisible. It is all coarse grains, and even some meat is supplied by the two farms of Gu and Li.

   This situation is still persisting. The second son has found out that those people went to Li's house to make trouble. They did it privately, and the family also wanted to test it.

  The second son and the brothers took those children, beat and threatened the aristocratic family, and knocked out some grain and grass to give to the military camp.

  The Du family also made great efforts this time, supplying food and grass all year round.

   It can be said that Li Yu and the second son have thought of all the methods they can think of, and they have exhausted them.

  The battle was fierce. Seeing that there was no news from Boss Li, the enemy began to attack Fandi frantically, trying to capture Li Yu and threaten the Li family army.

  Li Yu is also an iconic figure to Li Jiajun, she is too important to Li Jiajun's heart, she is the soul figure, if she is caught, Li Jiajun can kneel down.

  The enemy clamored for Li Yu to fight, and the battle became fierce.

  The news from far away has been cut off. The spies sent out one after another. Only one or two came back alive, and they didn’t get any useful news. The outside world is in chaos.

  Li Yu was injured again in another charge, but she had been exempted from fighting for half a month. The smaller enemies became more and more fierce, and the morale of the army began to waver, so she had to take command again to fight.

   "Fourth brother, if I die in battle, you must be prepared."

  This time, she left her fourth brother and Xie Li in the city as backup players. The Li family will always have the last card in the war.

  Li Yu put on his armor, mounted his horse and left the city again to meet a new round of fighting.

  Li Yu led the cavalry to use the application to fight, almost exhausting all his strength, and was extremely exhausted.

   Their small team stayed at the end in order to cover the retreat of the large army.

   "General, we are being overtaken."

  The affected will team is also desperately chasing them, preventing them from returning to the city.

   "You go first, I will cover."

   "General, you go, I will stay."

   "Be obedient, go and call someone to save me, none of you will be able to leave if I leave you behind, our military strength has not been well replenished, Fandi needs you."


  The soldiers rushed to the city gate in anger.

   "Close the gates."

  Li Yu saw that some of them had entered the city gate, so he immediately gave the order.

  Dust was flying in the distance, and the soldiers at the city gate closed the gate and left a gap, waiting for Li Yu to come in.

  Unfortunately, it was too late, the dust was so high that the chasers had already arrived, Li Yu charged up again with a big knife, and shouted, "Close the door."

  The soldiers at the city gate cried, "General, come back quickly..."

"close the door!"

  Li Yu rode her horse and charged in the opposite direction to the enemy's cavalry. Unexpectedly, she was the only one who responded to the enemy.

  A veteran soldier pushed the recruits away, and joined forces with others to close the city gate. They must ensure the safety of the entire city.

   "What about the general?"

   Several soldiers at the gate of the city cried.

  Here Li Yu and a cavalry team have already engaged in a fierce battle.

  The horse was thrown aside and snorted. On the city gate, several old generals and fourth brother Xie Li were watching the battle.

   "Open the door to save her, and then send troops."

  The eldest son ordered without hesitation.

   "It's too late, their team has arrived, we can't open the door."

  The fourth brother thumped the wall in pain.

   "Come here, prepare to respond to the enemy, in case they break the city."

  The old general closed his eyes, feeling dizzy, and Li Yu might not be able to come back.

  Li Yu was still fighting in the final battle. She was so brave that the entire cavalry team failed to capture her alive.

  She drew out the knife, picked up the whistle and stuffed it into her mouth, and blew the whistle. The whistles of different lengths resounded through the sky.

   Xie Li burst into tears when he heard the whistle.

  The old general closed his eyes, patted the fourth brother on the shoulder, and turned around, not daring to look.

  Li Si raised his bow and arrow, Gu Jiaerlang rushed up, knelt on the ground, grabbed his leg and cried, "Let me lead someone to charge again, I can do it, brother, please..."

   "Brother, my eldest brother hasn't come back yet, three children can't live without a mother, please brother..."

  Gu Jiaerlang anxiously knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

  Li Si glared at them viciously, chopped his foot up, and roared, "Get out!"

"elder brother!"

  Li Yu let out a shrill scream, and his leg was broken by the cavalry's weapon.

  Li Si drew his bow and aimed at Li Yu, and shot the arrow without hesitation.

  Seeing his elder brother drawing the bow, Li Yu struggled to stand up again, and opened his arms to meet the arrow.

"not good…"

"don't want…"

   There were cries one after another in my ears, as well as the panic of the enemy.

   Li Yu was about to be pierced by an arrow, when the sound of horseshoes came from behind him again.

  Everyone thought that the enemy reinforcements had arrived, and they had already started deploying to protect the city.

  But there was a sound of piercing in the courtyard room, and it came straight towards the arrow that was shot at Li Yu.

   But the arrow was too fast, Lisid shot the arrow first, and the arrow behind it was one step behind, and it just knocked it askew.

  The arrow still hit Li Yu, knocking her to the ground with great force, she let out a long breath, finally able to rest, I am so tired.

   Li Si's arrow was deflected by another arrow and hit her shoulder blade directly.

  Severe pain came from her shoulder, and Li Yu couldn't tell where the pain was the most. She just felt so tired, and she seemed to hear the voices of Gu Lei and his father when she closed her eyes.

   Are they here to pick me up?

   "The general is back, the general is back!"

  The soldiers on the city wall saw the flag of the Li family army, shouted loudly, and rushed to tell each other.

   Li Yu heard these words in a daze, but couldn't withstand the attack of pain, and passed out from the pain.

"my child!"

   Boss Li, with a loud roar, rode up to Li Yu, jumped off the horse eagerly, picked up his daughter, trembling hands, looking at the captured enemy soldiers with scarlet eyes.

   "Kill, leave no one behind."

   Boss Li roared mournfully.

   "The general calls the military doctor quickly."

   Gu Lei roared, and Li Xi stepped forward to take him over.

   It was Li Xi who shot the arrow that deflected Li Si, and he saw from a distance that the arrow hit Li Yu's heart, and it would be over if he didn't shoot.

   But he was a little far away, and everyone died when he passed by quickly, so he could only be knocked out with arrows.

   "Yu'er, hold on, I'm back."

  Gu Lei hugged his wife and called anxiously.

  Hurrying back to the barracks, the military doctor was dragged into the house.

   "Help my wife quickly, doctor please."

   "Get out of the way, don't get in my way."

  Uncle Jiu kicked Gu Lei and the military doctor away and began to prepare.

   "No one is waiting to go out, I want to draw the arrow."

   Uncle Jiu snarled.

   Gu Lei stayed and took care of Li Yu.

  Li Si stood at the door, his whole strength seemed to be drained, and he was slumped.

  Brother Li glanced at him, sighed, didn't say anything to blame, but just patted his shoulder, "The place where the shot was shot on the shoulder blade was not the heart vein, but it can still be saved. Thank you for your hard work."


  Li Si's emotions collapsed at once. A big man covered his face and howled loudly. He killed his sister with his own hands.

  He finally understood how painful it was when his sister killed his second uncle and aunt, it hurt like bone marrow.

   "This is her choice, I don't blame you, come on, she fell down, it still needs us."

   "Go to work."

   Li Xi roared at him, not giving him a good face.

  Li Si didn't speak, and left with his head down.

   "Don't blame him, it must be Yu'er's order."

  Boss Li knows his daughter too well. In this situation, with his daughter's strong temper, he will never be a prisoner. He will definitely ask to kill her. Only Li Si dares to do it, not even the Gu family.

  Uncle Jiu was busy and hungry for a long time and finally pulled out the arrow, and helped her to treat other wounds and apply medicine.

   just came out, leaving room for Gu Lei.

"how's it going?"

  Boss Li and the Gu family surrounded him and asked about Li Yu's situation.

  Uncle Jiu's complexion was ugly, his eyes were red, and he suppressed his agitated mood.

   "Brother, Yu'er is about to retire."


   Li Xi was stunned for a moment, and Boss Li's face turned pale instantly.

"The fatal injury was not the arrow on the shoulder, but her leg was severely broken. I connected it to her. She will be able to walk in the future, but there will be sequelae. She will not be able to ride a horse. There are still many The wounds, the accumulated injuries over the past few years, also need to be recuperated, she is dying..."

   After Uncle Jiu finished speaking, his tears fell uncontrollably.

  Boss Li shook his body, and it took him a while to calm down, "It's lucky to have saved my life, don't force it, let her retreat."

   After he finished speaking, tears rolled down his face.

  Everyone was silent, and their hearts hurt like a knife.

  (end of this chapter)