MTL - Rebirth Blessed Girl Takes Space To Flee-Chapter 346

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  Li Yu's injuries were serious, Gu Lei didn't care about rest, and kept guarding her all the time, so he made a bed in her room and guarded her day and night.

  He brought hot water to wipe her hands and feet, and talked to her.

"Yu'er, I'm back. Why are you still awake? I even brought you a gift. I miss you very much these few years. I miss you very much. I always dream of you in my dreams. Have you ever dreamed of me?" .”


   A response surprised Gu Lei.

"you're awake."

   "Well, you are too nagging, even the dead are giving you nagging."

  Li Yu joked at him with a hoarse voice, and this guy kept talking in her ear, like a mosquito chirping.

  Gu Lei flattened his mouth aggrieved, "I'm afraid you won't wake up."

   "It's okay, I can't die, what happened to the war, what about my father and the others."

   Li Yu saw that they were all right, and there was a smile on his face.

   "The father-in-law went to handle military affairs, you fell down, the fourth brother gave you an arrow, and the whole person became weak, he had to take charge of the overall situation."

   "Don't blame the fourth brother. I ordered him to shoot. My leg was broken and I couldn't stand up. They made up their minds to capture me...don't blame him."

   "I know, I don't blame him, but I don't want to see him now."

   "Leizi, I can't get on the horse anymore, my leg hurts."

   Li Yu looked at him.

  Gu Lei pursed his lips, but still chose to tell the truth.

   "Uncle Jiu said that you will have no problem walking in the future, but if you want to mount a horse and fight, it will be impossible. You have to retire."

   Gu Lei said it was a bit difficult in the end.

   "I guessed it, okay, I want to go home, I miss my son."

   "Okay, I'll ask Uncle Jiu tomorrow, if you can move, I'll take you home."

  Gu Lei's eyes were red, and he touched his pale and haggard wife with distress, and couldn't help crying.

  Brother Li entered the room and saw Gu Lei crying, "What's the matter, is the wound inappropriate?"

   "Father, I knew you must be alive when you came back. It's good to see you."

"I'm not good. Seeing you like this, can I get better? You take good care of your wounds, don't think about it, the third prince is dead, the other end is smooth, and the rest is much easier. I won't leave when I come back gone."

   It is rare for Boss Li to speak so gently, and there is a softness in his eyes when he looks at his daughter.

   "Okay, dad, please help me ask, I want to go home, and it's time to go home."


  Boss Li turned around and went out, wiped his face, and took a deep breath of distress, but what can he do.

  The next day, Uncle Jiu said that her condition was relatively stable, and it would be a good thing to go home to recuperate. The home is comfortable and has everything.

  Night King and Princess also came to see her, brought medicinal materials and supplements, and allowed her to go home to recuperate.

   Li Jiaerlang and Gu Jiaerlang made a simple bed board for her, and carried her out of the house.

  All the soldiers stopped what they were doing and just looked at her silently.

  Li Yu was lying on the bed, restrained by straps to avoid falling.

Seeing that everyone was looking at me expectantly, I couldn't help but smile, "Brothers, I'll withdraw first, you work hard, this time my father is back, you don't have to worry, thank you for your tolerance all these years I."

   "General, are you coming back? We'll wait for you."

   After getting along for the past few years, they have already integrated into one body. What they admire is not only Boss Li, but also Li Yu. This woman who carries the whole Fandi on her weak shoulders deserves their respect and love.

   "My leg is broken, and I won't be able to ride a horse in the future. I'm going to disarm and return to the field."


   There was a small cry from the crowd.

   "Don't cry, I can go home and enjoy the blessings, you all have to congratulate me, my son is grown up, if you don't go back to contact the relationship, you won't listen to me anymore, hehe!"

  She laughed nonchalantly.


   "You are the best soldiers. It is my honor and luck, Li Yu, to fight side by side with you. Brothers, I will go first. Take care."

  Li Jiaerlang took her out of the barracks, and the curtain ended in this way.

  All the soldiers lined up and saluted Li Yu spontaneously, with uniform voices.


  Li Yu didn't look back, tears streaming down his face.

The Night King looked at the smaller and smaller back, and muttered, "Li Jiaqi's daughter, the glory of the Li family is not only the son of the Li family, but also the eldest daughter Li Yu. With her all these years, I can go out with peace of mind. She made the most of her contribution to the adventures, so she left like this, in my heart..."

  Night King is also very blocked, he retreats bravely, always knows the right time to do the right thing, the right time to quit, and will not make you feel embarrassed.

   This child has done a great job for the Li family and the Gu family, leaving room for celebration everywhere.

   Boss Li never came out, hiding in the main hall of the general.

   "You don't go out and have a look."

   "Don't read it."

   Boss Li felt the most pain in his heart, but he had no choice.

   "Her leg is really bad. If it doesn't work, I'll get another imperial doctor to treat her. If it's really not possible, I'll go outside and find a good doctor."

  The old general also felt very uncomfortable. They had been with Li Yu day and night in the past few years, and they had a deep relationship. They were no different from their own granddaughter. Seeing the child injured and leaving, his heart ached terribly.

   "Let her disarm and return to the field. I really don't want my child to lose her life on the battlefield."

   It was the first time that Boss Li felt sorry for his child in front of outsiders. He had never done this before. He was always a strict father.

   "Hey! Well, the injury still needs to be treated carefully. If there is anything missing at home, just ask."

   "Okay, thank you very much. The child has been taken care of by you all these years. I am here to thank you all."

   "You are welcome, we also like this child Yu'er very much. She has taken on a lot of responsibilities and sufferings over the years. Without her, there would be no stability in Fandi, good child."

  The old general couldn't help sighing, feeling sorry for the child who suffered a serious crime. I don't know if the sequelae will be serious in the future. How about another doctor?

  After Li Yu returned to the mansion, Wang and Gu Lin and other female relatives were crying when they saw the man lying down and returning.

  Placing her on the bed, Mrs. Wang guarded her daughter, her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

   "My child, how did you become like this."

   "Mother, don't cry, I'm fine, I saved my life, my father and the others are fine, I'm overjoyed."

   "You silly boy."

   Wang threw herself on the bedside and cried bitterly, venting all the pressure, grievances and worries of the past few years.

  Xie Jin, Cui Shi and others also wept silently.

   "Mother, I'm still here, don't be afraid, with this military achievement, our two families will stand firm in Linqi, no one can tell us to leave, mother, I did it."

   Li Yu is really happy, hard work was not in vain.

   "My silly boy..."

   Wang howled and cried, how much pain and heartache my daughter has endured.

  The three children guarded Li Yu, obediently not speaking, but wiping away tears for their mother with red eye circles.

   "Hey, your father is back, and mother can stay with you at home in the future. Later, I will make a new sand table for you. The gift I promised you has not yet been fulfilled."


  The three children were wronged and lay in her arms, sobbing and crying.

  There is only one chapter today, and it is almost over.