MTL - Rebirth Blessed Girl Takes Space To Flee-Chapter 348

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  Chapter 348

Gu Lei listened silently. He also wanted to know how his wife managed to make Fandi love her, respect her, and support her in the past few years. .

  Li Si talked a lot, and after crying, he felt much happier. He was drunk, and he didn't know who was sleeping.

  The weather is getting hotter, and Li Yu can already walk. If she walks slowly, she won't fall down. The family members are happy for her.

  Brother Zong has brought his younger brother to manage the mansion, and Mrs. Cui has gradually delegated authority to the children to study.

  The tribesmen who were abroad began to return one after another. Boss Li rearranged the manpower to go out and let more young children go out to practice. The world became divided into two.

   Now it's the Night King and the New Emperor in the final battle.

  Thirteenth Uncle and the others are back, and they have replaced their younger sons and sent them out to serve as officials. The family also needs more mature and stable people to do things.

Gu Lei considered that Li Yu's body needed a long period of recuperation, and it was impossible to work any longer. The three Zong brothers had just started to take over the study of clan affairs, and they were not proficient enough to be independent, so they replaced the thirteen uncles, eight uncles and others. .

  Several uncles learned that Li Yu was seriously injured, and had already written several letters asking to come back, but they didn't arrange good people for a while, so they came back late.

  Uncle Thirteen and others came to visit Li Yu as soon as they got home, and when they touched her leg bones, their expressions changed.

   "Does the imperial doctor say there is still hope?"

   "Being able to stand up and walk is already the limit, don't think about anything else."

  Thirteenth Uncle, Eighth Uncle and others raised their heads and let out a long sigh, distressed and sad, unspeakably uncomfortable.

   "Let's take care of it, don't worry about it, we have the affairs of the clan, and now we are back, you can take it easy, I will take the children to learn their skills."

  Uncle Thirteen stood up without hesitation.

   "Uncle, thank you very much."

   "What are you doing with these polite words? From now on, you can just go about your business and leave Brother Zong to us. If you don't agree, I can beat you."

   "Just hit it."

Brother Zong's children are well-educated. Whether it is martial arts or martial arts, they are all outstanding. In the generation of Brother Zong, Grandpa Gu is very strict in education and raises them very well, including the sons of Brother Xin. in this way.

  The family is also very convinced. The younger generations are well-bred, so they naturally respect and agree with the direct line.

  Uncle Thirteen and the others stayed for dinner and talked about what happened outside in the past few years.

The past few years have not been easy for them to live outside. They fight wars at every turn. Everyone is worried. If there is no war to fight, thieves and bandits will make trouble. When the world is in chaos, all kinds of monsters and ghosts will appear. They are also tired of being local officials.

   It was easy to stabilize, and they dared to hand over after Boss Li made arrangements.

   Gu Ping and the others are also back. Gu Ping is working and studying with Boss Li. He has also grown into a lieutenant over the years, and he has lived up to everyone's expectations and support for him.

   There is more than one member of the Gu family, and the achievements of the outside officials are also extremely good. The Gu family has established a firm foothold, and the descendants have outstanding talents. It is no longer the Gu family that can be pinched.

  The Gu family today is more united than when they were in the capital. After experiencing so many things, the children have been greatly affected. They work harder and have stronger solidarity with the clan. They especially admire Gu Lei and Li Yu.

  The two of them have spent all these years, one at home and the other at home. They have devoted all their efforts to supporting the entire clan, sending out all capable and potential children and grandchildren, leaving only the old, weak, sick and disabled at home.

  Give all the hope and opportunity of survival to the clan's children and grandchildren, and they did it impeccably, which made the clan admire and respect.

   This year is a rare reunion year. Although it is a bit incomplete, it is always a good result.

  After the new year, the dean of the academy personally came to the Gu family to invite Li Yu to come out to be his teacher again.

  It is a great honor and face to invite Li Yu to appear in front of her now. Even the elders of the powerful family admire her and respect her.

   "Are you still asking me to teach the Master?"

   "Mainly, Wu Ke wants you to teach the children."

  The dean is new, he only took office the year before last, the old dean has retired, he is too old, he has been the deputy dean for many years in handling affairs, in fact, he is familiar with it, and it is only natural for him to be in the top position.

   "My legs are already bad, and I can't teach the children."

  Li Yu shook his head and waved his hands.

"You can dictate and let them do it. This injury is your merit and glory, not a shame. General Li, I sincerely invite you to come out of the mountain and teach the children. Most of them are from poor families. If you can find a good teacher It's not easy."

  Li Yu looked at Grandpa Gu and her husband with some hesitation.

   "Mother, you go, you go to the academy to be your teacher, I can see you every day."

  The seat of the academy was given to Brother Dong. Brother Zong wanted to study in the family and would be the heir to the mansion in the future, while Brother Yun was a general with rational medicine, and Grandpa Gu and Grandpa Li taught in person.

   This quota is given to the second brother, Dong Ge, and I hope he will follow the path of civil service.

   "Go, good boy, go and teach the children. It's not easy for children from poor families. Unlike children from aristocratic families who can afford a good teacher, they have too few opportunities. You can open up your mind when you go, and it's good to relax."

   "That's right, you are brilliant in everything from literary to martial arts, and you can teach a few brats with your hands. Besides, there are commoner girls, and their chances are not as good as those of the boys."

  The dean hurriedly spoke out.

   "Okay then, I'll tidy up and go."

Li Yu thought about it, this is also a way to win more places to study for the Gu family, reading is not only dependent on talent, but also depends on the environment, there is a good reading atmosphere, mutual encouragement and collision sparks, there will be a difference Effect.

   After deciding to study in the academy, Li Yu began to prepare and go to the academy to teach three days later.

   Returning to the academy to teach again, Li Yu has a different mood, as if he has experienced a thousand sails.

  All the students are looking forward to her arrival this time. She is the object of admiration for many children, especially girls, who regard her as the best role model.

  Being with the children, Li Yu's mood became much brighter, and the smiles on his face increased, which made everyone in the Gu family heave a sigh of relief, and even Mrs. Wang nodded happily.

  In the process of teaching children, Li Yu put down his sword and picked up books again to enrich himself and return to a normal life.

  Seeing that her daughter is recovering her vigor day by day, Boss Li also heaves a sigh of relief and asks people to send supplements and medicines to her by boat regularly for recuperation.

  Now her legs can walk normally, but she can’t get on a horse or walk too far. Her legs still hurt, and she has to travel in a carriage.

  She decided to write a book, and wanted to write a book about the carpentry skills of mechanism and mortise and tenon structure, and donate it to the academy, so that more poor children can learn a skill and support their families. It is a skill anyway.

  At the same time, I also write down some of my own experience in battle, as a reference for future generations, a bit like a daily note, which is reserved for the family.

   It’s the finale, take a break, wait for me to rest for a while and get back to my status before starting a new book. I also need to write an outline and save the manuscript. Thank you for your support.



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