MTL - Rebirth Blessed Girl Takes Space To Flee-Chapter 349 season finale

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  Chapter 349 Finale

   It took three years in a flash. During these three years, Li Yu went to the academy to teach step by step.

  Gu Lei is also highly valued by the Night King, and he is like a fish in water in the court.

  Li Yu bought a large piece of land, all aspects are quite good, Fengshui is excellent, few people know that Li Yu is also very accurate in Fengshui.

  Buy a large piece of land for the Gu family and use it as a cemetery for future generations. This will be used as a clan land in the future, and everyone will not be moved to the capital again.

  She was also secretly guarding against King Ye and Second Young Master in her heart. In the past few years, she personally tested the martial arts knowledge of Brother Yun, Brother Dong and others, and she was very strict.

  Boss Li personally took Brother Yun and Brother Qing and taught them very carefully.

  The Gu and Li families had sea ships before, they often went to sea, and sent a group of offshoot children overseas to buy land. As a last resort, they would no longer believe in the trust of the emperor, and they both had reservations.

  In the fifth year, the new emperor died suddenly. The reason was that he had taken too many pills and was poisoned.

  The capital is in chaos, everyone is looking for the imperial decree to pass on the throne and there is another important thing, the jade seal.

  The jade seal is gone, the imperial decree is okay, it’s a big deal to rebel, it’s not like I haven’t done it, but it’s impossible without the jade seal, which represents the symbol of the emperor.

   This thing cannot be faked, even if you find a new piece of jade carving, it will not work, and all officials will deny it.

  No one expected that the new emperor would arrange everything before his death, and finally passed the throne to the Night King, not to his son.

  His son is very young, and the world is still divided into two. The young emperor can't suppress his uncle at all. Why should there be another war, and his son's life will be killed in the end.

  In order to keep the only son, due to fighting in the past few years, two of the three sons died, and only one young son survived because he was too young to fight.

  What's the point of this fight?

   Yuxi was also sent to the King of the Night by his confidantes, who was the married daughter of the Li family. Who would have thought that the new emperor was so scheming.

  At the same time, an imperial decree was issued to restore the titles of the Gu and Li families. The official was promoted to the first rank, so Gu Lei was also promoted to the second rank, and the boss Li was already the first rank.

  It seems that all the situations suddenly became a foregone conclusion, but in fact, it was a foregone conclusion a long time ago.

  It is said that it is divided into two, but in fact, the Night King took a step back, did not continue to fight, did not continue to rob his nephew of the throne, and has been waiting, self-cultivation is true, and retreat is also true.

   Now that the situation is settled, the Night King decides to take Boss Li north. The new emperor's confidantes and some officials in the capital already know the result and are waiting for them to enter the city.

  The daughter of the Li family went to clean up the two old houses early on, and the gloom of many years was swept away.

  Boss Li specially came to pick up his daughter and entered the city together.

  Li Yu walked up to the soldiers again, and everyone shouted in unison, "Welcome General Li."

  Li Yu smiled, raised her hand and pressed down, everyone was waiting for her, even the Night King and Second Young Master were waiting for her to get on the horse.

  Li Yu stepped on the pedals, lifted his breath lightly, and flew onto the horse. His posture was beautiful, but if you look closely, you can see that the legs are not exerting any strength.

  After the army was assembled, the army marched mightily towards the capital.

  She only rode the horse for a short while, and was called by Princess Ye to take the carriage, which was also to give her face, lest people would misunderstand that she took the carriage because she couldn't sit on the horse.

   Princess Ye touched her leg and sighed distressedly, "Is it still not possible?"

  Concubine Ye is good at martial arts, and she can tell at a glance that she used skillful strength to mount the horse just now, not the strength of her waist and legs. There is a big difference in this.

   "No, it's good to be able to walk now, and I can't mount a horse to fight in the future."

   "It's fine to step back."

   Princess Ye sighed, and then let out a long breath.

  Li Yu smiled and said nothing.

  They entered the capital soon, the gates of the capital were open, and no one stopped them.

  When passing by the gate of the city, Li Yu looked out and said in his heart: "Second Uncle, Second Aunt, Third Brother, we are back, and we are back aboveboard, have you seen that?"

  Back to the mansion, Boss Li, Gu Lei and others are going to the Jinluan Hall to hand over the new emperor. The new emperor has already been buried.

  Li Yu took the troops to settle on the Gu family's side, and Xie Jin was busy on the other side of the Li family, so she didn't need to worry about it.

   Return to the mansion, settle down everyone, let everyone have a place to eat and live first, and the rest can be cleaned again.

  Li Yu went to see the ancestral hall alone, and there were spirit tablets of his second uncle and second aunt inside.

  The third aunt of the Li family, who was married, stood at the gate of the ancestral hall and said with a smile, "I knew you would come, and I will wait for you here."

   "Three aunts."

   "Good boy, I finally waited for you to come back, welcome home, you have worked hard!"

  The third aunt of the Li family saluted solemnly.

  Li Yu rushed forward to hug her, "It's been hard for you all these years."

"It was difficult without you. At first, I was a little eye-catching, but after seeing your gifts, it was much better. Afterwards, with the prestige of your father and daughter, no one dared to look down on us. Yu'er, you have worked hard, thank you! "

  Thank you for everything you do for us.

   "I'm sorry, second uncle and second aunt..."

  Li Yu burst into tears at this moment, and the grievances, sadness, and resentment accumulated for many years were all vented at this moment.

   "Cry, I know all about it. When I'm free tomorrow, I'll take you to the cemetery to pay homage to them. The rest of us moved them into the grave of Li Jiazu."


  After everything settled down, the Gu and Li families went to pay homage to their dead relatives, with mixed feelings.

  What makes Li Yu happy is that the flowers and trees in the Li family mansion are still in good condition and not dead.

  That afternoon, the sun was warm and comfortable, and Li Yu fell asleep leaning against the peony tree in the main courtyard, dreaming of the scene of being scolded for climbing up and down as a child.

   There is also the smiling face of the grandmother. The second uncle chased her and ran all over the yard, and the second aunt called them to eat with a gentle smile. Everything is so beautiful.

   With the breeze blowing, Li Yu opened his eyes and found Gu Lei looking at her with a smile.

   "Why are you sleeping here, be careful of catching a cold."

  In the past few years, her body has been very fragile, and she will fall ill at the slightest sign of trouble. Usually, Gu Lei is very careful with her, and keeps a close eye on her, for fear that she will get sick.

   "I dreamed about my grandmother and my second uncle and aunt."

  Gu Lei sat down and looked at the tree, "It's been a hundred years, I always climbed it to play when I was young."

   "It's been almost two hundred years, and yet I'm still alive. My Li family is endless."

   "This is the deep blessing."

"you're right."

   Li Yu smiled.

   "I want to let Brother Yun and Brother Zong go to the Xishan Camp to practice in a few days. Brother Yun is getting stronger and stronger, and he has been lucky in the past few years. Let him polish it."

   "Where is Dong Ge?"

   "Brother Dong and other candidates for the imperial examination."

   "Okay, how sure do you think Brother Yun is over my Sixth Brother?"

   "Father-in-law said that in two or three years, he will be far ahead of Sixth Brother. Brother Yun is lacking in youth and qualifications, but he is already a seventh-rank master. He is thirteen years old this year, and he is even better than you back then."

   Gu Lei said proudly.

   "Look how beautiful you are."

"You gave me three excellent sons, of course I am proud. When Brother Yun is able to succeed, I will retreat to the second line to make way for my sons. When the world is stable, I will take you to travel around the world, and we will go out to play. .”


  Li Yu narrowed his eyes and smiled.

  The world is at peace, everything is stable, and all people return to their hearts. One month later, the King of the Night ascends the throne as the emperor, and the second son becomes the crown prince.

   It was Gu Lei's decision for Brother Zong to become the eldest son, and it was decided early to avoid discord between the brothers.

   And Dong Ge won the first place in the imperial examination a year later.

  Brother Yun went to Xishan Day Camp for training, and a year later he became an eighth-rank master, far surpassing his peers.

  Grandpa Gu passed away with a smile in his dream in the second year after returning to Beijing. The Gu family kept a filial piety for three years, and the emperor reserved Gu Lei's place to go home without Ding You.

   Years later, Grandpa Li also passed away. They dreamed of returning to the capital. Now that the Gu and Li families have landed safely, they have no worries, their descendants are outstanding, and there is nothing to worry about. The old man finally left with peace of mind.

   Gu Lei retreated to the second line in the fifth year after Brother Yun went to the Northwest. At that time, Li Yu had already become a grandmother and had a little grandson to play with.

Later, Gu Lei and Li Yu divided the property in advance when their sons were able to set up a household, and divided the property between the husband and wife and the mansion. Brother Zong took an extra 10% of the land granted by the mansion, and the private property was divided equally among the three brothers. , no eccentricity.

  When he was forty years old, Gu Lei resigned from office and took Li Yu to travel around the world. He went out to see what the people on the other side of the sea looked like, and had a great time.

  (end of this chapter)