MTL - Rules Strange Story: My Family is Not Normal-Chapter 484 In and out of town

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  Chapter 484 Inside and outside the city

   I don't know if it was because of the suppression of the blood, or because he was simply intimidated by Zhou Bai's power to break the billboard.

  Anyway, when the "little mouse" fell into Zhou Bai's hands, he didn't even dare to cry for help.

   "Don't pick it up, go in first and bring the person out."

   Zhou Bai grabbed the "little mouse" and motioned for Fatty Peng to climb in through the window.

  Fatty Peng quickly stood up, patted the dust off his hands, and nodded emphatically towards Zhou Bai.

  At this moment, he felt that his body was full of justice.

  Poor little monkey, your fat brother will come to rescue you soon.

  He walked to the window and put his hands on the window sill.

   It was very strenuous, but he worked very hard to squeeze his fat body into the window.

   With a muffled "bang", he lumbered into the room.

   Then he hurriedly looked towards the door, for fear that someone might hear his voice.

   Zhou Bai was outside the window, looking at his clumsy teammate, and couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat for him.

  I know your food, but I don't know you are such a food.

Fatty Peng stopped where he was, and after confirming with his ears that there was no one outside the door, he took out the knife from his pocket, walked to the side of the "monkey", and helped him remove the knife that bound his hands with great effort. The rope is cut.

  The monkey slowly opened its eyes under the noise of Fatty Peng's series of movements.

  When he saw that the person in front of him was Fatty Peng, his eyes immediately sparkled.

   "Are you really here to save me?"

  The pitiful appearance of the little monkey instantly overwhelmed Fatty Peng's sense of justice, and even the fear just now disappeared.

   "Yes, don't be afraid, I will be able to rescue you right away."

   After Fatty Peng finished speaking, he took a knife and continued to work hard to cut the rope that tied the monkey.

  The monkey lowered its head, staring blankly at Fatty Peng's clumsy movements.

   Then he raised his hand and stroked lightly, and the rope on his body was easily broken.

   Fatty Peng awkwardly held the knife and smirked twice.

  Where Zhou Bai watched the monkey's series of movements, the expression on his face became more and more gloomy.

  He pinched the little mouse's neck with one hand, forcing the little mouse even more afraid to make a sound.

   He could only stare at the bad guy in front of him with fear in his eyes.

   "Tell me, what are you trying to do by arresting him?"

   Zhou Bai lowered his voice and asked him forcefully.

  The little mouse avoided Zhou Bai's gaze in fear, trembling all over for a long time, but couldn't say a word.

   Zhou Bai could only helplessly let go, so that the threat he felt would be lessened, and then asked again.

   "What is the purpose of arresting him?"

  The little mouse tried hard to make a sound, but such efforts made his words vibrate vibrato.

   "For...for...out of town..."

Out of town?

   Zhou Bai was shocked.

   "There is no red moon outside the city.

  Outside the city, you don't have to worry about being someone else's food all day long.

  There are a lot of candies outside the city..."

   Zhou Bai looked at the longing-eyed little mouse in front of him, grabbed his hand, and couldn't help but let go.

  But when he saw Fatty Peng's fat body squeezed against the window again, his thoughts were immediately brought back to reality.

  The little mouse wants to go outside the city to find the possibility of surviving.

   But to people outside the city, they are aliens, intruders, monsters who come to destroy their lives.

   They are bound to contradict each other.

  Whose life is more important, this is an unsolvable question.

   Zhou Bai grasped the little mouse's neck again, and asked in a low voice.

   "How are you going to use him to help you out of town?"

  When Zhou Bai asked this question, Fatty Peng had already jumped out of the window.

   And turned around, stretched out his hand, trying to catch the monkey that climbed on the window.

  The little mouse saw that the "cargo" he was guarding was about to run away, and his eyes were full of despair.

  At this moment, he no longer had the heart to answer Zhou Bai's question, but turned his head and looked eagerly at the monkey that jumped out of the window.

  Outside the room, the group of people who were bargaining just now seemed to have come to an end.

   Now they are walking towards the room where the monkey is.

  Listening to the voices and footsteps coming from outside the room, Zhou Bai knew that he couldn't waste any more time.

   "Take him and go, we'll meet you in the alley ahead, hurry up." Zhou Bai said to Fatty Peng.

   Until he saw Fatty Peng running away with the figure of the monkey, his hands were still tightly pinching the little mouse's neck.

   "Don't make a sound."

  The little mouse was trembling all over, but after hearing this sentence, he felt a small thing stuffed into his hand.

  He raised his hand to look, only to realize that what he was holding in his hand was actually the candy he had dreamed of.

  He froze for a moment, and then, without knowing why, tears fell from his eyes.

   "Eat it, it's very sweet."

  The little mouse wants the candies outside the city, and the children outside the city also want to keep the candies in their hands.

  But Zhou Bai couldn't tell the little mouse that you can't grab other people's candies.

  Because telling him like this is tantamount to telling him to directly choose to face death.

   Zhou Bai saw the people inside the city, and also the people outside the city.

  At this moment, he actually felt a little confused.

  The little mouse clenched the candy in his hand, tears kept falling, but he was reluctant to open the candy in his hand.

   What was considered ordinary before, but now in his eyes, it has become a very extravagant thing.

   Zhou Bai looked up at the window, in his line of sight, he could already see someone walking to the door.

  He let go of the little mouse and whispered something to him. .

"I am leaving."

   Then he turned around and ran away from the little mouse.

  He ran towards the direction where Fatty Peng left.

  Behind him, the cry of the little mouse was not heard.

  So, he went all the way very smoothly, and arrived at the place agreed with Peng Fatty.

   Zhou Bai turned into the alley where they were, and what he saw was Fatty Peng pacing back and forth anxiously.

  The monkey still had blood on the corner of its mouth, and it squatted on the ground. When it saw Zhou Bai appearing, its eyes immediately showed a look of vigilance.

   "Fat brother, he...he..."

  The monkey got up and hid behind Fatty Peng.

  When Fatty Peng saw Zhou Bai approaching, he immediately greeted him happily, and waved his hand at the monkey carelessly.

   "This is my elder brother, and he will be your elder brother from now on.

  Don't be afraid, my elder brother is amazing. "

   Zhou Bai glanced at the monkey, but his face was somewhat cold.

   "Let's go." Zhou Bai said to them.

   Then he took them and continued to walk forward.

  The monkey kept hiding behind Fatty Peng, carefully peeping at Zhou Bai.

   Zhou Bai felt his eyes looking at him from time to time, thought for a while, and suddenly stopped in his tracks.

   "Where do you think we should send you better?"

  The monkey was so frightened that it shrank its whole body behind Fatty Peng.

   Seeing this, Fatty Peng quickly said for him: "Brother Bai, he is so pitiful, can't we take him with us?"

  (end of this chapter)